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Laser Scanner – The Ideal Worktop Manufacturing Safety Solution

The manufacturing and assembly of commercial and industrial Kitchen Worktop and Splashback solutions can be challenging. Handling and cutting large and very heavy lengths of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and then applying a hard-wearing protective laminate sheeting to the customer’s specification calls for some heavy-duty specialist equipment that can be very dangerous to be around without adequate protective measures.

MDF worktop

A local manufacturer of Worktops and Splashbacks was faced with such an issue, some of their new machinery featured large, sharp and very fast-moving exposed saw blades for cutting MDF and also glueing laminate sheeting to the fibreboard. Seeking a safety solution they could depend on to protect their members of staff they contacted Kempston Controls for help.

Keeping it Safe

A member of our Sales Account Management team visited them to discuss possible machine safety options for their installation. Different safety solutions such as light curtains and safety scanners were discussed but the customer was very interested in having an on-site demonstration of a Laser Safety Scanner which was recommended to the account manager by the well-known sensor company called SICK.

An on-site visit was organised at the customer’s facility along with a Safety Engineer from SICK who was brought along to demonstrate the advantages of the SICK  Laser Safety Scanner MicroScan3 (part number: MICS3-AAAz40AZ1P01).

laser safety scanner

SICK Laser Safety Scanner MicroScan3

This impressive Laser Safety Scanner has a been specially designed for access protection applications, monitoring safety zones of a working environment like the one mentioned above and many more. Typical applications include collaborative working environments where people and robotic systems work together, press tools and even AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) the sensor halting the various systems from moving when operatives are within the monitored zones.

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Satisfied Customer

The customer was hugely impressed with the abilities of this capable Safety Scanner and just how easy it was to set-up and to get the machinery operating with the optimum in safety measures in place. They promptly ordered this product from us with the likelihood of contacting Kempston Controls again thanks to our prompt problem-solving solution and extensive range of products.

laser safety scanner

The Laser Safety Scanner in situ (highlighted area)

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