VISOR Object AI – Image Processing Made Better

In the fast moving world of manufacturing ensuring the correct components are installed in the correct place at the right stage of manufacture is essential to ensure product quality and continuity of the process. The same applies to guaranteeing that components are in their correct orientation, or if they are simply missing. Not so long ago, this probably would have been a manual process, involving a visual inspection carried out by a suitably trained employee, adding time and costs to the process.

Things have moved on since the laborious days of in-depth manual inspections, although this form of inspection will still apply to some operations and applications today. High-spec sensors and state-of-the-art camera systems have become advanced enough to allow for rapid inspection and comparison methodologies to take the place of the long drawn out, but essential inspections of before.

Taking things further and always one step ahead, the clever engineers at Sensopart, one of the leading designers and manufacturers of sensor and detector solutions, have created the VISOR Object AI Sensor.

Machine Vision with a Brain

The VISOR Object AI Sensor makes machine vision easier than ever before. Using artificial intelligence, this clever sensor is easy to set-up without any expert knowledge in image processing, reliably recognising objects of the same type, even if they don’t look exactly the same.

This sensor independently learns to distinguishing characteristic features based on images of the object that is being detected. It takes just a few simple steps to set the sensor up. Even process and product variations such as varied products in lots, orientation, strong reflections, contamination, flexible parts and more, can be taught with just a few mouse clicks. The sensor is then able to reliably recognise the objects appearing in front of the lens and assign them to different classes.

Because the VISOR Object AI sensor is capable of learning, it only needs around 5 sample images per object class to achieve a stable detection process.  No networking or cloud access is required as the AI algorithm is contained within the sensor itself.

  • Easy set-up without image processing expertise
  • AI Technology – train the vision sensor with a few images
  • Durable and robust vision sensor for industrial automation


VISOR AI = Easy Classification Teaching

For presence checks, components can be rated as a pass/fail or divided into 200 classes, for example: ensuring that the right parts for the product are always supplied and processed for product variants. Once a classification has been taught-in, it works independently without the operator having to worry about suitable detection rules and parameters, such as is the case with classic, rule-based image processing.

The VISOR Object AI always maintains its overview, detecting defective parts, parts in the wrong position, wrong orientation and sequence or a combination of these instantly. Classic switching sensors would be overwhelmed when dealing with objects that occasionally appear in unexpected positions and have complex shapes and details. The comprehensive calibration functions range from a simple scaling factor to the correction of image and lens distortions with a mouse click. With highly precise position and orientation detection, this advanced AI enabled sensor is the best in class.

Visor Object AI Sensor

Solving Difficult Sensing and Detecting Situations

The application possibilities of this sensor are just as diverse as its built-in classification ability. These sensors, when used in vehicle production, can differentiate between component variants, and determine whether the appropriate item is available for specific vehicle equipment. When flexible objects such as spiral springs or plastic bags that can change shape are fed in, these clever sensors can detect the wrong parts and their incorrect orientation.

Compared to classic detectors, this sensor can solve tasks with reduced set-up effort and increased process stability. The operator saves time because they do not have to create a logical link between several detectors. The Object AI makes image processing easier than ever, with AI the sensor can be set-up in just a few steps, making your process faster and easier to control, and your products better quality than ever before.


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