Sirius Act ID Key-Operated Switch Starter Kits!

Utilised in applications the world over, the electronic ID key-operated switches from the Siemens SIRIUS ACT family of commanding and signalling devices has proven its durability and flexibility compared to conventional solutions over-and-over again.

Customisation Abilities

These high-spec switches feature customisation abilities that allow the user to set authorisation for machine access, represented by 4 separate and individually coloured keys. A built-in RFID chip makes the keys uniquely identifiable ensuring they are used correctly and there is also an optional white key that can be configured to the customers specifications.

If the SIRIUS ACT ID Key is lost the systems remain secure as the key can be blocked and replaced. Individual access levels act as a time stamp to see who has used the HMI, and when a key has been inserted on the PLC side via a monitored output. With two different Starter Kit versions available this allows customers to choose the option that best suits their individual needs.

SIRIUS ACT ID Operated Key Features

  • Individual authorisation management for groups and individuals
  • Unambiguous identification of users
  • Increase plant safety
  • Highly flexible authorisation assignment

Take a look at the variety of ID key-operated switches available and see for yourself how the Starter Kits work.

Siemens SIRIUS ACT ID Key-Operated switch kit

Choice of pre-programmed and freely programmable options for the perfect application solution.

The two Starter Kits contain everything you need to get started:

  • SIRIUS ACT components, ID key operated switch including ID key
  • Label holder with 4 labels
  • Partially insulated screwdriver
  • IO-Link electronic module (pre-programmed or freely programmable)


SIRIUS ACT Starter Kit Advantages:

  • Individual authorisation management for groups or individuals
  • Unambiguous identification of users
  • Increased plant safety
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Different coloured RFID keys for each authorisation level
  • Unrestricted selection and combination of authorisation levels, freely programmable for individual special locks via IO-Link
  • Easy integration into plant via TIA Portal (Port Configuration Tool)
  • Highly flexible authorisation assignment

Siemens SIRIUS ACT ID Key-Operated switches

SIRIUS ACT ID Key-operated Switch Starter Kit 1 – 3SU1900-0XD10-0AA0

  • ID Key-operated switch with pre-programmed IO-Link Electronic Module
  • IO-Link module with four pre-programmed authorisation levels
  • Coloured keys: Authorisation levels encoded at the factory
  • White key: Authorisation levels 1–4 freely programmable via IO-Link (individual special lock)
  • Simple disabling if keys for special locks are lost
  • Easy plant integration via TIA Portal (Port Configuration Tool)


SIRIUS ACT ID Key-operated Switch Starter Kit 2 – 3SU1900-0XE10-0AA0

  • ID Key-operated switch with freely programmed IO-Link Electronic Module
  • Fulfilment of customer-specific application requirements, the four LEDs on the actuating element can be encoded as required

IO-Link is used to transmit the following signals:

  • Impulse rotate left
  • Impulse rotate right
  • ID key inserted
  • ID number


With the ability to reduce the use of personalised passwords and the issues caused by their loss and maintenance and to improve device control and security it is easy to see how the SIRUIS ACT ID Key products are the ideal solution.

Kempston Controls, as a Siemens supplier partner, has access to the entire SIRIUS ACT ID Key range, call us on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email sales on or use the enquiry from below to discuss your requirements today.

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Safe and Secure with the Pizzato ST -H Series RFID Safety Sensors with Magnetic Holding

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, to use the full terminology, is a technology that uses a digitally encoded tag whose information can be read and captured by a reader using radio waves. A basic RFID system consists of the tag,  a reader and an antenna.

Typically, an RFID tag contains a circuit and an antenna which transmit digital information to an RFID reader, which then converts that information into usable data for interpretation and possibly a system response from another piece of equipment (such as an alarm). Apart from the more obvious applications such as a security door pass card or a supermarket clothing tag, RFID has found multiple uses within industry, including the safety aspect of machine guarding.

Pizzato Elettrica are a global name in the realms of industrial process control and automation components including a broad range of machine access and safety control products such as Safety Hinges, Emergency Stop devices, Safety Modules and Limit Switches to name just a few.

Utilising their industrial knowhow and combining that with RFID technology the busy design engineers at Pizzato Elettrica have expanded the range of ST series RFID Safety Sensors with the extremely versatile and capable ST-H versions. The ST-H series Safety Sensors are equipped with all the advanced technical and operating features that you would find in the original Pizzato ST-G series, including:

  • M12 plastic or stainless-steel connector
  • Multicolour signalling LED, visible from both sides of the housing
  • Multi-tag programming
  • Versions for wide temperature ranges from -35°C to +85°C

Vibration Resistance

The ST-H series Safety Sensors can be configured with a permanent magnet incorporated inside the housing which will generate a holding force between the sensor and actuator. Using this method, a safety guard can be kept closed even in the presence of vibrations such as those found after a recoil during the closing of a safety door, or in areas where air turbulence caused by fans, air lines or ventilation can open lighter safety guards.

Safety Sensors RFID with Magnetic holding

The magnetic holding force of the ST-H range of RFID enabled safety sensors can be selected among three different levels to adapt to any safety gate and guarding application. Cleverly designed, the symmetrical housing with standard hole spacing allows the same safety sensor to be used on both the left and right-hand doors by simply rotating the sensor onto itself. The 78 mm mounting hole spacing facilitates the replacement of the traditional Pizzato SR-B magnetic sensors with an advanced ST-H RFID Safety Sensor.


RFID ST-H Series Features

  • Uses existing technology from the ST-G Series Safety Sensors
  • User configurable magnetic holding force of the actuator
  • Easy to mount symmetrical housing
  • Same mounting hole spacing (78 mm) as for SR-B series Magnetic Safety Sensors
  • Compatible with all ST series actuators
  • Protection ratings of IP67 and IP69K for use in the toughest conditions


With access to the entire Pizzato range of RFID sensor technology products (and all their other devices!) Kempston Controls is the place to come to for all your industrial safety solutions. Speak to a member of our sales or technical teams today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411 or email us at, or use this form to discuss how Pizzato RFID technology packed safety sensors can help you increase workplace safety and save you time and money.

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