ABB SACE PR010/T Circuit Breaker Test & Configuration Kit – Last Chance to buy!


This really is your last chance to purchase the ABB SACE PR010/T Circuit Breaker test and configuration Kit – ABB no longer manufacture these UNIQUE kits so when our stock is gone, it really has gone, for good!

ABB SACE Circuit breaker test kit

What does the ABB SACE PR010/T Kit do?

The ABB PR010/T Secondary Injection Test Kit performs the functions of testing, programming and reading the parameters of CLASSIC protection units equipping ABB SACE’s legacy Tmax, Isomax and Emax low voltage circuit-breakers.

Testing functions can be carried out by simply connecting the ABB PR010/T unit to the front connector of the protection unit and monitoring both their Hardware and Software components.

Tests Performed: 

  • Trip test: by means of SACE TT1 unit
  • Protection functions test
  • Communication functions test

Programmable Protection Function Parameters:

  • Threshold
  • Curve
  • Interlock parameters etc.

Parameter Reading Functions:

  • Protection status (thresholds, alarms, trips etc.)
  • Circuit breaker status (number of operations, contact wear etc.)
  • Phase, neutral, earth fault readings
  • Serial number and software release

You can perform the functions above without removing the protection units from circuit breakers and you can also connect the PR010/T test unit to different types of ABB SACE electronic relays to perform tests, program and read parameters. Fully portable with the built-in rechargeable battery the ABB PR010/T can also save up to 5 test reports that can be easily downloaded to a PC via the built-in RS232 port.

Kempston Controls has a very limited supply of these kits left so make sure you get your order in before they are all gone, forever! Contact our sales team by phone on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email them at, or alternatively purchase from our website before it’s too late.

ABB sace circuit breaker test kit

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