myPNOZ Creator

myPNOZ Creator – the Online Modular Safety Relay System Creation Tool

myPNOZ Creator is an online design tool for the simplified creation of Safety Relay Module assemblies. Built and Tested to your specifications and delivered to you.

Sirius Act ID Key-Operated Switch Starter Kits!

Siemens SIRIUS ACT ID Key-Operated switches are the perfect solution when it comes to safety door and access monitoring.

Safety Door Switches with Highly Visible Indicators – The Panasonic SG-P Series

Safety Door Switches with highly visible illumination are ideal for alerting operators to a machines safety status. The SG-P Series from Panasonic are the ideal solution.

S15L From Turck Banner

The S15L Series: Bright & Versatile In-Line Sensor Status Indicators

With roughly 82% of companies experiencing unplanned downtime costing £1.5million, we take a look at the S15L Series from Turck Banner

Short Circuits, Shocks and Overloads? Not a Problem with a CBR!

Dangerous short circuits, overloads and the chance of electric shocks need to be protected against in any electrical system. Saving you space, time and money is the TemBreak 2 CBR.