Pinch Valves for Single Use Applications? You need the Emerson ASCO Series 273!

The Emerson ASCO Series 273 Pinch Valves are used for controlling media flow through a flexible pipe. Ideal for life science and Food & Bev. applications.

SICK PBS plus Pressure Sensor – Added Versatility for Pressure Monitoring Installations

The PBS plus Pressure Sensor Range is the perfect sensor for demanding industrial applications, providing a robust electronic pressure switch, transmitter and display all in one.

Food Storage Temperature Monitoring the Easy Way with the Lascar EL-WiFi-TPX+

Food Storage is an essential ingredient for many businesses. Ensuring their customers are safe and costs are reduced. The Lascar EL-WiFi-TPX+ is ideal.

Schneider Process

Automation and Control Superiority from Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation

Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation is a global manufacturer of world-class quality instrumentation to the process industry, helping manufacturers achieve greater production throughput, improve quality, increase safety and reduce manufacturing costs.

Carlsberg and CleverLevel

Case Study: Carlsberg’s Clever(Level) Overflow Switch

How has Carlsberg solved their overflow issues during the fermentation process? The answer? Baumer’s CleverLevel Sensor, a level detector that is ideal for all media from liquids to sticky and bulky goods.