Versatile Terminal Blocks you can depend on from Elmex

Elmex has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of electrical wire termination technology solutions, designing and manufacturing a wide range of versatile terminal blocks suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Elemex’s range includes single and multilevel terminals, earth terminals with screw clamp, spring clamp, push-in type terminals and more for low and high-current applications.

Effective electrical wire termination plays a vital role in the overall performance and function of an industrial automation and control installation. Always innovating, Elmex likes to push their designs to the limits, upgrading and enhancing their products to cater to the demands of the modern workplace on a regular basis.

Screw Clamp, Push-in and Spring Clamp

For typical installation, Push-in, Screw Clamp and Spring Clamp terminals help improve wiring efficiency by not only reducing assembly time with easy-to-access and secure terminals, but by also sharing terminal accessories such as multi-way shorting links. Labelling provisions are also provided on some models to aid identification during wiring. The extensive range of terminal blocks they offer caters to just about every installations needs.

Elmex Terminal Block Features

  • Common accessories – jumpers, endplates, labels, helps reduce inventory
  • Easy access guided wire entry points
  • Simple interconnection between terminals
  • Top marking label provision (model dependant)
  • Vibration resistant connection in a compact design
  • Tool-free wiring (push-in)
  • Spring clamp, Push-in, Spring Clamp terminals amongst others

The extensive range of Elmex terminal blocks has been designed to cater to a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial wiring applications, such as feed-through, disconnection, multi-level, multi-output, fused and grounding tasks. Uniform in design and compact, these capable and versatile terminal blocks provide improved stacking density and appealing aesthetics.

Below we take a quick glimpse at some of the Elmex terminal blocks you can purchase from Kempston Controls today.

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Feed Through Terminals

Feed Through Terminal blocks by Elmex


Feed Through Terminals suitable for all manner of control and power applications with high contact force. Easy to use and DIN mounted, the offer created by Elmex covers a wide range of conductor sizes. Constructed from high-grade materials to ensure reliable and dependable operation.

Earth Terminals

Earth Terminal blocks by Elmex


Earth Terminal Blocks have been designed to replace the traditional bus-bars that are utilised for earthing in your average electrical installation. These green and yellow coloured terminal block utilise the DIN mounting rail as an earth point via its retaining clamp.

Multi-Level Terminals

Multilevel blocks by Elmex


Multi-level Terminals are the ideal solution for applications with limited space and high-density wiring demands. These terminals are offered in a range of level types such as the DS8L 8 level models, with 8 levels for marshalling. The range covers a spectrum of conductor sizes to suit numerous applications, with dependable hardwearing conductors.

Fuse Terminals

Fused Terminal blocks by Elmex


Control and Automation applications typically require fuse protection, the Elmex range of terminal blocks with built-in fuse lever are designed to accommodate a cartridge fuse. Alternatively, a solid link can be installed turning it into a disconnection terminal block, ideal for a wide range of circuit protection and disconnection tasks.

There are hundreds of different Elmex Terminal Blocks available from Kempston Controls  which have been designed to suit whatever your specific application demands. Be sure to give our dedicated sales team a call or speak to our technical teams for more specific information using the numbers below.

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