Pinch Valves for Single Use Applications? You need the Emerson ASCO Series 273!

Pinch valves are an ideal solution for controlling the flow of processing media through a flexible pipe, which is the only wetted part, situated within the pinch valve mechanism itself. This flexible pipe, which helps prevent other components from suffering from contamination during operation, is pinched closed either by the application of fluid pressure or via mechanical means within the valve body, compressing the pipe and ‘pinching closed’ the flow path mechanically.

Emerson ASCO, renowned for high-quality pneumatic valves and fluid automation solutions, created the ASCO Series 273 Pneumatic Pinch Valves for the life sciences market and food & beverage applications. Featuring an innovative design for improved tube retention and a longer lifecycle, this range of pinch valves expands their extensive pneumatic valve offering to single-use batch applications in bioreactor and fermentation tanks, tangential flow filters (TFF), chromatography skids and similar drug discovery lab applications.

Innovative, these durable pneumatic pinch valves feature a pinching mechanism that remains firmly in place, providing better tube retention and eliminating breakage or damage to the soft tubing. They also include a safety guard to prevent exposure to moving parts, as well as a manual override feature that lets operators insert or remove tubing without actuating the valve during unplanned batch switching.

No process media contact

These pneumatically actuated pinch valves make no contact with process media, feature a high life cycle and provide a reliable pinching force over repeated use. Available in anodised aluminium and 316 stainless steel versions these pneumatic pinch valves are suitable for peroxide fumigation and include a position indication option for valve on/off status feedback.

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Pinch Valve Benefits

  • No contact with the process media
  • Easy insertion and removal of flexible tubing
  • High tube pinching cycles, up to 20,000
  • Better retention and protection of tubing during pinching cycles
  • Easy to use built-in protective safety guard
  • Manual override allows for tube insertion removal without valve actuation

Pinch valves in situ

Series 273 Pneumatic Pinch Valve Technical Features

  • 2-way normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) versions
  • Tube outer diameter range options (OD): 3/8 to 1 inch
  • Tube hardness: 55–80 Shore A (Gamma radiated)
  • Tube material – Silicone, cflex374, 082 and Tygon
  • Media pressure: up to 6 BAR (90 PSIG)
  • Air operating pressure: 4.8 to 10 BAR (70 to 145 PSIG)
  • T-Groove for switch contact
  • Valve position detection: open or closed
  • Media – Inert gases or liquids


The 273 Series Pneumatic Pinch Valves target single-use batch applications in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets but are also suitable for numerous food and beverage production tasks. The pinch valves can be actuated using ASCO Series 501 or Aventics AV Series pneumatic valve manifolds and ASCO 580 CHARM electronics, which seamlessly integrate into the DeltaV distributed control system.

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