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Automation and Control Superiority from Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation

Kempston Controls is now recognised as an authorised distributor of Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation products and we will be stocking a range of their market-leading process control solutions which are all tailored to meet your specific application.

Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation, a division of Schneider Electric, is a global manufacturer of world-class quality instrumentation to the process industry. With advanced technology and in-depth industry know-how, they help manufacturers achieve greater production throughput, improve quality, increase safety and ultimately reduce manufacturing costs.

Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation was originally known as Foxboro, becoming part of the Schneider group in 2014. With dozens of industry firsts and thousands of patents, Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation has an unparalleled reputation for outstanding quality and reliability in the world of process control equipment and instrumentation.


IDP/IGP/IAP 10S Pressure Transmitters

Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation pressure transmitters

When it comes monitoring pressure you need unsurpassed reliability, performance and high accuracy using advanced technology such as patented multiple calibration curve monitoring.  Schneider delivers with the dependable IDP/IGP and IAP 10S series of absolute, gauge and differential pressure transmitters, tailored to your specification, offering you the ability to maintain production up-time and reduce inventory costs.

IDP/IGP/IAP 10S Pressure Transmitter Features:

  • Sensor design uses minimal parts achieving exceptionally high reliability
  • LCD digital indicator with on-board push-button configuration and calibration
  • NEMA 4X and IEC IP66 durable epoxy-coated aluminium or 316 SS housings
  • Co-Ni-Cr, 316L Stainless Steel, and Nickel alloy sensor materials for all transmitters
  • Numerous configurations of direct connect or remote mount seals
  • Dependable with superior performance


  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Power & Utilities
  • Food & Beverage
  • Water


84-Series Vortex Flow Meters

Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation flow meters

Where other Coriolis flow meters fail, the Schneider Electric Process  84-Series Vortex Flow Meter Transmitters are designed to handle measurements that other meters can’t. These reliable and low-cost flow meters are the perfect flow measurement solution with field-proven stability and are the highest-performing vortex flow meters on the market, supplied to your specification.

84 Series Vortex Flow Meter Features:

  • Highly accurate volumetric and mass flow, density and temperature measurement
  • Patented algorithms to improve performance in real-world applications
  • Simple start-up and operation, FDT technology for easy configuration
  • FlowExpertPro: free, industry-recognised, online sizing tool with a built-in library of 300 fluids


  • General-purpose flow meters for virtually any process industry
  • Range of flow meters for tough applications in harsh industries such as Mining, Chemical and Pulp & Paper
  • Accurate flow meters with a hygienic design for sanitary applications in Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage


244LD Buoyancy Level transmitters

buoyancy level transmitter

The Schneider Process intelligent 244LD Buoyancy Level Transmitter has been designed to perform continuous measurements for liquid level and the density of liquids in industrial process applications. Dependable, the 244LD measures with consistent reliability and high precision in extreme temperatures, high process pressure and corrosive liquids. The 244LD is approved for installations in contact with explosive atmospheres, configured to your specification.

244LD Buoyancy Level Features:

  • HART Communication, 4 to 20 mA, or Foundation Fieldbus
  • Configuration via FDT-DTM
  • Multilingual full-text graphic LCD
  • IR communication as a standard
  • Signal transfer via analogue or digital
  • Continuous self-diagnostics, status and diagnostic messages
  • Local display in %, mA or physical units
  • Process temperature from –196 °C to +500 °C


  • Steam Drum/Boiler Drum
  • Oil/Water Separation
  • Biodiesel production
  • Polyester/Nylon Fibre production
  • Ammonia production
  • High Temperature and High Pressure


RTT15S Temperature Transmitter

Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation pressure transmitter

The Schneider Electric Process RTT15S Temperature Transmitters microprocessor-based functionality minimises the effect of ambient temperatures and ensures accuracy and repeatability. Using the HART communication protocol, this dependable and rugged temperature transmitter can receive signals from thermocouples, RTDs, ohm, or millivolt sources and is supplied configured to meet your exact specification.

RTT15S Temperature Transmitter Features:

  • Unique optical buttons allow operation through the glass of explosion-proof housing
  • User-friendly interface with 5 lines of text or symbols in 7 languages
  • LCD with back-light
  • Configurable bar graph
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
  • Automatic self-calibration
  • Easy installation and mounting


  • Suitable for all industrial process temperature measurements
  • Turbines – Gas, Steam and Lubricant Supplies
  • Steam/Water, condensate, coal, oil, natural gas
  • Heat Generation; Firing systems, combustion air system
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Chemical Reactors and Storage Tanks


PH10 & PH12 pH ‘DolpHin’ Sensors

dolphin sensors

The Schneider Electric Process range of pH and ORP ‘DolpHin Series’ sensor types include the PH10 and PH12 series. Available in a large number of form factors, electronic configurations and in disposable and rebuildable variants. Whether the application requires a 12 mm style probe (PH12) or an NPT threaded version, there is a pH sensor to meet the requirements. DolpHin products use a unique proprietary electrode glass formulation which makes them exceptionally stable, accurate, and long-lasting, even in the harshest process applications.

Sensing membranes are available in flat, ruggedised pH or domed pH for high-temperature operation. A range of mounting accessories complement the PH10 & PH12 range, from simple bushings and flow chambers to insertion/retraction assemblies.

PH10 & PH12 pH Sensor Features:

  • Long service life in high temperature and temperature cycling applications
  • Easy to install, operate, maintain and replace
  • Fast pH and fast temperature response
  • High stability and accuracy
  • Nafion ion barrier to protect reference junction (model dependent)
  • Smart model (PH10 Smart)
  • Biocompatible and 3A compliant model (PH12)


  • Gas scrubber, chemical reactor pH control
  • Power generation pure water pH, cooling towers, scrubber, forced oxidation gypsum pH control
  • Food and beverage pH in ethanol production, product quality, rendering plant pH
  • All industries; Wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis water purification, boiler water and condensate


Whatever your process control and sensor requirements the fabulous offering of customer configurable products from Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation, brought to you by Kempston Controls, is sure to provide the perfect solution to your processing quandary.

Please call the expert sales team on +44 (0) 1933 411411, or email us at to discuss your process, automation and control equipment requirements today. Remember, we have access to the entire Schneider Electric Process product portfolio, so even if you can’t find the product you require we can certainly source it for you!


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