Short Circuits, Shocks and Overloads? Not a Problem with a CBR!

Dangerous short-circuits and overloads can occur at any time within an electrical system and for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that your installations are as safe as possible for everyone using them and for every device involved. Ensuring your electrical system and installations are kept as safe as possible from overloads and short circuits relies upon on a variety of devices including RCDs, MCCBs, Circuit Breakers and many others.

Space Saving Solution

To help you save valuable space and to protect your valuable installations and the people using them the busy team from Terasaki have created the TemBreak 2 CBR – Circuit Breaker with Integral Residual Current Protection range. This clever series of devices has been designed to provide protection against electric shock, overloads and short circuits giving the user three types of protection.

Circuit breakers with integral residual current protection (CBRs) are designed to protect against the hazards presented by earth leakage. Before the TemBreak 2 CBR was designed CBRs were only available as combined units, meaning that the circuit breaker was mechanically and electrically coupled to an earth leakage module.

Integral Earth Leakage

The Terasaki 2 CBR differs from this as the earth leakage function becomes an integrated feature of the device and is physically based on their popular TemBreak 2 MCCB range. The CBR is the first integral ELCB which complies with IEC 60947.2, Annex B, incorporating residual current protection. Switchboard manufacturers can use standard MCCB assemblies for dimensions and mounting, and no ampere de-rating is necessary. Reduced electrical and mechanical connection complexity ensures a higher reliability and lifespan, while the common dimensions of the unit means it is easy to replace the standard Terasaki range of MCCBs with the CBR units.

Short Circuits protection TemBreak 2 CBR

This capable CBR range features advantages such as adjustable residual current tripping thresholds, adjustable time delay, adjustable overload protection and a built in trip indicator and separate test button. Space saving, the TemBreak2 CBR has the same physical dimensions and mountings as the popular Tembreak 2 MCCB and eliminates the need for an external relay with current transformers and add-on block. Ideal for controlling overloads, short circuits and preventing shocks within numerous industries including the mining industry, temporary site supplies, heavy industry and commercial building use.

TemBreak 2 CBR Features and Specifications

• Number of poles 3 and 4 pole versions
• Nominal current ratings from 20 to 250A depending on the model
• Rated operational voltage 525V
• Voltage presence LED
• Trip Indicator – yellow button pops up to indicate tripping due to residual current
• Type A tripping is ensured for residual sinusoidal AC in the presence of residual pulsating DC
• Test button – press to test residual current detection and tripping system
• Adjustable time delay for residual circuit protection includes Zero and non-trip (NT)
• Adjustable residual current tripping thresholds 30mA, 100mA, 300mA, 500mA, 1000mA, 3000mA
• Dielectric test device built in
• Adjustable overload protection Ir can be set between 63% & 100% of In
• Operating cycles 30,000

A range of accessory add-ons to enhance the performance of the TemBreak2 CBR range includes:

• Residual current monitor and remote trip module
• Auxiliary switch and alarm switch
• Terminals bars
• Cable clamps
• Door mounted handle
• Breaker mounted handle
• Motor operator terminal covers for front connection
• Terminal covers for cable clamps
• Toggle lock

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