AC Drives – The Powerhouse of Industry

You may have witnessed an industrial production assembly line, or perhaps the luggage conveyor at an airport and wondered how these processes maintain their synchronised flow?

Under the surface of these apparently simple, almost graceful systems exist the often complex world of industrial automation, and the crucial elements within that world are the AC drives.

What are AC drives?

An AC drive is basically an electronic brain for electric motors, controlling their speed, torque, and direction. Often referred to as variable speed drives (VSDs), these motor drives play a critical role in ensuring the precise and efficient operation of various types of industrial and commercial machinery and processes.

AC Drives – how do they help?

Precision control: These drives allow for fine-tuned adjustments to motor speed and torque, enabling accurate and consistent operation in various applications. Crucial for product assembly, material handling, and robotic operations.

AC Drives in action

Energy efficiency: Traditional motors run at a fixed speed, even when not required. VSDs allow motors to operate only when needed and at the right speed, saving energy and costs.

Improved process control: AC drives integrate seamlessly with programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Providing real-time monitoring and control of motor behaviour, optimising processes, and improving performance.

What Industries use AC Drives?

Manufacturing: AC drives are everywhere, from robotic assembly lines to powering conveyor belts and regulating production equipment.

Material handling: Whether it’s cranes in logistics centres or automated storage and retrieval systems, drives ensure the precise movement of materials.

Power generation: Drives control pumps, fans, and other equipment in power plants, contributing to the reliable generation of electricity.

AC Drives in action

The list goes on – drives are essential to a large list of industries, working away behind the scenes to ensure smooth operation, improved efficiency, and ultimately, a more productive industrial landscape.

At Kempston Controls we have a huge variety of AC Drives in stock ready to help you precisely and efficiently control the motors in your next installation or retrofitting upgrade project. Contact our dedicated technical team today to discuss your requirements.

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