The T-Easic FTS Range – Double-up your Pump Protection

Ensuring a pump doesn’t run dry or operate at a lower pressure than specified can be vital in many industrial and commercial processes. Falling to stop a dry-running pump could result in costing you a considerable amount of money and time in the form of process down-time, damaged production components, expensive replacement pumps and machinery.

Simplifying the monitoring of the flow of liquids, oils and other fluids and their temperature while reducing your dependency on multiple devices within your process would be ideal. Thanks to the ingenuity and innovation of the clever people at SICK those requirements have been met with the T-Easic FTS range of calorimetric fluid flow and temperature measuring sensors.

Vistal and Stainless Steel T-Easic Flow and Temperature Sensors.

It’s Easic with the T-Easic FTS Range of Calorimetric Meters

The T-Easic FTS range is essentially two sensory devices in one, incorporating the calorimetric principle of operation to measure both the flow of a liquid within a fluid transport pipe and also its relative temperature. Although the T-Easic FTS flow switch range has been optimised for use in oil and water, with built-in factory presets to allow for easy set-up, it is compatible with a whole range of liquids and can be calibrated easily via teach-in.

Vistal Flow and Temperature Sensor.

Staying ahead of the competition when it comes to the IIOT, the T-Easic FTS range comes with a built-in IO link interface and has been designed to allow for quick and easy adjustment of its process and configuration settings at any time via an IO-Link Master. IO link also has the benefit of not requiring any complicated wiring or interfacing connections which means you can set up your T-Easic FTS device even easier, saving you more time and money and is the perfect addition to the industrial internet of things.

Available in two versions to suit a multitude of applications:

The durable and hard wearing 316L stainless-steel version has been designed for hygienic installations. Able to withstand wash downs and the cleaning and sterilisation in place processes typically found in the food and pharmaceutical industries and can operate in temperatures up to 150 degrees C.

The tough VISTAL bodied industrial version comes with a built-in OLED 180-degree rotatable display and operating buttons to allow you to read values on-site, and is tough enough to handle intensive industrial cleaning processes.


Flow and Temperature measuring convenience

  • Available in 60/100/200 mm probe lengths (stainless-steel) and 100/200 mm for VISTAL
  • Flow monitoring and temperature measurement all in one device
  • Easy commissioning and optimised for oil and water with teach-in for other fluids
  • IP67-69 protection rating
  • IO-Link 1.1 connectivity – less wiring, with cloning and integration functions
  • Low maintenance with no moving probe parts
  • M12 -4 pin round connector for IO-link
  • Easy to install via a mounting adapter

Vistal T-Easic Flow and Temperature Sensors with adaptor.

The T-Easic FTS Range is Ideal for a host of industrial applications:

  • Pump protection and monitoring
  • Flow monitoring and temperature measurement of coolants/oils in machine tools
  • Monitoring the flow of cleaning agents in industrial washing machines
  • Oil flow monitoring in hydraulic systems
  • Performance measurement in lubrication systems
  • Flow detection in clean in place systems

Vistal T-Easic Flow and Temperature Sensor demonstration.

What is the Calorimetric Principle?

The T-Easic FTS Thermal Flow Switch provides flow and temperature monitoring in one device using the calorimetric principle of operation, one of the most optimum engineering solutions for a wide range of flow applications.

The sensor probe, when installed in a suitable fluid transport pipe is heated up, and as the liquid medium flows it cools the probe. The relevant temperature drop is proportional to the flow speed of the liquid within the pipe, of course, if there is no change then there is no flow. The T-Easic FTS  evaluates the detected temperature difference and calculates the relevant values to determine the flow of liquid triggering a system response such as a pump shut down in the case of zero flow.

View the Range

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