Kempston Controls and Siemens

A New HVAC and Combustion Supplier Partnership is Formed – Kempston Controls and Siemens

Kempston Controls are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Industrial Process Control and Automation products and we were founded in 1940 as a specialist supplier of American-manufactured electrical components. Now, we are one of the UK’s most respected suppliers, with distribution facilities in the EU and UAE.

We are both delighted and excited to announce a new supplier partnership with one of the world’s leading and well known manufacturers.

Kempston Controls is now an Approved Distributor of Siemens HVAC and Combustion Products in the UK!

Siemens is a huge global business entity with a rich and varied manufacturing history spanning more than 175 years. Versatile and innovative, their industrial knowhow is impressive and unsurpassed. A vivacious creator of products from drives and industrial automation processing and control equipment, industrial plant, transport solutions, to HVAC and combustion equipment, Siemens extensive range of products is all encompassing.

Supplier partnership - Siemens has joined forces with Kempston Controls

Ingenuity is the ‘I’ in Siemens

They haven’t stopped with industrial products solutions either, being a leader in dependable smart infrastructure projects, along with creating medical technology for diagnostic and therapeutic imaging and molecular medicine, the IOT, smart grids and much more. Rightly so they have earned a solid world-renowned reputation for high-quality products and outstanding innovation in all sectors.

World Class HVAC and Combustion Products with World Class Distribution, Sales and Service

With Siemens extensive product portfolio of HVAC and combustion products combined with Kempston Controls highly respected sales, delivery and service around the world means we are in prime position to get you the Siemens products you need, just when you need them and at the best possible prices.

Supplier partnership kempston controls van

Working together, the Kempston Controls and Siemens partnership will provide you with the highest quality HVAC and combustion control products available with our outstanding customer service.

Whatever Siemens products you need, we have access to them all. Contact us today to discuss just how the Kempston Controls and Siemens partnership can help you.

Click here to see just some of the Siemens products you can find at Kempston Controls

Kempston Controls is committed to finding you the ideal solution for your application. Call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, email us at, or alternatively contact us here, we will be happy to help.

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