DIL Contactors from Eaton Moeller, the Energy Efficient Choice

A contactor is a device designed for switching an electrical circuit on and off, similar to relays in operation, however, contactors find their application in higher current capacity installations than those typically attributed to relays.

In an industrial or commercial setting, any high-power device that is frequently turned on and off, will employ a contactor within its electrical supply system, differing greatly in their configuration depending upon the current requirements of the electrical devices downstream of the contactor. Contactors are commonly used in applications incorporating powerful motors, lighting circuits, heating, and other electrical loads.

If you are looking for a powerful, versatile and efficient contactor range, then you need look no further than the impressive range of Moeller DIL contactors from Eaton.

DIL Contactor Range

The capable DC devices stand head and shoulders above the competition with their reduced power consumption, making them more energy-efficient and reducing the size of power supply units utilised.  Suitable for use all around the world the DIL contactors cover a huge output range, from mini contactor relays (up to 7A) to power vacuum contactors (up to 3180A).

Communications-enabled thanks to the SmartWire-DT, the contactors can be controlled remotely and they can be combined with Eaton’s full range of electronic overload relays and bimetal relays.

DIL Contactor Series Core Features

  • DILM up to 170 A & 4-Pole DILMP contactor up to 200 A
  • DILM frame sizes: 45 mm for up to 32 A; 55 mm for up to 72 A; and 90 mm for up to 170 A
  • UL, CSA, Marine approvals, GOST-R and Ukrain-GOST approvals
  • Temperature range -25 °C to +60 °C
  • Uniform accessories for 3-pole and 4-pole contactors
  • Double box terminals for reliable wiring of different cross-sections
  • The contactors up to 38 A can be controlled directly from a PLC
  • DC-operated devices with integrated suppressor circuits
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Rapid Wiring with One-click Push-in Terminals

Innovative push-in terminals provide quick, safe, and easy control-panel wiring with just one click. You can expect to decrease your wiring time by 50 % without the need for any additional tools. DIL contactors with this push-in technology typically have the same footprint as conventional Eaton contactors for easy integration into existing systems.


DILM Contactors – Small but Powerful

DIL Contactor Range


They may be small, but they can certainly punch above their weight, both the DC and AC DILM contactor series can switch motors up to 170 A and come with an already integrated auxiliary contact (up to 38A). The auxiliary NC with mirror contacts is suitable for use in safety-related applications, simplifying project planning, installation, and commissioning.



DILL Lighting Contactors – Managing Lamp Loads Safely

DIL Contactor Range


The DILL series is based on the DILM contactor, and it has been specifically designed for switching lamps across three current ranges (12A, 18A, 20A). These contactors have a high switching capacity, enabling them to handle the inrush currents for all types of lamps, even over long distances.





DILMP 4-Pole Contactors


DIL Contactor Range

These versatile 4-pole contactors come in four sizes, from 20A to 200A, and they have been designed for use specifically in AC 1 circuits. DILMP contactors are ideal for applications that are characterised by frequent mains switch-off or switch-over, as well as for heating systems and for switching 4-pole loads. The uniform accessory range means that all the proven components of the 3-pole series can also be used.





DILK Contactors – Reactive Power


DIL Contactor Range


The DILK contactors are typically used in reactive-power compensation equipment where capacitor banks need to be switched. Capable and dependable,  integrated series resistors can reliably switch capacitors with very high peak inrush currents, up to 180 times the normal current.





Combination Contactors – DIUL and SDAINL



The contactor combinations range consist of the completely pre-wired DIUL reversing combinations up to 30 kW and the SDAINL star-delta combinations up to 132 kW, pre-wired, their installation is rapid and simple.





Kempston Controls are the people to speak to when it comes to sourcing your ideal contactor solution. Call us on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, email us at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk or you use the enquiry form below. Our professional technical and sales teams are ready to help you today.

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Last Chance to Buy – ABB – GE/AEG Industrial Product Obsolescence and Phase Out Update

An update on the Life Cycle Phase Status from ABB for IEC Control products belonging to the GE/AEG brand has just been released.

The IEC controls portfolio which stems from the GE Industrial Solutions acquisition is to be impacted by several Life Cycle Management changes for GE/AEG product lines.

Last Chance to Buy!

The life cycle phase status for certain products will be changed from the Limited to Obsolete phase from the 1st of July 2021 and the last chance to buy those entering the limited phase is the 30th of April 2021. The Smart Power MCCBs Record Plus series products have a last time to buy order date of the 7th of May 2021.

This means that certain products will be withdrawn from sale and will no longer be manufactured, and any spares or accessories will no longer be available so make sure you act quickly. The attached document will help provide you with details regarding the specific products that are being discontinued and their recommended substitute products.

Order before the Deadline!

Kempston Controls will help guide you when selecting the correct substitute products affected by those impacted in the attached updated document, call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411 or emails sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to order.

Download the File 

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LCP & LCS Range of Control Units from Pepperl+Fuchs

Control Units from Pepperl+Fuchs: LCP & LCS Range

Designed to ensure the smooth operation and monitoring of electrical circuits and machinery in hazardous environments; the LCP and LCS series are versatile control units equipped with several operators.

Pepperl+Fuchs’ LCP and LCS range can provide control units with different functions such as pushbuttons, LED indicators, control switches, potentiometers, and ammeters.

Made from durable glass fibre reinforced polyester (LCP range) or hygienic electropolished stainless steel (LCS range), Pepperl+Fuchs’ portfolio of control units is ideal for a wide range of harsh environments.

LCP Range – Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Control Units

The LCP series of control units are highly versatile and are available as standard off-the-shelf configurations from stock on short notice. What’s more, the flexible design accommodates up to four operators in one enclosure to meet any application.

Manufactured from glass fibre reinforced polyester, the LCP range and its high-quality components and accessories are durable and perfect for harsh environments.


  • Glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) enclosures
  • Installation in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22
  • Ex de, Ex ib and Ex tb certified
  • Up to 4 operators per enclosure
  • Customisable configuration of operators, cable entry quantities, & cable gland types
  • Wide range of labels and accessories available
  • Two enclosure size options
  • IP66 rated

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LCS Range – Stainless Steel Control Units

Like the LCP series, the LCS range of control units is versatile and available in standard off-the-shelf configurations. Moreover, the LCP series is customisable for specific applications with a wide variety of operators, labels, cable glands, and accessories available.

Manufactured using electropolished stainless steel; the LCS series provide excellent corrosion resistance and designed to meet the strict hygiene requirements in pharmaceutical and food processing applications. The durable materials and high-quality components mean the LCS range is ideal for use in harsh environments.


  • Stainless Steel enclosure
  • Ideal for hygienic applications
  • Installation in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22
  • Ex de, Ex ib and Ex tb certified
  • Up to 4 operators per enclosure
  • Customisable configuration of operators, cable entry quantities and cable gland types as per specification
  • Wide range of labels and accessories available
  • Three enclosure size options
  • IP66 Rated

View the Range

When it comes to finding the ideal Control Unit for your application, look no further than Kempston Controls. As a supplier partner for Pepperl+Fuchs, we have access to their entire product range at the best possible prices. And remember, if you can’t find the product you need on our website, call one of our sales team on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Take a look at our new ATEX Page here: kempstoncontrols.co.uk/atex-hazardous-areas

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ABB SACE PR010/T Circuit Breaker Test & Configuration Kit – Last Chance to buy!


This really is your last chance to purchase the ABB SACE PR010/T Circuit Breaker test and configuration Kit – ABB no longer manufacture these UNIQUE kits so when our stock is gone, it really has gone, for good!

ABB SACE Circuit breaker test kit

What does the ABB SACE PR010/T Kit do?

The ABB PR010/T Secondary Injection Test Kit performs the functions of testing, programming and reading the parameters of CLASSIC protection units equipping ABB SACE’s legacy Tmax, Isomax and Emax low voltage circuit-breakers.

Testing functions can be carried out by simply connecting the ABB PR010/T unit to the front connector of the protection unit and monitoring both their Hardware and Software components.

Tests Performed: 

  • Trip test: by means of SACE TT1 unit
  • Protection functions test
  • Communication functions test

Programmable Protection Function Parameters:

  • Threshold
  • Curve
  • Interlock parameters etc.

Parameter Reading Functions:

  • Protection status (thresholds, alarms, trips etc.)
  • Circuit breaker status (number of operations, contact wear etc.)
  • Phase, neutral, earth fault readings
  • Serial number and software release

You can perform the functions above without removing the protection units from circuit breakers and you can also connect the PR010/T test unit to different types of ABB SACE electronic relays to perform tests, program and read parameters. Fully portable with the built-in rechargeable battery the ABB PR010/T can also save up to 5 test reports that can be easily downloaded to a PC via the built-in RS232 port.

Kempston Controls has a very limited supply of these kits left so make sure you get your order in before they are all gone, forever! Contact our sales team by phone on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email them at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk, or alternatively purchase from our website before it’s too late.

ABB sace circuit breaker test kit

Surge Protection – Choosing the Right Device

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Electrical surges, or transient overvoltages can affect a multitude of electrical systems such as those that deal with signal, power and telecoms by overloading the internal components leading ultimately to failure. Transient overvoltage can be caused by lightning strikes, reaching tens of kilovolts and lasting less than a millisecond, or from switching large electrical loads, such as motors, which might exist within the same electrical network. Needless to say, transient voltages delivered by a lightning strike can be devastating to an unprotected electrical system.

While switching transients are certainly smaller in nature than a lightning strike, and less intense, they are obviously more frequent which leads to constant stress on electronic components. Ultimately this continued stress will result in component failure, the tripping of RCDs, unplanned production outages and associated cost.

What’s at Risk from Electrical Surges?

All manner of equipment including:

  • Computers and servers
  • Building management systems
  • PLCs
  • Uninterrupted power supplies
  • Alarm systems
  • Life-saving equipment
  • Production line machines

There is a large list of machinery and devices, and not forgetting buildings themselves that could be catastrophically damaged by the effects of transient overvoltages and let’s not forget one of the most important things that will massively benefit from an effective SPD installation – people.


Which Surge Protection Device?

Surge protection devices (SPDs) can be classified into three different types, these being – Type 1, 2 and 3 according to the specific type of transient overvoltage they are destined to deal with when correctly installed.

Surge protectionMersen Surge Trap


What are Type 1 SPDs used for?

This particular surge protection device is intended for installation where the electrical services enter a building or facility and are often referred to as an equipotential bonding SPD. Type 1 SPDs are designed to protect electrical systems against major surges from direct and indirect lightning strikes. As an example of the scope of danger offered by lightning, in the UK in July 2019, in just one night there was over 48000 recorded lightning strikes, a considerable threat for an unprotected building and the personnel and equipment within.

Without a Type 1 SPD, transient overvoltages can exceed the impulse ratings of equipment or cable insulation leading to dangerous sparking and the possibility of fire. Type 1 SPDs are designed to protect against loss of life and serious injury and are not intended for protecting sensitive electronic equipment or electrical systems from switching transients. Type 1 surge protection units should, therefore, be used in conjunction with Type 2 and Type 3 models if the intention is to also protect downstream electrical systems and devices.

Type 1 SPD Protect Against:

  • Direct lightning strikes
  • Indirect lightning strikes -resistive, capacitive and inductive coupling


  •  Discharge very high currents to earth


surge protection device

ABB Furse ESP 240 Low Current Type 1, 2 and 3

What about Type 2 and Type 3 SPDs?

When you need to protect electrical and electronic equipment from the secondary effects of indirect lightning and reduce switching transients to safe levels then you will need a Type 2 and Type 3 SPD. Type 2 SPDs have the ability to discharge high currents to earth, protecting electrical systems at their point of origin and are typically found installed in distribution boards downstream of a Type 1 SPD. Type 3 SPD, with their lower discharge capacity, is used to supplement Type 2 SPDs to provide protection for critical and sensitive equipment. Type 3 Surge protection devices are typically located downstream of a Type 2 device (more than 20 metres downstream) and are installed relatively close to the electrical equipment that is being protected.

surge protection devices

Citel Type 2 and Type 2-3 SPDs

Type 2 SPD Specifics

  • Installed downstream of a Type 1 SPD
  • Ability to discharge high overvoltages to earth
  • Typically installed in a control panel

Type 3 SPD Specifics:

  • Installed downstream of a Type 2 SPD (20 metres)
  • Designed to protect sensitive equipment
  • Discharges lower-range overvoltages to earth
  • Located close to the device it is protecting

Ideally, and to ensure all electrical systems, electrical devices and personnel are protected adequately, a typical installation would use a combination of SPDs in a cascading system. In the marketplace today there is a vast array of Type 1, 2 and 3 SPDs available, including many variants that combine Types 1, 2 and 3 into a singular cost-effective unit for ease of installation and maintenance.

Surge protection devices

ABB ESP 240 Single Phase and ESP 415 3-Phase Low-Voltage Type 1, 2, and 3 SPDs

When selecting your Type 2 and 3 SPDs ensure your choice of SPD is suitable for handling the power and specifics of your particular installation, be that single or 3-phase with important consideration given to the electrical circuits operating voltage, overvoltage withstand and disconnect voltages and the demands imposed upon it by the devices of the system.

View our Type 2 SPDs

View our Type 3 SPDs


As factories and industrial processes become smarter and more automated the need to protect these valuable installations and the people involved in there operation has become more prevalent. Another consideration is that industrial control and automation devices of today have reduced in size resulting in smaller internal components that are more susceptible to damage from power surges.

lack of surge protection damage to a PCB

Overvoltage damage to a PCB


Whatever your surge protection device needs, Kempston Controls has access to a comprehensive range of surge protection devices designed to cater for every overvoltage protection eventuality. Contact us today on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email us at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss your circuit protection requirements.

The IET 18th Edition

For a comprehensive guide on overvoltage protection refer to Chapter 44 section 443 of the IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition which deals specifically with the subject of safe surge protection installation and device selection. You can order a copy here.


View our range of surge protection devices


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The multifunctional PROTECT PSC1 safety controllers from Schmersal consists of a range of very capable freely programmable compact safety controllers with an impressive offering of I/O extension modules ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial safety and control applications. Consisting of two comprehensive families, the PCS1-C-10 and the PSC1-C-100, these capable safety controllers can cover all your potential industrial signal processing and control requirements.

9. Important Update Concerning SICK Automation and Control Product Availability from Kempston Controls.

By Rick Morgan – 25 February

SICK, one of the World’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of automation and control products will be staging a phased removal of a number of ranges of their existing product portfolio during the Spring and Summer of 2019.

8. Switching Power – Craig & Derricott Automatic Transfer Switch Range

By Rick Morgan – 24 September

The Automatic Transfer Switch Range from Craig & Derricott is the perfect choice when you need to ensure that your power network is protected from outages.

7. Top 5 Inductive Proximity Sensors

By Rick Morgan – 27 August

Inductive Proximity Sensors are an essential addition to countless process automation and control installations in all manner of industries. Designed to ensure that your process, whatever it may be, from a heavy industrial robotic welding installation to managing warehouse conveyor systems performs the best it can at all times. Whatever your flavour of Inductive Proximity Sensor, from the toughest to the economical Kempston Controls has just what you need. Here, we get up-close and personal with our Top 5 Inductive Proximity Sensors.

6. Industry 4.0 – the Digital Backbone of Modern Manufacturing

By Rick Morgan – 29 April 2019

Industry 4.0 is known as the fourth industrial revolution, changing the way we manufacture an ever-increasing spectrum of products all thanks to the digitisation of the mechanism involved in their creation. The change is rapidly growing pace, due in part to increased demand for newer smarter products and with leaps in innovations in the manufacturing industry.

5. PRC Series Circular Connectors – A New Angle on Connectivity

By Rick Morgan – 19 August

When it comes to industrial connectors, the PRC Series of circular connectors from Phoenix Contact has been designed to enable robust, reliable and stable cable-to-cable connections that demand precision real estate management in a multitude of installations from industrial and outdoor to commercial buildings. Incorporating weatherproof materials in their construction and with an impressive IP69K rating, the PRC series of connectors are capable of high current transmission even in the most demanding environmental conditions.

4. Lighting Up Danger with ATEX Flashlights

By Joe Shipton – 29 October 2019

Kempston Controls is pleased to announce that we now offer a range of intrinsically safe flashlights ideal for hazardous areas from ecom – a Pepperl+Fuchs Brand.

3. IO-Link? Bi-directional Data Exchange? What’s that?

By Rick Morgan – 10 June 2019

IO-Link is an industrial communication network standard (IEC61131-9) that allows the easy extraction of data from process control and automation sensors that support the IO-Link protocol and are connected to a device master. IO-Link is the first globally standardised IO-technology that has been designed to allow communication from the primary controller down to a basic automation level.

2. Are you SIRIUS about Spring-Loaded Terminal Technology?

By Rick Morgan – 1 March 2019

Whether you are reversing a motor starter or building an infeed system, the Siemens SIRIUS range of modular low voltage products, available from Kempston Controls, is the ideal solution to the ever-accelerating world of modern industry. The SIRIUS modular system provides the most comprehensive switching device portfolio currently available in the marketplace, exceeding 50k tested and approved control set-up combinations.

1. Safety Handle Revolutionised with the new Pizzato P-KUBE Krome

By Rick Morgan – 13 June 2019

A revolutionary new product from Pizzato, the P-KUBE Krome series combines the functionality and characteristics of your typical enclosure safety handle, but with an ergonomic rounded grip, illuminated control button and unique customisable LED notification functionality. The multitude of signalling illumination options available (on the illuminated White P-KUBE Krome version) gives the end-user the added security of the safety guards status or any other processing condition.

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Ultra-Low Emissions. Will you be Leading the Charge When it Comes to Electric Vehicle Supply Networks?

By Rick Morgan – 8 April

In 2018 the UK Government launched its Road to Zero strategy, with ambitious targets of at least 50% and as many as 70% of new cars constructed to be ultra-low emissions by 2030 and by 2050 they want almost every car and van to be zero-emission. Outlined in the Government document, The Road to Zero, the plan promises a huge expansion of the vehicle charging infrastructure that will be needed to keep these electric vehicles moving efficiently. Plans are afoot to increase the level of charge-points, with one every 20 miles along the strategic road network by 2020, along with charging points in all new homes and the retrofitting of lampposts with charging fixtures.

Thank you for supporting our blog posts this year and we hope you enjoyed this top ten round-up. We look forward to bringing you more industry news and insights in 2020!