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The S15L Series: Bright & Versatile In-Line Sensor Status Indicators

As industrial automation applications continue to grow and become more technically advanced, the threat of unplanned downtime is just as relevant today as it was 10 years ago. In 2017, the Vanson Bourne Research Study found that roughly 82% of companies experienced unplanned downtime in the 3 years prior to the report. The cost of this downtime was estimated to be close to £1.5million ($2,000,000).

In the same report, it was found that 70% of companies lack complete awareness of when equipment is due for maintenance or upgrade. That’s where Banner’s S15L Series of in-line sensor indicators come in.

15 mm in diameter, the S15L series is equipped with a two-colour LED indicator light that can be retrospectively connected to a power source and a sensor to indicate power and output status. Its in-line connection, over-moulded design and bright LEDs create a simple and cost-effective solution that can be applied to not only Banner sensors, but to most 4- or 5-pin devices with an output.
S15L From Turck Banner

S15L – Quick Look:

The S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator is the ideal accessory for industries that require highly visible indication, such as automotive, material handling, and general assembly.

  • Bright 360° indication to mimic sensor power and output status
  • Two colours – green for power and yellow for sensor output active status
  • Works with most 4 and 5 pin devices
  • Rugged over-moulded design meets IEC IP66, IEC IP67, and IEC IP68
  • Connected directly to a sensor or anywhere in-line for easy visual indication
  • Models available with PNP and NPN inputs

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S15L – Key Benefits:

360° Visibility:

  • The S15L Series can be mounted on a range of sensors for 360 degree-visibility of power and status.
  • Its highly visible body allows workers to identify and troubleshoot problems faster.

Easily Accessible:

  • The S15L Series can be mounted anywhere to improve accessibility and ease of use.
  • The in-line connection allows for simple problem identification.

Rapid Integration:

  • Ideal for new or existing applications.
  • Works with not only Banner sensors, actuators, and touch buttons, but also a wide variety of 4 and 5 pin devices.
  • It can be connected directly to the quick disconnect of most sensors, so no additional hardware is necessary.

Reliable & Rugged:

  • Regardless of the application, its over-moulded design is reliable and rugged, ideal for harsh industrial environments.

Green & Yellow:

  • With 4 LEDs, the S15L produces two colours: green and yellow.
  • The LEDs can be used to identify power and output status.
S15L From Turck Banner

The S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator is the ideal attachment for applications that require highly visible indication in industries such as automotive, material handling, and general assembly. Banner’s bright indicator improves safety, productivity, and quality in a wide variety of applications.

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