The Commander S – AC Drive Controllers, Optimised for Simple Motion Cycles

Leading the way in putting you in charge of motor control and making your processes more efficient is the latest addition to the Nidec Control Techniques motor drive portfolio. With a comprehensive feature set optimised for simple motion cycles the Commander S Drive range provides a cost-effective solution for drive applications that require plug and play convenience straight from the box.

The Commander S drive is the first drive to come with a built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) App interface as standard. The Marshal app (which is downloadable for free on a mobile device for Android/OS) is a revolutionary way to communicate wirelessly with a motor drive using NFC, covering commissioning, monitoring, diagnostic and support. The NFC technology utilised in these versatile drives has a communication time of less than 0.5s, helping to speed up and simplify your set-up times considerably.

Sleek Design Simple Operation

The sleek curved design and small footprint of the Commander S range optimises component layout and with easy access to angled terminals and the click-on/click-off DIN rail mount make installation remarkably easy. With a wide range of power, voltage, mains filter options and frame sizes available to choose from you are certain to find a model to suit your application and using the Marshall App you can be up and running in under 60 seconds.

As you might expect from Control Techniques, the performance of the Commander S range is guaranteed throughout its whole lifetime and is packed with features to help save you time, space, energy and money.

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The Marshall App – revolutionising the motor drive interface

Marshal is the motor drive expert in your pocket. A content rich interface means you can easily commission, clone parameters, back-up settings, share data and configurations via Outlook & OneDrive, diagnose issues and create report logs/error reports, visualise settings and monitor the drive in just a few taps of your smartphone’s screen.

commander s

Marshall App Advantages

  • Power off commissioning with FastStart assisted commissioning
  • Advanced parameter settings, pre-set application configurations
  • Easy parameter cloning and transfer, simple back-up process
  • Share configurations via Outlook, OneDrive, WhatsApp, export as PDF
  • Guided diagnostics, error logs and active error diagnosis
  • Quick view of parameter settings and drive status, restrict access
  • Easily visualise I/O, motor and speed settings

Commander S Motor Drive Features

  • NFC communication App interface
  • Power range 0.18 to 4 kW (0.25 to 5 HP)
  • Supply requirements 100V (100-120 V), 200V (200-240 V) 400 V (380-480 V)
  • Marshal App interface enables drive set-up in only 60 seconds
  • FastStart commissioning menu – 4 simple steps to get your motor running
  • 3 frame sizes available
  • Simple setup routines tailored to your application
  • Inputs and outputs – 2 Analogue Inputs, 1 output, 4 Digital inputs, 1 I/O, 1 Relay
  • Fixed display with 4 control buttons
  • RJ45 connector for Modbus RTU
  • Intelligent fan control reduces energy usage
  • Integrated C1 EMC filter for residential installations
  • Choose your preferred interface; Marshal App, drive keypad, Connect PC Tool
  • Finger proof terminals
  • Restrict unwanted access via a PIN

commander s

The Commander S AC Drive has been designed for a wide range of industrial motor control tasks, including:

  • Fan, Pump, Compressors
  • Improved energy efficiency during low demand
  • PID functionality -advanced control, no need for an external controller
  • Avoid equipment resonant frequencies & reduce high-vibration levels
  • Catch an already spinning motor to reduce start-up time and increase productivity
  • Motor thermal protection prevents overheating during operation

Conveyors, treadmills, automatic doors & barriers

  • Reliable speed control with onboard communications
  • S-ramp acceleration/deceleration profiling minimising machine jerk
  • Linear V to F with a controllable boost to get the machine running
  • Drive overload capacity up to 150% for increased acceleration or load changes
  • DC braking with stop indication

Industrial Processing

  • Mixers, crushers, agitators, centrifuges, kneaders, spinning & braiding machines for textile
  • Ease of integration to external PLC or other systems with on board communications
  • Stability optimiser for improved motor control
  • Resistance compensation for excellent torque performance
  • Built-in EMC filter effectively reduces electromagnetic Interference

The Commander S is the next in line of a hugely successful portfolio of innovative advanced motor drive products from Nidec Control Techniques that are available to buy today from Kempston Controls, your trusted industrial processes and control supplier.

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ABB Soft Starters – Created to Increase your Motors Lifetime

ABB’s PSTX, PSE and PSR Ranges of Soft Starters have been designed to help increase your motor’s lifetime by protecting it from the continual stresses caused when starting. This is done by letting you optimise your motors starting currents, which with conventional starting methods applies lots of stress on the motor and the associated electrical network.

The dependable and field proven PSTX, PSE and PSR Ranges of Motor Starters are packed with innovative built-in motor protection features to ensure that your installation is kept safe. These capable Soft Starters are also installation-friendly and easy to use, cutting your assembly and start-up time considerably. With everything that you need in one unit, from bypass contactor to overload protection, a single Soft Starter makes for a compact complete and cost-effective Motor Starting solution.

Furthermore, with many application specific features, such as torque control and pump cleaning these Soft Starters can ultimately help you increase productivity, throughput and much more than simply Soft Starting. These Starters are ideal for numerous industrial and commercial motor starting applications from processing line conveyor systems to liquid pumps found in food and beverage installations.

Main benefits

  • Secure motor reliability
  • Improve installation efficiency
  • Increase productivity, reduced down time


  • ABB’s Soft Starters cover any motor application from 3 A to 2160 A
  • Reduced starting current and less stress on the motor and the electrical network
  • Fast and easy to install and set-up with a small footprint
  • Reduced mechanical wear and tear on equipment


PSTX – Advanced Soft Starter Range

soft Starters PSTX

The PSTX combines many years of research and product development with extensive knowledge of application specific requirements and needs. The PSTX is ABB’s latest advancement in motor control and protection and adds new functionality with increased reliability to any motor starting application. A complete alternative to any motor starting applications with built-in Modbus RTU interface and Anybus modules that support all common communication protocols.



PSTX Motor Starter benefits

  • Secure motor reliability
  • Improve installation efficiency
  • Increase application productivity

PSTX Main features

  • Three-phase controlled
  • Operational voltage 208-690 V AC
  • Wide rated control supply voltage 100-250 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Rated operational current 3-1250 A (inside delta: 2160 A)
  • Coated circuit boards
  • Torque control for excellent control of pumps

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PSE – Efficient Soft Starter Range

soft starters PSE

The new generation PSE is a true general purpose Soft Starter with advanced features such as torque control to eliminate water hammer. A true universal motor starter, offering the perfect balance between a high start-up performance and cost efficiency with a built-in Modbus RTU interface for advanced communication.





PSE Motor Starter Benefits

  • Advanced motor safety with built-in motor protection
  • Fast and easy set-up with illuminated, language-neutral display
  • Eliminate water hammering with torque control
  • Reduce energy losses with built-in bypass
  • Built-in Modbus

PSE Series Features

  • Rated operational current – 18 to 370 A
  • Operational voltage 208–600 V AC
  • Control supply voltage 100–250 V AC

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PSR – Compact Soft Starters

soft starters PSR

The PSR Soft Starter range is ABBs most compact unit, a simple yet reliable starting solution that utilises only the most basic of soft starting features: soft start and stop. An excellent performer, with a built-in bypass that is ideal for applications that require many starts per hour (up to 100) and is perfect for installations where space is limited. An ideal motor starting solution for small motor installations.



PSR Motor Starter benefits

  • Small and compact motor starting solution
  • Can perform up to 100 starts per hour
  • Reduce energy loss at full speed with built-in bypass

PSR Main features

  • Rated operational current 3 to 105 A
  • Operational voltage 208–600 V AC
  • Control supply voltage 24 V AC/DC or 100–240 V AC

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All of the Motor Starters above are available from Kempston Controls. As an ABB supplier partner we have access to their entire range of Motor Starters and ancillary equipment with expedited delivery. Call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411 and speak to one of our Sales or Technical team members who will be more than happy to discuss the options available. Alternatively you can email us at or use this contact form.


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SIMOCODE pro System– the best in Motor Control, Monitoring and Protection

The powerful Siemens SIMOCODE pro system has been managing low-voltage motors for over 50 years, providing comprehensive protective, monitoring and control functions for a wide variety of motors in numerous industrial applications.
SIMOCODE is suitable for switching heavy-starting motors in industries such as paper, cement, metal and water management, and also In ATEX rated areas including chemical, oil, and raw material processing and power plants. Conventional dry-run detection follows a response chain from the dry-run sensor to the pump via the process controller. The SIMOCODE pro System differs by monitoring the pump’s status via its active-power input so no need to install additional monitoring devices or external measuring sensors.

Designed to excel the SIMOCODE pro System can control numerous devices, such as a direct-online starter, reversing pair, soft starter and star-delta starter which covers the majority of fixed speed applications up to 630 amps.

Motor Control Advantages
• Higher measuring accuracy
• Earlier fault detection
• Reduced hardware
• No maintenance effort
• Cost and time savings
• Reliable plant monitoring according to ATEX and IECEx criteria

Plant downtime can be drastically reduced through the stored operating, service and diagnostic data that helps engineers identify faults and processing anomalies quickly, saving on process downtime and ultimately production costs. Packed with innovation, the SIMOCODE pro system provides communication via PROFIBUS, PROFINET / PROFIsafe, Modbus RTU, and Ethernet IP and OPC UA – which lets engineers take advantage of the cloud.

With OPC UA, SIMOCODE pro offers a flexible and powerful communication interface via Industrial Ethernet for automation as well as operation and monitoring systems. Acting as OPC UA client, these systems can access all important operating, service and diagnostics data of SIMOCODE pro for PROFINET and transfer control commands via the integrated OPC UA server. The motor management system directs information from the control panel via Ethernet right to where it is processed: directly-on-site on HMI Panels or across multiple systems in higher-level cloud-based solutions.

The Systems at a Glance

SIMOCODE pro S – The Ideal Starter




Compact and smart, the SIMOCODE pro S motor management system is the ideal entry into motor starter management. A basic unit with the option of an expansion unit, and featuring PROFIBUS communication helps you get started effectively.





SIMOCODE pro V – Professional Starting



Variable and intelligent, the SIMOCODE pro V offers more scope and potential than the pro s model. The base unit and a maximum of 5 expansion modules ensure the user can profit from advanced features such as voltage and active power measuring, fail-safe disconnection and a variety of communication interfaces including PROFINET / OPC UA / Modbus or Etheret/IP.





SIMOCODE pro V PN – Starting now and in the future



The most flexible unit yet! PROFINET communication and comprehensive functionality in a robust compact design with monostable and bistable relay outputs. Simple control and monitoring functionality via the base unit and modules for temperature monitoring, ground fault monitoring and current measurement.





SIMOCODE pro System Features
• Scalable, flexible solutions for all system configurations
• Detailed operational, service and diagnostic data – at any time or place
• Safe shutdown of motors
• Scalable, flexible solutions for all system configurations
• Versatile, open communication through a wide range of bus systems and protocols
• Integration into process control systems, such as SIMATIC PCS 7
• Plant-wide access to control data, process values, and measured values without complex configuration
• Predictive maintenance, energy data management, and resource optimisation

*Other SIMOCODE pro System models available. Additional modules include; Digital module, Earth-fault module, Temperature module, Analogue module and 2 fail-safe modules.

View some of the products on offer

Ensuring your electric motors and the systems they control are operating effectively and efficiently with the minimal amount of servicing and downtime then the SIMOCODE pro System could be the solution you have been looking for. At Kempston Controls we have access to the entire Siemens range, and with our dedicated sales and technical teams we can help you choose the perfect products for your application. Call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, or email our sales team at to discuss your requirements.


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Soft Starter issue? The Siemens Sirius 3RW5 Range is the Solution…

The Siemens Sirius 3RW5 range of soft starters, with their intelligent functions, offers the perfect soft starter alternative for almost any application, from simple installations to sophisticated drive requirements such as heavy-duty starting. These dependable soft starters allow you to start three-phase motors easily, reliably and smoothly. Packed with features the 3RW5 soft starters provide a range of features including automatic parameterisation, pump cleaning, and condition monitoring, making these soft starters ideal for pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, wastewater systems and for applications the food and beverage industry.

Versatile, the Siruis 3RW5 range encompasses all of the performance classes up to 1,200 kW, ideal for a multitude of industrial applications a few examples are summarised below.

Compressor – Condition Monitoring
Designed to excel, you can evaluate the electrical data and motor active power of the soft starter, giving you the ability to condition monitor your equipment’s status. You can assess if a pump is running dry or a bearing is showing signs of fatigue and damage.

Conveyor Belt –  Automatic Parameterisation
The soft start-up of conveyor belts must constantly adjust to new conditions as the starting weight changes. Using the 3RW5 auto-parameterisation function the soft starter identifies the load conditions and sets the appropriate values for optimally starting.

Sawmills – Integrated Braking
Heavy saw blades used in industrial sawing installations need a soft starting function to protect electrical and mechanical systems and you need to be able to stop saw blades quickly, the 3RW5 soft starters automatically supports DC braking and reverse braking.

soft starter application

Wastewater – Pump Cleaning
In wastewater applications, dirt and particles can be deposited on the pump blades reducing capacity. The pump cleaning function prevents this; integrated measurement technology detects the dirt and changes the direction of rotation as soon as limits are exceeded.

Water Supply – Pump Stop
Shutting down water pump systems can be challenging, pumps in these installations can stop immediately resulting in water hammer in pipes, couplings and valves. To prevent damage the 3RW5 range of soft starters have a pump-stop function that makes it possible to bring pumps to a controlled stop.


SIRIUS 3RW55 High Performance Soft Starter

soft starter 3RW55The intelligent SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter masters difficult start-up and stopping processes, integrated smart functions including pump cleaning, pump stop, automatic parameterisation and condition monitoring.

• 3-phase control for optimal motor starting
• Engineering in TIA Portal
• Various bus connections (PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Modbus)
• Integrated operator panel with display
• For drives in performance classes from 5.5 to 1,200 kW





SIRIUS 3RW52 General Performance Soft Starters


soft starter 3RW52The SIRIUS 3RW52 soft starter is the ideal alternative to star-delta starters. As an all-rounder, it’s applicable for any type of drive.

• 3-phase control for optimal motor starting
• Parameterisation over rotary setting elements
• Various bus connections (PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Modbus)
• Operator panel with optional display
• For drives in performance classes from 5.5 to 560 kW






Stacked with features and cutting edge functionality the Siemens Sirius 3RW5 range is the go-to-solution for all of your soft starting requirements. At Kempston Controls we have access to the entire 3RW5 range and with our expert technical and sales teams we can help you choose the perfect solution to your soft starting conundrum. Give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 411 411 or email Sales at to discuss your requirements today!

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Soft Starters? What do they do?

Electric motors typically require a large amount of energy when accelerating up to their top speed, that’s where Soft Starters come into play. Soft Starters are designed to help reduce the inrush currents and limit the torque experienced by an electric motor by switching the motor on and off at fixed speeds to achieve a lower start-up current.

Only used during the initialisation of an electric motor, the soft starter moderates the acceleration of the electric motor. This makes them ideal for helping to reduce motor heating and to protect and extend the life of the electric motor and its supporting systems.

Gently Does It

A soft starter should be used whenever there is a requirement for a reduced starting current to help achieve a smooth mechanical run-up.  Applications, where the use of Soft Starter is ideal, is within mechanical systems such as conveyor lines, gearing and belt-driven systems which might require a gentle start-up process to reduce tension, lash and torque spikes. Soft Starters are also found in pumped liquid systems where they help to eliminate troublesome pressure surges like water hammer that can occur within the pipework of pumped systems.

pump application soft starter

Soft starters can be used on most fixed speed applications and come second only to a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) in starting current applications. When an application calls for the switching of a motor at a fixed speed a VSD is the most efficient way of starting the motor in terms of heat and power losses but is consequently the most expensive option to take.

Cost-Effectiveness Solutions

Although a Soft Starter is more expensive on the initial outlay than a Direct On Line (DOL) and a Star Delta Motor Starter they are much more cost-effective than a Variable Speed Drive.  It is worth noting that despite the initial outlay, a Soft Starter will last far longer in operational terms than a DOL and a Star Delta Motor Starter by a factor of 10 times the capacity. Some models of Soft Starter contain condition and fault monitoring capabilities, adding additional benefits to an automation and process control installation by providing vital diagnostic messages and data that can aid in improving the process and maintenance of the set-up.

motor soft starter application

When looking for a Soft Starting solution you cannot go wrong with the comprehensive offering of Soft Starters designed and manufactured by Siemens that you can purchase from Kempston Controls today, including the new and improved SIRIUS Soft Starters. Contact Kempston Controls today to discuss your Siemens Soft Starter Requirement.

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EATON easy500 replaced with the easyE4 Controller

We have an important update from EATON who discontinued their easy500 control relay product range as of 31st December 2019.

Don’t worry!

You can rest assured as there is a backward compatible, upgraded replacement readily available in the form of their newest range of EATON smart control relays, the easyE4. Not only will this ensure a smooth transition from the old model to new, but you’ll be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest features the new range has to offer!

The easyE4 enables not only the simple transfer and conversion of existing projects into the new easySoft 7 software but also the capability of outreaching previous applications realised with the predecessor products.

Below is a comparison table showing the replacement type codes you will need when transitioning to the new EATON easyE4 range:

Easy500 to EasyE4 run on chart


For further information on the new easyE4 range CLICK HERE.

Should you require any additional support then please do not hesitate to contact Kempston Controls technical team on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email

Further information will be provided throughout 2020 around further transitions from the easy700/800 & MFD product line.

And that’s not all!

From now until the 31st March 2020 EATON are extending their invitational offer to their customers for a FREE easySoft 7 software license.

How you can claim your FREE fully licensed easySoft 7 software?

If you are an existing Eaton easy500/700/800 customer, EATON is offering you the chance to claim a fully licensed easySoft software package (worth £38.35) for FREE (until the 31st of March 2020), so you can create and pre-test your control scenarios and enjoy the benefits of upgrading for yourself.

Kempston Controls, as a supplier partner for EATON, has access to their entire product portfolio, if you can’t find the products you need please call our experienced sales team on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email to discuss all your process and control automation product requirements.


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