The Best in Motor Control and Protection from the ABB AF Contactors Range

ABB AF contactors, with their electronically controlled coils which offer a wealth of benefits when compared to more conventional alternatives, has established itself as a modern industrial benchmark. Coupled with ABB’s extensive product portfolio and utilising the AF range of contactors, you can have a perfect optimal installation every time.

The versatile and comprehensive AF contactor family provides a broad range of motor starting solutions from small motors of 4 kW/5hp up to big-power switching solutions such as those provided by the unique AF2650 contactor, which is the largest single case block contactor in the world today.

Contactors from the AF range.The AF range of Contactors and motor protection devices form part of one of the widest product solutions available in the market, which means that ABB can not only provide you with a world-leading Contactor solution but a complete system solution. In addition to the standard AF range, ABB also offers products for special applications, such as Bar contactors, GAF and contactors for capacitor switching, all available from Kempston Controls.

AF Family Contactor Benefits

  • Optimise logistics & reduce inventory costs with fewer models to stock
  • Products are suitable for use in all parts of the world.
  • Four AC/DC coils cover all standard operating voltages
  • Coil power consumption reduced by 80% helps to save energy
  • Improved up-time – AF contactor technology bridges voltage drops

Contactors from the AF range in situ.

AF Contactor Features

  • Up to 560 kW – 400 V AC-3 IEC, 900 hp – 480 V UL/CSA, plus 2650 A – 690 V AC-1 IEC, 2700 A UL/CSA- general use
  • 4 coils cover 24 V – 500 V AC and 20 V – 500 V DC
  • Screw, push-in spring and ring terminal connectivity
  • Built-in surge suppression, no additional protection required
  • Connection sets and interlock unit for reversing and star-delta for fast and simple assembly of starters
  • Mirror and mechanically linked contacts
  • Built-in low voltage low consumption inputs – interface available for PLCs outputs for some variants

Typical inventory and downtime reduction applications

  • Automotive assembly lines
  • Conveyors and conveyor systems
  • Cement production industries that operate around-the-clock
  • Food industry – continuous mass production processes
  • Panel building where a quick contactor reaction is required

View some of the ABB AF Contactor Ranges We Stock:







Kempston Controls stocks an extensive ABB offering of the AF Range of contactors suitable for all manner of industrial applications. Please call our dedicated sales team on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email us at for all your ABB AF contactor requirements.

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