myPNOZ Creator

myPNOZ Creator – the Online Modular Safety Relay System Creation Tool

The myPNOZ Creator from PILZ, is an easy-to-use online facility that allows you to design and create your own modular relay system to our own specific requirements. Your chosen set-up (in a batch size of 1) is then built to order and shipped to you pre-tested and ready to install.

A tailor-made modular safety relay system consists of a head module and your choice (or you can let myPNOZ Creator decide) of up to a maximum of 8 expansion modules. If you are unsure you can simply define the required safety functions and the tool then automatically selects the ideal hardware for you. You can even check your safety relay configurations functionality with the simulation facility.

When you are satisfied, within a few simple clicks your system is ordered and then constructed. In a short time you will receive your safety relay system pre-assembled, adjusted and tested, ready to plug and play. You only pay for what you need, nothing more, it doesn’t get much easier and cost effective than that! Providing you the customer with maximum reliability, flexibility, and cost efficiency from the get-go.

You can access myPNOZ Creator here

Easy to use interface

Create your System

You choose your desired required safety functions and the myPNOZ Creator gathers the ideal hardware together. You can check your configuration with the simulation function. If everything meets your requirements, your set-up can be ordered with just a few simple clicks. From the multitude of available modules myPNOZ Creator selects only those modules with the functions you need. You pay for what you need, nothing more.


Built to your Specification

Each myPNOZ system is tailor-made and pre-assembled according to your chosen configuration and parameter specifications (such as start type or time delay). Your modular relay system will be shipped to you following a comprehensive system test ready to be installed. Saving you valuable time and money.


Easy to Install

Quick and easy to install you’ll receive your myPNOZ ready to plug and play, reducing the time and effort required for wiring, as well as there being no additional software required for commissioning. The myPNOZ Creator has been designed to make your installations a breeze, reducing time wasted on system design and commissioning.

What can myPNOZ Relay Modular System Do?

  • Monitor safety functions such as emergency stop, safety gates, light guards, 2-hand pushbuttons, enabling switches
  • Safe monitoring of 2 up to a maximum of 16 safe input functions
  • Allows for the creation of several independent safety zones within a system
  • 4 input modules, 4 output modules and 4 input/output modules, freely combined
  • Offers the option of AND/OR safety functions
  • Modules connected via a BUS connector
  • Output modules with relay or semiconductor outputs with/without time delay
  • Easily exchange and expand the system when installed
  • Diagnostics via LED display

Why should you use the myPNOZ Creator?

The myPNOZ Creator enables the creation of simplified tailor-made flexible and cost-effective safety relay module solutions. It’s easy to create your ideal system using myPNOZ Creator even if you are inexperienced in module design. Ultimately you will only get the components you really need for a complete modular safety relay system.

Whether you want to protect a small application with just 2 safe input functions or perhaps larger applications with up to 16 input functions, these safety modules cover a wide range of industrial applications and can be used in almost any automated process.

The easy handling and modular design means that the system is flexible to adapt and expand at all times, reducing installation and set-up time with pre-tested, pre-assembled systems, which require minimal wiring.

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