SicWave – 80 GHz Free-space Radar Level Detection for all Liquids and Solids

The storage of products such as grains, sugar, ore and liquids can take up a lot of space, typically utilising silo systems which can reach considerable heights. Measuring the level of product within these storage facilities can be difficult at the best of times where both the height and the media within can cause various issues with accurate level sensing. Similarly, production processes that involve stirrers and preparation tanks can create internal environments where accurately measuring the level of the contents within is challenging.

Dust and Foam Frustrations

Dust, moisture, foams, the build-up of residues and other obstructions within a storage or processing vessel can frustrate your average sensor, leading to down time, additional costs and frustration. What you need is a sensing solution that can deliver reliable level sensing results no matter how tall the silo or how demanding the process and the media involved prove to be.

To address these challenges and more, SICK, world renowned for their sensor solutions, have created the high-specification SicWave LFR and LBR ranges of level sensors, these sensors utilise an 80 GHz free-space radar technology delivered via a highly-precise narrow beam that is a thousand times more sensitive than previous generations 26 GHz radar technology.

SicWave LBR – For Solid Media Level Detection

SicWave LBR sensors

Demanding situations require dedicated solutions, the SicWave LBR free-space radar provides continuous non-contact level measurements, is highly resistant to external interference, dust and deposits and works with all solids. A high-contrast built-in LCD display option is available, aiding set-up and installation and providing the user with essential sensor feedback data. Utilising a unique non-contact 80 GHz radar technology and a highly-focused narrow beam, the LBR range is simple to install and is maintenance-free. With a wide range of options such as antenna design, process connectivity and housing material types ensures these sensors are ready for any application.

Avoiding Those False Signals

The narrow field of view also avoids the potential for false signals caused by dusts and deposits on walls or by other obstructions inside the storage vessel the LBR Level Sensor helps prevent unexpected downtime.

SicWave is accessible using bluetooth


Remote set-up and interrogation of the sensors is straightforward, either using the on-board WPAN interface to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or through standard HART communication which also enables easy integration with control and diagnostic systems. These sensors feature a 4 – 20 mA output, allowing signals to be monitored and displayed on a cloud-based dashboard environment using IIoT gateways such as SICK’s Telematic Data Collector.




SicWave LBR Solid Media Level Sensor Range Features

  • Non-contact detection principle, continuous measurement
  • 80 GHz free-space radar with various antennas
  • Highly-focused narrow beam microwave radar pulse
  • Built-in high-contrast display option
  • Measuring range: up to 120 m
  • WPAN, HART and Bluetooth communication
  • 4-20 mA output
  • Process temperature: −40 °C to +200 °C
  • Process pressure: −1 bar to 20 bar
  • Sensor element accuracy ≤ 5 mm
  • Process connection options: thread, flange, special brackets
  • Housing: plastic (IP66 / IP67) or aluminium (IP66 / IP68)
  • Certificates: Ex d, Ex ia, Ex ta

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Typical SicWave LBR Sensor Applications

  • Crushers, belt transfer, raw meal, clinker and cement silos as well as silos for solid fuels
  • Breakers, storage silos for ore, silos in the metal and steel industry
  • Bulk material stockpiles, belt transfer, buffer and production silos in the mining industry
  • Storage and small silos in the food and beverage industry
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SicWave LFR for Liquid Level Detection

SicWave LFR Sensors

The 80 GHz SicWave LFR non-contact free-space radar sensor, with its highly-focused narrow beam, provides continuous level measurements, works with all liquids and is highly resistant to external interference, false signals, foam and deposits. Insensitive to material build-up, the LFR range of level sensors helps prevent unexpected downtime.

Up and Running in No Time!

Easy to commission, the LFR range can be put into operation quickly and easily and is maintenance-free. A wide range of options for antenna design, housing materials and a range of process connections ensure these sensors are ready for any application. A durable stainless-steel housing option is available for use in hygienic environments such as those required in the food, beverage and drug industries. A high-contrast built-in LCD display option is available, aiding set-up and installation and providing the user with essential sensor feedback data. Remote set-up and interrogation is carried out in the exactly the same way as the LBR range.

SicWave LFR Liquid Media Level Sensor Range Features

  • Non-contact detection principle, continuous measurement
  • 80 GHz free-space radar with various antennas
  • Highly-focused narrow beam microwave radar pulse
  • Built-in high-contrast display option
  • WPAN, HART and Bluetooth communication
  • 4-20 mA output
  • Measuring range: up to 30 m
  • Process temperature: −196 °C to +200 °C
  • Process pressure: −1 bar t0 25 bar
  • Accuracy of sensor element ≤ 1 mm
  • Process connection options: thread, flange, clamp
  • Housing: plastic (IP66 / IP67), aluminium (IP66 / IP68) or stainless steel (IP69)
  • Certificates: Ex d and Ex ia, WHG, shipbuilding

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SicWave LFR sensor in action

Typical SicWave LFR Sensor Applications

  • Chemical industry: large tank storage, storage and buffer tanks, reaction and transport containers
  • Oil and gas industry: mud pits, trip tanks, shakers and wastewater containers
  • Food and beverage industry: large, stirring and preparation tanks, thickener and filling tanks
  • Water industry: storage tanks for flocculants, coarse and fine screens
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Motion Capture

deTec Safety Light Curtains
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SPEETEC Sensors -Motion Capture without Contact

The rugged and maintenance-free SPEETEC laser surface motion sensor detects the movement of the surface of a target object without any physical contact. The laser Doppler effect-based technology of this contact-free sensor allows it to measure the speed, length, movement direction and the position of objects of almost any surface type.

Delicate Materials? No problem…

Dependable and gentle, the non-contact measurement method used by the sensor makes it particularly suitable for applications with soft or sensitive surfaces that would be damaged by conventional wheel measurement processes. The SPEETEC is also the ideal solution for use in encoder-based applications that feature fast and dynamic processes that are physically unsuitable for encoders to be used effectively.

  • Non-contact measurement speed, length and position of objects without measuring elements
  • Compatible with multiple materials, colours and surfaces
  • Very high measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Laser class 1
  • Rugged design, compact dimensions, low weight
  • Standardised communication interface
  • Speed – up to 10 m/s
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Contact Free and Easy to Integrate

As the SPEETEC Sensor measures without making physical contact, it enables new applications in automation where direct measurements on sensitive and soft surfaces needs to be avoided due to damage that could be caused by full contact methods.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and the standardised communication interfaces it’s easy to integrate the SPEETEC into new or existing plant and they are simple to set-up and install, requiring no specialist support equipment.

Utilising an infrared class 1 laser, these dependable non-contact sensors require no additional protective or specialist devices during operation, such as safety glasses or protective housings, and no special safety training for staff is required.

The capable infrared class 1 laser utilised in this sensor delivers exact speed values of up to 10 m/s with very high repeatability. Whether endless materials or individual production pieces, the high-resolution laser enables a maximum resolution of 4 µm and, on a one metre path, the sensor measures material lengths down to the final millimetre. Superbly reliable, these contact free sensors are perfect for a wealth of applications in countless industrial applications.

The laser-based technology also prevents contamination on the material surface to be measured and in addition, the laser is wear-free, this helps maintain process reliability with minimal maintenance downtime and associated costs.





Perfect for Speed and length measurement in a packaging process with simple electrical and mechanical integration, without damaging and abrading material with a measuring wheel.



Tyre Manufacturing



Non-contact and precise speed and length measurement directly on the rubber or other soft and slippery materials, eliminates slipping.




Building Materials



The production of plasterboard requires a very high level of quality and the fast production processes involved depend upon on a reliable measurement to ensure the standard dimensions of the plasterboard is maintained.



Digital Printing



Speed measurement directly on the object being printed upon without damaging its sensitive surface and with a high signal quality and resolution, the SPEETEC sensor helps delivers optimal print results.






Quality control for cutting processes through automated 100 % length measurement directly on the material with enhanced process control and analysis.



Textile Industry



The non-contact motion sensor measures the speed and length of fabric sheets optically. Inaccuracies caused by slippage or impairment of the product are no longer a problem.



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PowerProx Sensors – Powerful Photoelectric Sensing in Miniature

Photoelectric Sensors are utilised in a vast array of industrial applications, from monitoring products on a production line in a food and beverage processing plant to controlling automatic doors for safety and security. Whatever the installation, there is a photoelectric sensor out there to suit your particular application, but when the installation is limited in space, you need a quality photoelectric sensor from one of the worlds renowned leaders in the design and manufacture of dependable sensor technology, SICK.

Powerprox Sensor in situ

SICK has taken its ultra-reliable, high-performance, PowerProx sensor and shrank all that technology into a space-saving miniature housing that is capable of some of the longest detection range distances ever achieved for a sensor of this scale.

Size Does Matter

The diminutive SICK WTT4SL PowerProx Mini photoelectric sensor measures in at just 12.2 x 41.8 x 17.3 mm but packs a big punch, delivering outstanding performance that you would expect from a sensor 4 times its size. Capable of detecting objects up to 1300 mm away. The knock out performance of the WTT4SL makes it ideal for high-speed production and logistics applications.

This capable photoelectric sensor can be integrated into tight machine spaces such as the grippers of picking robots or for material handling duties in AGVs, as well as for empty bay and clearance detection in high-bay warehouses.

Packed with innovation, SICK has crammed its renowned autocollimation time-of-flight sensing technology into the tiny housing. Autocollimation ensures reliable high-speed detection and outstanding repeatability even in challenging ambient conditions, without cross-talk interference from other sensors.

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Finding the Edge

Even at high process line speeds the ultra responsive PowerProx Mini will register the leading edges of products with precision, even through small holes, such as those found during the quality control inspection of automotive parts and assemblies. Its red-light Class 1 laser, small-light spot size and wide angle of incidence with switching frequencies up to 1 kHz ensure highly-competitive performance across a broad range of applications.

David Hannaby, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Presence Detection stated :
“The SICK PowerProx Mini can replace through beam, background suppression or reflex sensors, so machine builders and production teams can streamline their inventories while still guaranteeing high-performance sensing. The PowerProx Minis can be set up in an instant using the on-board teach-in function, or via IO-Link. It’s all the reliability, repeatability and versatility you expect from SICK, packed into a sensor no larger than a packet of sugar cubes.”

Powerprox Sensor in situ

Easy to Configure

The PowerProx Miniature Photoelectric Sensor can easily be configured for multi-task applications, packed with features including the option of IO Link communication and up to 8 variable switching outputs. Detection is guaranteed with 100% background suppression ensuring that only the desired target is detected, ignoring any interference from shiny objects and materials behind the detected subject. Available in speed or distance variants for optimum performance and with superb repeatability ensuring reliable component counting, sorting and quality control applications in high-speed fast moving consumer good processes, even with products that feature varying surfaces.

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If you are looking for a reliable Miniature Photoelectric Sensor solution then look no further than Kempston Controls to help you decide upon the best product solution for your particular installation. With access to the entire SICK product range we have all of your bases covered, give us a call on (+44) 1944 411 411 or email us at, or use this contact form today to discuss how the PowerProx Miniature Sensor can help you.

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SICK W4 Inox

Curtains of Light

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Sick Old Model Light Curtains Phase Out – Last Chance To Order: September 2021

Due to developments in technology, SICK C4000 Standard & Select, M4000 Standard & Area 60 and the deTec4 Prime Safety Light Curtains are being phased out. Please note that September 2021 is the last chance to order and their end of life is planned for December 2024. All other variants of these product families will still be available as they are not part of the phase-out.

The good news is that SICK’s deTec product family is fully compatible with all the light curtains being phased out by using suitable mechanical and electrical adaptors.

light curtain phase out

Making the change to the deTec safety light curtains ranges ensures you can take advantage of a host of innovative safety functions to improve your productivity. Use intelligent and modern technologies like the NFC1 and IO-Link2 and enjoy the benefits of extensive diagnostic functions and simple connection-compatible installation.

Learn More and read about the full range of benefits by downloading the brochure.

To identify the correct replacement product or to get more information about the deTec product family contact Kempston Controls today. As SICK supplier partners we have access to their entire range, call us on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email to discuss your SICK Light Curtain options.


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SICK Phase Out Hero

SICK Photoelectric Sensors Phase Out

Due to the increasing demand for photoelectric sensors in industrial environments, SICK constantly strives to update and improve its portfolio of sensors while maintaining its focus on providing customers with the best solution.

To meet the demand, SICK has analysed their existing range of photoelectric sensors and after a long period of continuous availability have decided to phase out older product families. Affected ranges include the W14-2, W18-3, W23-2 and W27-3 product families. Here at Kempston Controls, we will continue to hold the existing range until all stock is sold while also offering the replacement models.

The new W16 and W26 Photoelectric Sensors.

Thanks to new technology, the W16 and W26 photoelectric sensors detect shiny, uneven, perforated and transparent objects more reliably than ever and aren’t affected by unwanted light reflection.
Not only more reliable they are capable of using LED feedback to alert the user to any issues and to allow adjustments within seconds. The Smart Sensors W16 and W26 detect and translate their situation to digital data which in turn can then be communicated via IO link or Bluetooth opening the door to Industry 4.0 and intelligent factories.

Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, it is possible to access the sensor data from any mobile device and enables the user to optimise performance in a few clicks.

Photoelectric SensorsHighlighted Features of W16 and W26 Photoelectric Sensors

Sensor alignment using BluePilot
Thanks to the innovative LED display, BluePilot provides the W16 and W26 with the ability to align sensors and reflectors as well as senders and receivers within seconds.

Detection reliability using innovative technology
The new W16 and W26 photoelectric sensors can detect textured, perforated and even transparent objects without any problem and ensures that shiny and reflective objects no longer present an obstacle for TwinEye technology® or LineSpot and ClearSens technology.

Rugged when used with VISTAL
When used with the rugged housing made of VISTAL®, the photoelectric sensors have a strength comparable to steel meaning they can withstand extreme thermal, chemical or mechanical stress with ease.

Sensor communication using Smart Sensors
The W16 and W26 range support dynamic industry processes and generate and receive data beyond traditional switching signals or measured process parameters.

Easy to exchange and install

To make the move to our improved W16 and W26 sensor families as easy as possible, the new housing design and fixing holes are almost entirely compatible with existing sensors from the previous generation. You can change to the new W26 from the W23/W27 immediately without any additional installation; when changing from the W14/W18 to the W16 product family, an extra easy-to-install adapter is needed to achieve the same distance between the fixing holes.

For more information about the ranges download the SICK Product Brochure.

Product Search

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As you begin to type products will display.

Discontinued Device New Device Alternative Device
Part No. Type Status Part No. Type Part No. Type

*Application-specific with clarification due in 2020


View online via Google Sheets.

Download the Excel Spreadsheet here.

To ensure that compatibility issues concerning the new ranges are addressed, please call our Technical Help desk for essential product information and to advise the most suitable upgrade. Our friendly team is reachable via phone: 01933 411411 or through email:

Please bear in mind that Kempston Controls will only be able to supply the original superseded SICK automation and control products until stocks are exhausted, once this occurs, we will supply the latest alternative products in their place.

The T-Easic FTS Range – Double-up your Pump Protection

Ensuring a pump doesn’t run dry or operate at a lower pressure than specified can be vital in many industrial and commercial processes. Falling to stop a dry-running pump could result in costing you a considerable amount of money and time in the form of process down-time, damaged production components, expensive replacement pumps and machinery.

Simplifying the monitoring of the flow of liquids, oils and other fluids and their temperature while reducing your dependency on multiple devices within your process would be ideal. Thanks to the ingenuity and innovation of the clever people at SICK those requirements have been met with the T-Easic FTS range of calorimetric fluid flow and temperature measuring sensors.

Vistal and Stainless Steel T-Easic Flow and Temperature Sensors.

It’s Easic with the T-Easic FTS Range of Calorimetric Meters

The T-Easic FTS range is essentially two sensory devices in one, incorporating the calorimetric principle of operation to measure both the flow of a liquid within a fluid transport pipe and also its relative temperature. Although the T-Easic FTS flow switch range has been optimised for use in oil and water, with built-in factory presets to allow for easy set-up, it is compatible with a whole range of liquids and can be calibrated easily via teach-in.

Vistal Flow and Temperature Sensor.

Staying ahead of the competition when it comes to the IIOT, the T-Easic FTS range comes with a built-in IO link interface and has been designed to allow for quick and easy adjustment of its process and configuration settings at any time via an IO-Link Master. IO link also has the benefit of not requiring any complicated wiring or interfacing connections which means you can set up your T-Easic FTS device even easier, saving you more time and money and is the perfect addition to the industrial internet of things.

Available in two versions to suit a multitude of applications:

The durable and hard wearing 316L stainless-steel version has been designed for hygienic installations. Able to withstand wash downs and the cleaning and sterilisation in place processes typically found in the food and pharmaceutical industries and can operate in temperatures up to 150 degrees C.

The tough VISTAL bodied industrial version comes with a built-in OLED 180-degree rotatable display and operating buttons to allow you to read values on-site, and is tough enough to handle intensive industrial cleaning processes.


Flow and Temperature measuring convenience

  • Available in 60/100/200 mm probe lengths (stainless-steel) and 100/200 mm for VISTAL
  • Flow monitoring and temperature measurement all in one device
  • Easy commissioning and optimised for oil and water with teach-in for other fluids
  • IP67-69 protection rating
  • IO-Link 1.1 connectivity – less wiring, with cloning and integration functions
  • Low maintenance with no moving probe parts
  • M12 -4 pin round connector for IO-link
  • Easy to install via a mounting adapter

Vistal T-Easic Flow and Temperature Sensors with adaptor.

The T-Easic FTS Range is Ideal for a host of industrial applications:

  • Pump protection and monitoring
  • Flow monitoring and temperature measurement of coolants/oils in machine tools
  • Monitoring the flow of cleaning agents in industrial washing machines
  • Oil flow monitoring in hydraulic systems
  • Performance measurement in lubrication systems
  • Flow detection in clean in place systems

Vistal T-Easic Flow and Temperature Sensor demonstration.

What is the Calorimetric Principle?

The T-Easic FTS Thermal Flow Switch provides flow and temperature monitoring in one device using the calorimetric principle of operation, one of the most optimum engineering solutions for a wide range of flow applications.

The sensor probe, when installed in a suitable fluid transport pipe is heated up, and as the liquid medium flows it cools the probe. The relevant temperature drop is proportional to the flow speed of the liquid within the pipe, of course, if there is no change then there is no flow. The T-Easic FTS  evaluates the detected temperature difference and calculates the relevant values to determine the flow of liquid triggering a system response such as a pump shut down in the case of zero flow.

View the Range

Kempston Controls is a supplier partner of SICK and we stock a comprehensive range of sensor products suitable for a whole host of industrial and commercial applications. If we don’t have the items you need then we can certainly source them for you! Give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 411 411 or email us at to discuss your requirements.

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