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Rechner Sensors are world-leading specialists in the capacitive sensing technology, with a comprehensive range of products suitable for automation and control applications, level control and quality control purposes. The latest addition to their extensive range is the M8 digital capacitive sensor with Easy Teach by Wire (ETW). One of the smallest capacitive sensors available on the market featuring integrated electronics for direct system interfacing and is available to buy today from Kempston Controls.

Stainless steel and PEEK M8 digital capacitive sensors

Stainless steel flush mount and non-flush mount and PEEK non-flush variants.

If your application calls for the detection of liquids and powders that are present in small containers and vessels then these tiny M8 digital capacitive sensors are the perfect solution. Durable, robust and adaptable these sensors can also be used for the detection of small non-metallic components in automated assembly or handling processes.


Small, but Digitally Accurate

Although diminutive in stature these IP67 rated M8 sensors include Rechner’s renowned and highly accurate ETW facility which allows them to be set-up easily and quickly every time. With no onboard potentiometer to inaccurately adjust, potential errors that could occur with manual adjustment are eliminated. Just set up the M8 digital capacitive sensors once with the ETW system and enjoy a long trouble-free service life.

The status of the sensor is determined by a dual colour LED which provides a bright and clear indication of the current power and switched output position. When the capacitive sensor is installed the dual colour LED is utilised to determine whether the sensor set-up is for an empty or full setting by means of a teach wire. Using Rechner’s media optimisation facility you can enable a sensor that has been set in the full condition to ignore any variation in the detected media along with the possible coating of the sensor by the product that may have stuck to it.

M8 digital capacitive sensors Easy Teach Chart

Easy to Set-up

Easy to set-up and install using the ETW system, when initialised a short analysis period is initiated and during this time the LED will flash after which the digital sensor is ready for use. There is no need for a computer or any other programming interface device to teach or adjust these small, durable digital sensors. Available in flush and non-flush variants, with their bodies manufactured in either stainless steel or PEEK (non-flush only) versions, both variants come with a hard-wearing PTFE product sensing face.

The M8 digital capacitive sensors that feature the flush format have an operating distance of 1.5 mm, whereas the non-flush variant sensors have an operating distance of 2 mm, both also feature a wide power supply range of 10-35 V DC.


Rechner M8 Digital Capacitive Sensor Features:
  • Small M8 capacitive sensor format
  • Stainless steel (flush/non-flush) and Peek (non-flush) body variants.
  • High-performance reliability
  • IP67 Rated
  • Accurate level and component detection
  • Simple Easy Teach by Wire (ETW) set-up
  • Fit and forget installation
  • Fully integrated electronics for direct system interface
  • Quattro-Protect for the protection from overloads and spikes
  • Wide power supply range


As an official distribution partner for Rechner Sensors, Kempston Controls holds an extensive range of Rechner Sensor products ready for dispatch, and even if we don’t stock the product you are after we can certainly get it for you.  Please speak to our sales team on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email for information and enquiries concerning these M8 digital capacitive sensors and other Rechner products.

Order the PEEK M8 Non-Flush Digital Sensor


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