Volunteers Week – 40 Years of Giving Something Back

Volunteers Week is a yearly celebration of all the volunteers, whomever they may be, across the UK. 2024 marks the 40th anniversary of the campaign which will run from Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th of June. What takes place during Volunteers Week? From open days to celebration events, every year hundreds of online and in-person activities take place across the UK to mark Volunteers Week and to celebrate all volunteers.

Who are the Volunteers?

Ordinary people from all walks of life find time to volunteer in an effort to improve their local communities and the lives of those who live there. There are many reasons why people decide to volunteer; feeling helpful and giving something back are just two. Volunteering has several benefits, including the opportunity to meet people from all generations and backgrounds, form friendships, and exchange knowledge and experiences. It might be a because of a career change, or to gain new skills, regardless of the reasons, the impact volunteers make to people and charities should not be underestimated.

a volunteer week volunteer!

A projected 14.2 million individuals in the UK volunteered through a group, club, or organisation in 2021–2022. About 8.3 million people, or about 1 in 5, say they volunteer at least once a month. Additionally, it has been claimed that as many as 50% of people in the UK participate in informal volunteer work of some kind, whether it be grocery shopping, childcare, or housework for non-relatives.

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At Kempston Controls, we love a good volunteering story – we didn’t have to look to far to find a few keen volunteers within our walls.

Glenn Killough – Wombling Free

I started litter picking a few years ago when I was getting fed up rubbish in my local area. I decided to do something about it and bought a litter picker and a hoop for a bin bag.  I joined the Wellie Wombles and off I went clearing the rubbish from my neighbourhood.  It’s very satisfying work and my daughter regularly joins me on a Saturday morning.  Every now and then my wife and my brother will join us on the monthly group litter picks where equipment can be borrowed.

Wellie Wombles are one of many litter picking volunteer groups around the country.  They work closely with the Wellingborough Eco Group and organise monthly group litter picks around Wellingborough and surrounding villages.  They also encourage solo picks and provide safety and reporting guidance.

volunteer week litter picking

I have also adopted a woodland area near my house to keep litter free through PlasticBusters.  Here you can adopt a local area to keep clean through their AdoptTheWorld Initiative.  In addition, I womble Summer Leys Nature Reserve each month too. It’s a never-ending job but rewarding when you see an area improve over time.

Peter Lawrence – Showjumping Supremo

I do a lot with British Showjumping mainly as a course designer & builder and occasionally as a Showjumping Judge, this usually takes up at least 2 weekends a month. I also volunteer with British Eventing as a cross country fence judge, not as often, normally about 3-4 events a year.

Easton Russell – Fighting Crime and Hunger

I enjoy volunteering and serving the community, here are some of things that I’ve done so far:

HMP – Parole Board – carrying out risk assessments on prisoners to determine whether they can be safely released into the community.  After undergoing intensive training and security clearance, I formed part of the Parole Board team visiting inmates individually to carry out risk assessment on prisoners.

Serving & helping customers in the British Heart Foundation Charity Shop in Wellingborough. Assisting FareShare – the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste, with the collection of food from their hub in Leicester and delivering to a food bank. As well as driving a minibus for the local church collecting young people for church services and local and national events around the UK.

What can you do?

There are lots of ways you can volunteer, from helping an elderly neighbour with their gardening to working with Citizens Advice or becoming a Police Support Volunteer, the list is endless.  Local libraries, community arts centres, food banks, and animal shelters are always eager for help, look online or in a local newspaper to see what is available. Whatever you decide to do, however big or small, even if you don’t think of yourself as a ‘volunteer’, it’s sure to make a difference to the lives of others along with your own.

The big help out

The Big Help Out

This year Volunteers Week will culminate in The Big Help Out, from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th of June. This a campaign was created to showcase how volunteering can benefit both the community and the people taking part. The Big Help Out is all about providing opportunities for people to experience volunteering and to try to make a difference in their communities. This event brings together millions of people from across the UK to join the biggest mass volunteering event of the year.

If you want to learn more about The Big Help Out – Click Here

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