Sirius Act ID Key-Operated Switch Starter Kits!

Siemens SIRIUS ACT ID Key-Operated switches are the perfect solution when it comes to safety door and access monitoring.

Safety Door Switches with Highly Visible Indicators – The Panasonic SG-P Series

Safety Door Switches with highly visible illumination are ideal for alerting operators to a machines safety status. The SG-P Series from Panasonic are the ideal solution.

Sick Old Model Light Curtains Phase Out – Last Chance To Order: September 2021

SICK C4000 Standard & Select , M4000 Standard & Area 60 and the deTec4 Prime Safety Light Curtains are being phased out in 2021. Don’t worry there are alternatives.

SICK Sensor Intelligence

Laser Scanner – The Ideal Worktop Manufacturing Safety Solution

The manufacturing and assembly of commercial and industrial Kitchen Worktop and Splashback solutions can be challenging, Laser Safety Scanners could be the answer.