DBL Power Distribution Blocks

DBL Power Distribution Blocks – compact space-saving versatility from Entrelec

Entrelec DBL Power Distribution Blocks offer a compact space saving and modular design with 3 configuration options. The clever design is easy to install via either DIN rail or panel mounting and provides greater flexibility in the field with 3 configurations in 1 product, a single pole splitter, a multi-pole splitter and finally, a grouping option. This concept reduces assembly time by up to 80% when compared to traditional systems, and to simplify panel mounting, installation information is engraved on the foot of each distribution block.

Combined Distribution

When used as a single-pole splitter, this facility simply splits the mains power input into several individual outputs. The multi-pole splitter is facilitated by an interlocking function making it easy to combine the distribution blocks, and the grouping configuration allows the grouping of several inputs into 1 output. Flexible in use, these power distribution blocks include a two-direction opening – reversible cover that helps facilitate easy identification and wiring, with all the technical data and specifications easily visible on its surface.

DBL boxes are ideal for distributing power in numerous industrial and commercial applications, with certain models (DBL250-F and DBL500-F) having the facility to be used with flat conductor systems. The modular, touch proof and rugged design, with an IP20 rating, eliminates the need for bus bars, isolators, fasteners and protection screens.

Wide Range of Applications

Typical applications include – distributing power in industrial and commercial electrical panels, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), power distribution units, combining photovoltaic (PV) strings in one output, PV combiner boxes and central inverters in solar power plants and more.

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DBL Distribution Blocks Range Features and Benefits

  • 7 to 14 position versions
  • 1 kVAC / 1.5 kVDC rated voltage
  • Current ranges from 80 A up to 550 A
  • Panel or DIN rail mount
  • Three possible configurations
  • Single-pole splitter configuration
  • Split of power main input into several outputs
  • Multi-pole splitter configuration
  • Grouping configuration – groups several inputs into one output
  • Flexible cover facilitates identification and wiring
  • 1500 VDC adapted to most recent solar inverters
  • Reversible, two-direction opening, snap-on
  • Eliminates the need for bus bars, isolators, fasteners, and protection screens
  • Accepts aluminium and copper conductors
  • Interlocking function and ready-to-use marking kit included with each block
  • Reduced wiring, inventory and assembly time & costs


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DIL Contactors from Eaton Moeller, the Energy Efficient Choice

A contactor is a device designed for switching an electrical circuit on and off, similar to relays in operation, however, contactors find their application in higher current capacity installations than those typically attributed to relays.

In an industrial or commercial setting, any high-power device that is frequently turned on and off, will employ a contactor within its electrical supply system, differing greatly in their configuration depending upon the current requirements of the electrical devices downstream of the contactor. Contactors are commonly used in applications incorporating powerful motors, lighting circuits, heating, and other electrical loads.

If you are looking for a powerful, versatile and efficient contactor range, then you need look no further than the impressive range of Moeller DIL contactors from Eaton.

DIL Contactor Range

The capable DC devices stand head and shoulders above the competition with their reduced power consumption, making them more energy-efficient and reducing the size of power supply units utilised.  Suitable for use all around the world the DIL contactors cover a huge output range, from mini contactor relays (up to 7A) to power vacuum contactors (up to 3180A).

Communications-enabled thanks to the SmartWire-DT, the contactors can be controlled remotely and they can be combined with Eaton’s full range of electronic overload relays and bimetal relays.

DIL Contactor Series Core Features

  • DILM up to 170 A & 4-Pole DILMP contactor up to 200 A
  • DILM frame sizes: 45 mm for up to 32 A; 55 mm for up to 72 A; and 90 mm for up to 170 A
  • UL, CSA, Marine approvals, GOST-R and Ukrain-GOST approvals
  • Temperature range -25 °C to +60 °C
  • Uniform accessories for 3-pole and 4-pole contactors
  • Double box terminals for reliable wiring of different cross-sections
  • The contactors up to 38 A can be controlled directly from a PLC
  • DC-operated devices with integrated suppressor circuits
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Rapid Wiring with One-click Push-in Terminals

Innovative push-in terminals provide quick, safe, and easy control-panel wiring with just one click. You can expect to decrease your wiring time by 50 % without the need for any additional tools. DIL contactors with this push-in technology typically have the same footprint as conventional Eaton contactors for easy integration into existing systems.


DILM Contactors – Small but Powerful

DIL Contactor Range


They may be small, but they can certainly punch above their weight, both the DC and AC DILM contactor series can switch motors up to 170 A and come with an already integrated auxiliary contact (up to 38A). The auxiliary NC with mirror contacts is suitable for use in safety-related applications, simplifying project planning, installation, and commissioning.



DILL Lighting Contactors – Managing Lamp Loads Safely

DIL Contactor Range


The DILL series is based on the DILM contactor, and it has been specifically designed for switching lamps across three current ranges (12A, 18A, 20A). These contactors have a high switching capacity, enabling them to handle the inrush currents for all types of lamps, even over long distances.





DILMP 4-Pole Contactors


DIL Contactor Range

These versatile 4-pole contactors come in four sizes, from 20A to 200A, and they have been designed for use specifically in AC 1 circuits. DILMP contactors are ideal for applications that are characterised by frequent mains switch-off or switch-over, as well as for heating systems and for switching 4-pole loads. The uniform accessory range means that all the proven components of the 3-pole series can also be used.





DILK Contactors – Reactive Power


DIL Contactor Range


The DILK contactors are typically used in reactive-power compensation equipment where capacitor banks need to be switched. Capable and dependable,  integrated series resistors can reliably switch capacitors with very high peak inrush currents, up to 180 times the normal current.





Combination Contactors – DIUL and SDAINL



The contactor combinations range consist of the completely pre-wired DIUL reversing combinations up to 30 kW and the SDAINL star-delta combinations up to 132 kW, pre-wired, their installation is rapid and simple.





Kempston Controls are the people to speak to when it comes to sourcing your ideal contactor solution. Call us on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, email us at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk or you use the enquiry form below. Our professional technical and sales teams are ready to help you today.

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In Control – The Kempston HVAC & Process Control Team

Kempston Controls has an enviable reputation amongst it peers for the provision of high-quality products from world leading brands at the best possible prices, all with expedited delivery.

Controlling the Process

To add yet more strings to our bow the newly created HVAC & Process Control Team brings decades of relevant industrial expertise to help provide you with technical product solutions for your next installation or retrofitting project.

Knowing What Works

With Kempston Controls extensive HVAC and control product offering this experienced team knows what works and backed with competitive pricing, exceptional stock levels and exemplary service they have the foundation to help serve you better.

Continually updated and trained by leading manufacturers in the latest design and product innovations, the Process Control Team can source top brand products along with the best value alternatives to suit your needs and pricing requirements.

Extensive HVAC Product Knowledge

The HVAC & Process Controls Team are here to help you choose the right product from a vast range of stocked items including:

  • Sensors
  • Metering
  • Valves and actuators
  • Level Detection devices
  • Pressure Sensors and Switches
  • Thermostats
  • Heating Controls
  • Flow Devices

Supplied from a breadth of leading manufacturers including – ABB, BURKERT, Danfoss, Danfoss Heating, Endress & Hauser, Gems, Honeywell, Honeywell FEMA, Schneider Process, SICK and Siemens.

Process control and HVAC

This dedicated team can provide Service and Facilities Management companies with commercial spares as well as Building Controls and BMS peripheral equipment to System Integrators and Mechanical Contractors.

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Meet the HVAC and Process Control Team!

Sandeep Sarpal

Sandeep became involved in the HVAC industry back in 2008, when he joined a leading manufacturer of gas valves, pressure switches, flow sensors, valve actuators, building controls and other control products. Rising rapidly through the ranks from Technical Sales to Sales Manager and Product Champion, he joined Kempston Controls in 2020 as a Commercial Manager of the Process Division.

Paul Earl

Paul’s career began a few decades ago with a 4-year Electronics Apprenticeship which then led to 20 years of service in various roles in the electronics and radio & satellite communications industry.  A change of pace led to Paul working as an electrician for a small local building company for a while and then on to Danfoss, joining their heating technical support team for a number of years. Paul has been with Kempton Controls since 2018 working within the technical team.

Luciano Piccini

With an Electrical Engineering BSc degree, Luciano has been engaged with the industrial sector his whole career in a variety of roles and functions: Account, Regional, National and Product, Project, Plant & Production Manager and Sales and Marketing Consultant roles. Providing technical and commercial support for a range of products including Process industries field instrumentation; Control (DCS/PLC), Scada, F&G, ESD, EMS systems; Analytical systems, VSDs, Power Houses (Engineered packaged solutions). At the beginning of his career Luciano was involved with electronic components, ERP systems and embedded electronic system design (HW+SW).

Comprehensive Support
All of this backed up with comprehensive technical support before during and after the installation process to help you easily integrate your chosen HVAC & Process Control hardware into your system and for any upgrades you might need! Call them today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, email them at process@kempstoncontrols.co.uk or use the enquiry from to discuss your requirements.

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Thermal Solutions Team

Kempston Controls


Thermal Solutions – the Team with the Answers to your Thermal Installation Issues

Kempston Controls, one of the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of Industrial Automation and Control Products, has expanded its dedicated customer service technical teams even further!

Say hello to the new Thermal Solutions team!
This new team consists of highly skilled engineers with decades of Industrial Process Heating and Thermal Control installation experience behind them. Versatile, they provide problem-solving solutions, system integration for all manner of industrial and commercial applications. Innovative burner system solutions and product sourcing for obsolete products are just some of the services on offer. This team has done it all and was conceived to help Industrial and Commercial customers source the perfect heating and cooling products for their latest or existing installation.

thermal solutions - engineer at work

Ideal Thermal Solutions

The Thermal Solution team has all the answers to your Thermal Product conundrums. They can perform site surveys to identify what products are needed and to help you improve the efficiency and operation of your existing or pending installations. But that’s not all; this team can also help with equipment configuration, set-up and programming and can even coordinate the site installation of the new hardware.

• Site Survey to identify & supply critical burner spares.
• Identification of obsolete / non-compliant hardware.
• Selection/Configuration & programming of new hardware
• Identify opportunities for heat recovery and efficiency improvements
• Supply replacement burners to meet the required regulations (e.g. EN746-2 / NFPA-86)
• Coordinate the site installation of new hardware

They can help you choose the right Burner from all the leading brands including Eclipse, Maxon, Hauck and more. What components are the best for your installation based upon your application and criteria? They can specify isolation valves, filters, shut-off valves, pressure switches and more. A team to rely on, the Thermal Solutions team can also provide customers with a fully prepared fuel and air control scheme, complete with a cross-referenced parts list and quotation.

• Burner selection for all applications (Eclipse / Maxon / Hauck / Kromschröder)
• Component selection based on application & operating criteria (Isolation Valves, Filters, Pressure Regulators, Safety Shut-off valves, Control Valves, Pressure Switches)
• Preparation of a Fuel & Air control scheme with cross-referenced parts list & quotation.
• Selection of the latest Flame Monitoring & Burner Control Units (Kromschröder/Honeywell/Siemens/Karl Dungs)
• Selection of heat recovery equipment: Recuperators / Air-Air Heat Exchangers / Self-Recuperative Burners

Outstanding Brand Access
With Kempston Controls comprehensive product portfolio providing the Thermal Solutions team with access to just about every possible product combination from all the World’s leading brands, they can source it all.

Brands Include:

Comprehensive Support
All of this backed up with comprehensive technical support before during and after the installation process to help you easily integrate your chosen Thermal Control hardware into your system and for any upgrades you might need!

Kempston Controls is here to support you every step of the way through your Thermal Solution installation, from inception to installation. Give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 411 411 or email the team directly at thermalsolutions@kempstoncontrols.co.uk today! We look forward to hearing from you!


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HVAC Sensor Solutions


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HVAC – Sensor Solutions from Siemens

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) in simple terms, is the control of an interior environment, ensuring that the desired temperature is maintained and the air quality isn’t compromised.

HVAC is everywhere, from complex industrial installations, refrigeration plants, hospitals, hotels and apartment complexes to a simple modern home, anywhere where the maintenance of building conditions is required. The 3 major functions of HVAC are, as you may have guessed, interrelated and deal with the maintenance and upkeep of temperature, oxygen replenishment and reducing humidity, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, and other gases and particulates.

Siemens are well known for their impressive range of HVAC control products, including an impressive range of state of the art Temperature Sensors, CO2 Sensors and Thermostats. These devices have all been designed to make life easier for the installation engineer, making set-up, service and replacement a doddle and, of course, the end user and the environment they live in. Below we take a look at 3 of the most popular items in their range.

The QAA2030 Temperature Sensor

HVAC temperature sensorMaintaining a consistent temperature is important for many reasons, such as ensuring an environment is kept at a consistent temperature for employee comfort or a refrigeration installation maintains its sub-zero levels. Temperature maintenance is vital in numerous applications where increases or decreases in temperature may be damaging, such as server racks, food production, calibration industries and laboratories.

The QAA2030 Wall Mounted Room Temperature Sensor from Siemens is a capable contender when it comes to HVAC room temperature monitoring. Using a NTC 10K sensing element, this capable Temperature Sensor changes resistance as the ambient temperature of the room being monitored changes. The Sensor produces a signal which can be interpreted by a suitable control unit that will then initiate a series of operations to maintain the desired temperature. The QAA2030 Room Temperature Sensor has been designed to function with a multitude of controllers that are capable of handling analogue passive sensor signals.

Room Temperature Sensor Features
• NTC 10K Sensing Element
• Measurement range 0 – 50 °C, accuracy ±0.8 K
• Wall mounted
• Time constant 7 min
• IP30 rated housing to EN 60529
• Passive measurement output
• Dimensions 90x100x32 mm

View Siemens HVAC Temperature Sensors Range


The QPA1004 CO2 Sensor

HVAC CO" sensorCO2, being odourless and colourless is one of those gases that can be often overlooked, considered in the past by many scientists to be basically harmless until it reached high atmospheric concentrations. However, research went on to prove that that isn’t necessarily the case, exposure to CO2 concentrations above 1000ppm can have adverse effects on the unaware. Exposure to high CO2 concentrations can impair how you think, cause headaches, dizziness and a lack of focus and impaired cognitive function. High CO2 levels also raise the possibility that a poorly ventilated room may also have high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) present as well.

The QPA1004 CO2 Sensor from Siemens is essential when it comes to ensuring that an environment isn’t rich in high concentrations of CO2 thus reducing the risks associated with high levels of this invisible and odourless gas on personnel operating within. A maintenance free sensing element that is based on optical infrared absorption measurement (NDIR), which doesn’t require calibration, constantly monitors an enclosure triggering a system control response should CO2 level become too high. This clever sensor also helps to reduce energy consumption by helping to provide demand-controlled ventilation.

CO2 Sensor Features
• No calibration required
• Measuring range 0-2000ppm
• Optical infrared absorption measurement (NDIR)
• Wall mounted
• Operating voltage 24 Vac or 15-35 VDC
• IP30 rated housing to EN 60529

View the Range of CO2 Sensors


The RDG160T Room Thermostat

HVAC thermometer


Room thermostats are familiar to most people, utilised to help maintain a desirable temperature in homes and businesses around the world. The Thermostat interprets the temperature of a room and either turns a heating unit, such as a boiler within a central heating system on or off. Thermostats help reduce fuel consumption by facilitating on-demand heating, meaning that central heating systems and the components within are only used when required.

The Siemens RDG160T is a feature packed Room Thermostat with an easy to read backlit LCD, simple to use and capable, packed with modern features, this device is ideal for numerous applications in both the home and within business.


Room Thermostat Features
• Infrared remote control receiver
• Auto timer mode with 8 programmable timers
• Heating and cooling modes, comfort, economy and protection settings
• Minimum and maximum setpoint limitations
• Heating or manual heating/cooling changeover
• 3 multifunction inputs for keycard contact, external sensors etc.
• Rated voltage 24 V ac/dc
• 48 Hour reserve clock power during power failure
• Outputs for 1 speed, 3 speed or ECM fan

View the ranges
RD RangeRA Range

Whatever your HVAC requirements are Kempston Controls is the place to come too, as Siemens supplier partners we have access to their entire product portfolio. For all the answers give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email our sales team at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk and let us help you get the right components for your application.

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Siemens HVAC Products, Tailor-Made Control

Kempston Controls is delighted to be able to offer a comprehensive range of Siemens HVAC products that encompass an extensive line-up of Field Installable Devices including Globe Valves, PICVs (Pressure Independent Combi Valves), Control Ball Valves, Magnetic Valves, Rotary Valves, Damper Actuators, Variable Speed Drives and Sensors. Easy to install and reliable, with long life and backwards compatibility these products have been used in millions of successful HVAC installations around the world.

Siemens HVAC round up

Globe Valves – perfect for adjusting flow rate, mixing and shutting off the fluid supply. These reliable, easy to install units can be used for a wide range of tasks in a host of HVAC applications.

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Energy-efficient PICVs (Pressure Independent Combi Valves)– the ideal device for regulating volumetric flow complete with differential pressure control for shielding pressure fluctuations. Records pressure measuring points for differential pressure measuring in one valve body.

View the ranges below:

Electromotive Valves

Electrohydraulic Valves

Control Ball Valves –  2, 3 or 6 port valves, 100% air bubble-tight energy-efficient ball valves with minimum friction loss. These Control Ball Valves can be fitted with an internal or external thread and are excellent for strict media control with high precision.

View the ranges

Magnetic Valves – with preinstalled magnetic actuator, threaded or flange fitment. Rapid opening and closing, these valves are ideal for HVAC applications that call for the control of water, antifreeze and water, heat transfer fluid, steam. High-precision and very efficient.

View the ranges

Rotary Valves – the perfect solution for shut-off and mixing in energy generation and distribution applications such as multiple boilers, heating and cooling changeover, shut-off and variable temperature circuit control.

View the ranges

Siemens HVAC actuators

Damper Actuators  OpenAir Series – a capable and wide range of easy to mount dampers, including Rotary and Linear, VAV controllers, Fire and Smoke Actuators and more, suitable for a huge variety of applications. All tailored to meet your requirements with a long service life and improved energy efficiency.

View the ranges

Variable Speed Drives –  high-end drives offered in a range of outputs from 0.75 to 90 kW. The drives modular design simplifies the replacement of single components ultimately reducing expenditure. With numerous digital and analogue outputs, no requirement for main chokes, advanced communication protocols and reduced circuit feedback you can’t go wrong.

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Thermostats – this impressive portfolio ranges from simple mechanical and digital room thermostats for basic climate control to advanced KNX communicating thermostats for integrating into building climate automation systems. Cost-effective, power saving and with Smart options the best in climate control got better.

View the ranges:

RA Series

RD Series

HVAC Sensors – whatever the application, Siemens will have a sensor. Temperature, humidity, air quality for monitoring rooms, ducting, air velocity, pressure/flow rate sensors and advanced certified sensors for monitoring fluids and gases. For the perfect sensory solution in the office and in demanding industries, they have the answer.

View the ranges

Temperature Sensors

Co2 Sensors

Siemens HVAC sensors

The Siemens HVAC product range also includes a comprehensive offering of Building Automation/Control and Standard System Controllers, so whatever your application demands from Damper Actuators and Globe Valves to Variable Speed Drives, Kempston Controls can help. The impressive portfolio of Siemens HVAC products can be individually tailored to your requirements, get in touch on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email us at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

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