myPNOZ Creator

myPNOZ Creator – the Online Modular Safety Relay System Creation Tool

myPNOZ Creator is an online design tool for the simplified creation of Safety Relay Module assemblies. Built and Tested to your specifications and delivered to you.

Safety Relays – Keeping an Eye on Machine Safety

You want the safety system to be safe even when it’s failing or has failed and that’s where a safety relay comes in, monitoring the safety functions of your systems and checking for issues within the network.

Full-Scale Monitoring, Measuring and Protection with Crompton Instruments from TE Connectivity

The extensive range of Crompton Instruments products available from Kempston Controls includes a wealth of measurement technology products that today’s applications require for efficient and effective energy management.

Elobau Relay Update

As part of Elobau’s ongoing product rationalisation and improvement programme, there are will be a number of relays you may have purchased over recent years that are about to be replaced/ceased.

Carlo Gavazzi 3-Phase monitoring relay

DPD from Carlo Gavazzi is the first NFC configurable three phase or three phase + neutral multifunction monitoring relay suitable for both Delta and Star mains.