Top 5 Inductive Proximity Sensors

Inductive Proximity Sensors are an essential addition to countless process automation and control installations in all manner of industries. Designed to ensure that your process, whatever it may be, from a heavy industrial robotic welding installation to managing warehouse conveyor systems performs the best it can at all times. Whatever your flavour of Inductive Proximity Sensor, from the toughest to the economical Kempston Controls has just what you need. Here, we get up-close and personal with our Top 5 Inductive Proximity Sensors.

The perfect distance and end position inductive sensing partner

Standard non-flush inductive proximity sensor


Perfect for distance measurement and end position detection, with great shock resistance, this M18 non-flush, NPN switching output, IP67 rated, nickel-plated brass inductive proximity sensor is the perfect cylindrical detecting solution. With a sensing range of 12 mm, NO output function, DC 3 wiring, M12-4 pin connectivity it’s the ideal cost-effective industrial inductive proximity sensor solution, perfect for a whole host of applications where performance and cost are key.

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When you need chemical resistant and food safe inductive proximity sensors

Chemically resistant non-flush inductive proximity sensor

When you are working in the food and beverage industry you need to be resistant to a whole host of cleaning chemicals and regular washdowns. Plus, if you can communicate via the IO-Link protocol and feedback vital data to enhance production performance, that’s the icing on the cake! With a stainless steel M30 thread, PNP switching output, NO output function, 20 mm sensing range provided by the food-safe LCP plastic sensing face and IP68 and IP69K ratings. This non-flush inductive proximity sensor can withstand all the food and chemical abuse you can throw at it.

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Proximity detection in-between the Welders and Robots with Reduction Factor 1

Reduction factor 1 inductive proximity sensor

When you are spending your days detecting the proximity of mixed metal processing devices or manufactured parts in a harsh environment with lots of welding and associated spatter you need to be tough, durable and capable and have Reduction Factor 1 abilities. Designed to last, this ultra-tough flush sensing face inductive proximity sensor features a PTFE coated brass body with an M12 thread, PNP switching output, NO output function, M12 4 pin – DC-3 wire connection and a sensing range of 4 mm. Ideal for when you need to make the issue of sensing multiple metals in a vicious welding environment – no issue at all.

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Machine cooling lubrication with IO-Link? Durable proximity detection at its best

Machine coolant resistant sensor

Industrial machining can be demanding work, metal components and tools moving at incredible speeds ultimately leads to things getting a little hotter than most of us would care to touch. Making sure all components and tools are in place and ensuring your proximity sensors don’t fail due to the corrosive effects of machine cooling lubricants is this M12 non-flush PNP inductive proximity sensor. With an 8 mm sensing range, M12 4 pin – DC-3 wire connection, IP68 and IP69K protection and the ability to communicate effectively using IO-Link, when it’s machine cooling lubricants you need to deal with, this M12 inductive proximity sensor is a perfect choice.

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When rugged all-metal Inductive Proximity Sensors are the only solution


All metal proximity sensors

When the situation calls for a proximity sensor that has been built to take the knocks then this is the sensor of choice. With a cylindrical M12 closed housing made entirely of stainless steel, including the flush sensor face, this inductive proximity sensor can withstand shock, rapid temperature changes and resist harsh cleaning chemicals and machine cooling lubricants. With a PNP switching output, NO output function and the usual M12-4 pin, DC 3-wire, plus IO-Link communication a 6 mm sensing range and very long service life mean that this durable detector is the perfect choice for food and beverage use and all manner of heavy industry applications.

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Kempston Controls stocks a huge range of inductive proximity sensors from a wide selection of market-leading brands including Baumer, Turck Banner, Pepperl + Fuchs, Omron, SICK and many more available in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of industrial proximity sensing applications. If you need a different inductive proximity sensor than any one of our Top 5 – Contact us on +44(0) 1933 411411 or via email at to discuss your industrial process sensor requirements.

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Reduction Factor 1 Inductive Proximity Sensors


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Panel Meters are an essential addition to many manufacturing process and control installations, ensuring the users have an easy to read visual representation of valuable process monitoring data from a voltage dial, to interactive touch-sensitive Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) packed with reams of information and abilities. Whatever your flavour of panel meter – from the simple to the elaborate, Kempston Controls has just what you need. Here, we take a sneak peek at our Top 5 panel meters.


The one that’s the best of both worlds – Trumeter Advanced Panel MetersTrumeter APM Panel Meters

A range of panel meters unlike any other, the Trumeter APM products have all been specifically designed for engineers who require a more effective way of monitoring and displaying data. Using the accuracy of modern digital panel meters while retaining all the advantages of traditional moving coil meters, the Trumeter APM range aims to meet your every need.

Learn more about how Trumeter APM helped BEST get better here.

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Crompton Instruments Panel meterThe one that’s straight to the point – TE/Crompton Instruments Analog Panel Meters

TE offers high-quality analogue instruments designed to measure an extensive range of electrical and electronic parameters including DIN instruments, ANSI switchboard meters, panel indicators, sealed and ruggedised instruments and complementary selector switches for line-to-line and line-to-neutral readings.

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Panel Pilot Panel Meters from LascarThe one that shows off – Lascar Panel Pilot Panel Meters

Lascar has a fully customisable range of panel meters which are suitable for a huge range of needs. They include the PanelPilot ACE: which has Smart graphic displays with full-colour touch screens, available in 4.3” and 7” sizes. Both feature multiple I/O and are suitable for use in automation control and as HMIs. They include free software which enables you to create bespoke interfaces without writing a line of code.

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The one that’s digital – Omron Digital Panel metersOmron Panel Meters

Omron offers a range of Digital Panel Meters designed to perform digital processing on or conversion and display of voltages, currents, other analogue signals and pulse signals. They can also compare input values to set values, transfer data, and perform other functions.

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The one that’s extra safe – BEKA Atex Panel Meters

BEKA Panel MeterATEX certified panel meters such as the BA478C BEKA are a great option when extra safety and peace of mind is required for your panel meter needs. Designed to display temperature readings safely in the most dangerous of industrial environments (when protected by a Zener barrier), meeting ATEX, FM, cFM & IECEx intrinsic safety certification. The BEKA Atex panel meter is feature-packed with a 20 mm high 5-digit display, + 31 segment bar-graph, transmitter and sensor diagnostics, is loop-powered, has HART communication and an IP66 rating.

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Kempston Controls stocks a huge range of panel meters in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of applications, so if you need something more than one of our Top 5 Panel Meters – Contact us on +44(0) 1933 411411 or via email at to discuss your panel meter requirements.