HVAC – Sensor Solutions from Siemens

A HVAC installation requires a host of sensors and you can depend on. Siemens has the sensor solutions you need.

Vaccine Storage Temperature Monitoring Solutions from Lascar with the EL-WiFI-VACX

Vaccine storage is a precise business, if the temperature goes above or below your set limits you risk losing the lot. The EL-WiFi-VACX keeps you informed.

Food Storage Temperature Monitoring the Easy Way with the Lascar EL-WiFi-TPX+

Food Storage is an essential ingredient for many businesses. Ensuring their customers are safe and costs are reduced. The Lascar EL-WiFi-TPX+ is ideal.

The Photoelectric Diffuse Laser Sensor that Sees Everything!

The detection of transparent, highly reflective, shiny and dark objects has always been an issue. This capable Photoelectric Diffuse Laser Sensor range has been designed to solve those problems.

Siemens HVAC Products, Tailor-Made Control

Kempston Controls is delighted to be able to offer a comprehensive range of Siemens HVAC products, from Sensors and drive to Globe Valves, every application is covered.

Creating an Oxygen Monitoring Device in Record Time

Oxford Optronix needed a rapid solution to an NHS oxygen monitoring crisis during the Coronavirus pandemic. Lascar PanelPilotACE was the solution.