Hypra Prisinter – Load Break Disconnection at the Push of a Button

When durability and reliable industrial power socket solutions with a built-in load-break system are needed then the Legrand Hypra Prisinter series delivers! Designed to take hard knocks the Hypra Prisinter series is available in 16, 32, and 63 Amp ratings, in plastic and metal-bodied versions, with all the colours, voltage and pole options you would expect from an industrial power supply socket. Designed to accept the straight and angled Legrand Hypra range of industrial power plugs.

Surface or Panel Mounted

With surface mount and panel mount versions, the unique built-in interlocked load-break button and turn to lock mechanism means the Hypra Prisinter series of industrial power sockets is a step above the competition when it comes to power delivery, robustness and safety. Additionally, for the panel mount versions, there are surface mount housing back boxes with 3 x M20 entries and 2 blanking plugs to aid installation and auxiliary contact microswitches which are available separately to suit your requirements.

hypra prisinter power sockets

Metal and Plastic Hypra Prisinter Power Sockets with Load Break


Tough and Tougher

Robust and reliable, the plastic-bodied versions have an Impact rating of IK 09, which is 10 joules and if that’s not tough enough then the metal versions are impact rated to IK 10, (20 joules) for extra protection. Whatever your installation needs these hard-wearing power sockets with built-in load break disconnection are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Technical Specifications

  • 16A, 32A and 63A – plastic and metal surface and panel mount versions
  • Combined socket and load-break system, saving space, cost and installation time
  • Unique interlocked load-break system-prohibits on load connection or disconnection for maximum safety
  • Usual colours and Poles: 2P + Earth, 3P + Earth and 3P + N + Earth
  • Terminals accept 1.5mm² to 4mm² cable
  • Surface mount boxes available for panel mount versions
  • Pad-lockable cover for added security
  • Compatible with Hypra industrial power plugs
  • Brass contact sleeves-create high quality, reliable connections
  • Stainless Steel screws
  • IP 44 when plug inserted, IP54 when used with IP66/67 Plug, IP55 with the cover closed
  • Self-extinguishing 960 degrees C for insulated parts, 650 degrees C for housing
  • Approvals BS EN 60309-1, BS EN 60309-2

Kempston Controls, as a supplier partner of Legrand, stocks a comprehensive range of Hypra Prisinter Load Break Power Sockets and Hypra Power Plugs to cater for all your industrial power needs. Even if we don’t have the items you need in stock, we can certainly get them for you! Give our dedicated sales team on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email them on sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

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