Coolsplice – IDC Connectors with the Edge

The TE Connectivity range of CoolSplice connectors is a wire-to-wire insulation displacement connector (IDC) that combines proven reliability with ease of termination. Available in standard and large cable sizes capacities and with the option of gel inserts for improved environmental protection.

Using just a pair of everyday pliers it’s easy to terminate insulated stranded or solid wires into the insulation displacement contact using the built-in push-buttons. The wires can be terminated independently allowing for termination of one end in the factory and field termination of the other.

Electrical contracting firms are always under pressure to increase their throughput without compromising build quality. The CoolSplice connector allows contractors in electrical wiring, lighting, HVAC, and many other disciplines to do their job quicker and more efficiently and the body is transparent, making it easy to confirm that a water and dust-tight connection has been successful.

The Colour-coded push buttons show the wire size of each CoolSplice at a glance, with sizes matching the typical sizes of wire and cable for lighting and power applications. Proven in industry, these dependable IDC connectors won’t let you down, whatever your application.

Coolsplice IDC Connectors are available in two ranges:

Large Size CoolSplice Connector Range:

  • Easy factory or field installation using independent push-button termination
  • Single wire size: 12 AWG to 18 AWG (0.75 mm² – 4.0 mm²) solid and stranded wire
  • Coloured coded Red, Blue and Yellow for easy termination
  • Complete with environmental protection gel insert
  • IP20, IPX5, IPX7 and IPX8* rating
  • Tin plated copper alloy contacts
  • Can be stacked together for multi-cable uses
  • -40 to +105 degrees continuous operating temperature range
  • Current / Voltage rating: 10 to 20 A Max at 600 V AC/DC


  • Roadway and street lighting
  • Signs and building facades
  • Bridge and tunnel
  • Indoor lighting fixtures
  • Wiring harness field repairs


Standard Size CoolSplice Connector Range:

small coolsplice connector

  • Easy factory or field installation using independent push-button termination
  • Wire size: 22 AWG to 18 AWG (0.34 mm² –0.75 mm²) stranded and solid wire
  • Connects a pair of discrete wires or twin cord cable
  • Available with or without gel insert option
  • IP20, IPX5, IPX7 and IPX8* rating
  • Tin plated copper alloy contacts
  • Current / Voltage rating: 3.5 A –5 A Max at 600 V (UL), 5 A – 450 V (IEC)
  • -40 to +85 degrees continuous operating temperature range
  • Fits through 16mm hole
  • Approvals UL 2459, UL 1977 and IEC 60998-2-3


  • Commercial refrigeration lighting
  • Commercial display and cabinet lighting
  • Outdoor commercial lighting
  • Security and alarm systems

Please Note: Kempston Controls will not be holding stock of the Standard CoolSplice Connector – but we can provide you with them if required.

Coolsplice connectors

All of the CoolSplice connector standard size range is available with a gel filling option, extending their use into harsh environment applications that demand excellent ingress protection. The larger connectors are only supplied with a gel filling and are also colour coded with Red, yellow, and blue termination buttons helping you match the wire size to the correct connector.

Coolsplice Benefits

  • Single wire (large) and dual-wire (standard) receptacles
  • Standard size has gel option, large size comes with gel insert
  • Range of colours, UV stabilised
  • Suitable for solid and stranded wire
  • Time-saving termination using standard tools, IDC technology
  • Easy factory or field installation using push-button termination

Industry proven, the Coolsplice range of IDC connectors from TE Connectivity offers the user the advantage of reduced assembly time, the need for expensive specialist tooling, and are easy to service and change in the field. User-friendly and durable they have the option of offering excellent environmental protection with their gel inserts to cater for those harsh outdoor applications along with a wide range of cable capacities.

Kempston Controls, as an authorised distributor for TE Connectivity products, has access to the entire range of Coolsplice IDC Connectors, so call our sales team on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email to discuss your IDC connector requirements.

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*IPX8 (2 meters under water for 1 hour)

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