The Photoelectric Diffuse Laser Sensor that Sees Everything!

The detection of transparent, highly reflective, shiny and dark objects has always been an issue for infrared and vision-based process control sensor. The sensors would suffer instability during detection and fail to detect properly, which isn’t what you what in an industrial processing and automation installation. To address this problem, the ever-innovative development engineers at SensoPart put on their thinking caps.

photoelectric diffuse laser sensor on bright metal

The Sensing Solution

The FT 55-RLHM Photoelectric Diffuse Laser Sensor with background suppression (BGS) was created to effectively and reliably detect target product surfaces of any kind and identify even the smallest objects with ease. This unique sensor features an operating mode known as ‘Detect all’ and it can cope with any type of targets including:

  • Shiny and reflective target objects
  • Transparent products
  • Black products on a black background

The FT 55-RLHM range can respond to all deviations from a given reference, including changes in an objects distance, differing surface finishes or even a deflected laser light beam, the most efficient sensor in this category.  In this mode, this impressive and versatile sensor has no blind zone and target objects can be detected from zero mm. Ideal for countless challenging detection applications such as automotive, metal processing, machine construction and packaging technology.

Small targets? No problem…

Small targets can be reliably and easily identified within the sensors defined detection range including objects at acute angles. This capable Diffuse Laser Photoelectric Sensor not only utilises the distance value but can also cleverly integrates the energy emitted from the target object itself during the detection process. This sensor can be used to check stack height such as identifying multiple product layers like stacks of cardboard packaging by detecting the presence of too many or too few layers.

photoelectric diffuse laser sensor in action

Detecting black on black products and welded nuts


Impressive Features

  • Detection of the smallest objects even at long distances (up to 1 m – model dependant)
  • Extremely stable presence detection even in challenging applications
  • No blind zone in ‘Detect all’ mode
  • Special mode for stacking height measurement
  • Easy to operate thanks to LCD display and feedback function
  • Two independent switching outputs
  • Configurable switching outputs -switch-on/switch-off delays and more
  • Fast set-up thanks to continuous distance indicator in display
  • Laser class 1 – for optimum security
  • IO-Link – a future-proof interface that meets the demands of Industry 4.0
  • Robust metal housing – sensor durability even in challenging processes

Download the DataSheet

This comprehensive range of functions combined with a high-quality metal housing and non-hazardous laser class 1, makes the  FT 55-RLHM range ideal for diverse industrial automation applications, whether in machine construction or in the automotive, plastic, pharmaceutical or packaging industry.

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