EX-Z Series Photoelectric Sensors – Small is Beautiful

Photoelectric Sensors come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and variants including reflective and through beam all of which essentially perform the same purpose, the detection of objects crossing the path of the beam which then leads to a given response from the control system. This could be an alarm if an item is missing or a signal triggering another function of an automation and control process.

Big Things Come In Small Packages

For your average industrial installation there will typically be a suitable photoelectric sensor available, but when the application is very restricted in terms of available real estate, then you will need to look beyond the average sensor offering. The biggest challenge when designing and manufacturing miniaturised industrial photoelectric sensors is combining both the optical and electronic components into one housing, which as you can imagine is a complex engineering solution. Panasonic, with decades of experience with electronic design and miniaturisation were the obvious candidates to develop and manufacture a high-performance range of diminutive photoelectric sensors.

With a width of only 3mm, the EX-Z Series of Miniature Thru-beam Photoelectric Sensors is one of the smallest in the world that also contains a built-in amplifier making them ideal for mounting in tight spaces. This small but mighty range of miniature photoelectric sensors are not only small but have been designed to detect even the smallest objects with a fast response time and with the highest precision. The EX-Z series is especially suited to precise object detection within a limited and challenging installation space. Even though the housing of the sensor is only 3mm deep it contains all the essential technical elements, such as optics, electronics, indicator LEDs, and transistor output. A 2-metre cable is built-in as standard with special lengths being available upon request.

Packed with Technology

EX-Z Series - 3mm in width, fingertip sized!Although small in stature these Miniature Through-beam Photoelectric Sensors pack a powerful punch, with the ability to detect objects as small as 0.3 mm diameter without the use of an optional slit and identify objects as small as 1 mm in diameter at up to 500 mm distance (depending on the chosen model), a world class achievement among self-contained miniature photoelectric sensors. The low power consumption of these detection sensors makes them appealing to many industries and coupled with IP67 protection and their excellent vibration and shock resistance the EX-Z series is ideally suited for use in challenging and harsh industrial automation and control environments. Supplied as an emitter and a receiver pair. 3 stainless steel mounting brackets are also available separately along with a polyacetal spacer for through wall sensing, providing numerous mounting and installation options.


EX-Z Photoelectric Sensors Key Features

  • Miniature Thru-beam Photoelectric Sensor with built-in amplifier
  • Slim 3mm design – including optics, electronics, indicator LEDs, and transistor output
  • Front and side sensing types, sensing range 50, 200, 500 mm (model dependant)
  • NPN and PNP output versions available
  • Response time 0.5 ms or less
  • Detects objects with a diameter of as little as 0.3mm (EX-Z11 Version)
  • Built-in short circuit protection
  • Light-ON, Dark-ON types available
  • Voltage rating 12 to 24 Vdc
  • Typical dimensions 14 x 8 x 3mm (front sensing type)
  • Clearly visible LED spotlight, 650 nm
  • Built in LED indicator lights
  • Robust PBT enclosure, Polycarbonate lens, 2 metre cable
  • Protection rating IP67
  • Robot-cable version option
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Baumer OM20 & OM30

Precise & Compact: The OM20 & OM30 Series of Performance Laser Distance Sensors from Baumer

Baumer’s new range of compact laser distance sensors is ideal to reliably handle precise measurement tasks in the tightest of spaces.

As industries change tactics and move towards more efficient and compact systems, it’s becoming imperative that there’s no compromise in sensor performance. That’s where the OM20 & OM30 families with IO-Link come in. Perfectly suited to continue to the trend, the OM20 & OM30 families offer exceptional measurement performance and compact designs making them ideal for a variety of applications.

Renowned for reliability and accuracy the OM20 & OM30 families offer surface-independent measurements with a repeat precision of up to 1 µm and an extremely high measurement speed of up to 5 kHz.

With the OM20 series, Baumer is offering the smallest laser distance sensor on the market and haven’t compromised on its features. For measurements on structured surfaces such as processed metal or wood, the OM30 series presents itself as a reliable solution thanks to its line beam shape and offers a range of up to 550 mm.

Equipped with a standardised IO-Link interface, both the OM20 & OM30 families are easily integrated and allow for simple parameterisation and control. What’s more, as well as standard process data such as the distance value or the signal quality, the OM20 & OM30 ranges also offer additional data such as the measurement rate and the illumination reserve – ideal for predictive maintenance.

OM30 from Baumer in use

OM20 & OM30 Series Overview:

OM20 from Baumer

Miniature sensors up to 120 mm

  • Measuring distances from 16 to 120 mm
  • Linearity deviation up to 0.08% MR
  • Measurement speed up to 5 kHz
  • Laser-point variations
  • Laser class 1
  • Easy integration via IO-Link or RS485

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Baumer OM30 Series

Miniature sensors up to 550 mm

  • Measuring distances from 50 to 550 mm
  • Linearity deviation up to 0.08% MR
  • Measurement speed up to 5 kHz
  • Laser-point variations & laser-line variations
  • Laser class 2
  • Easy integration via IO-Link or RS485

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Compact – precision in minimum space
Easy-to-use – intuitive parameterisation
OM20 & OM30 Series: Connected– an eye on process parameters

OM20 & OM30 Series Highlights:

Compact: Precision in Small Spaces

  • Automatic adjustment of exposure time for precise measurements
  • Line beam shape for reliable measurement on structured material

Intuitive parameterisation for easy use

  • Intuitive and simple sensor optimisation for the desired application
  • Visualise the measurement results for quick & live analysis and installation

Keep an eye on process parameters

  • Utilise the integrated IO-Link interface to access additional process data
  • Standardised IO-LINK Smart Sensor Profile (DMS) for quick integration

As a Baumer brand partner, Kempston Controls has access to the entire product portfolio and are well placed to support your application. Contact us today using any of these methods, you can call us on +44(0) 1933 411411, email our sales team at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk, or contact us here and let us help you get the most from your installation.

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Phased out

SICK Phase-out and Replacement of the L27 & L28 Single-beam Photoelectric Safety Switches

SICK’S, Single-beam Photoelectric Safety Switches have an extensive track record proven in untold industrial and commercial applications. Capable and durable, these sensors feature long sensing ranges, come in a variety of types and sizes and comply with Type 2 EN 61496. Ideal for numerous fields of application including; robotics, construction, processing machines and industrial machining, palletiser systems and other applications. Type 2 safety switches/sensors are for designed for use in a wide range of demanding and extreme environments but are equally at home in a commercial setting.

In with the New
With the rapid advances in the design and technical abilities of Photoelectric Safety Switches, SICK has stepped up to the mark with the latest in Industry 4 Smart Sensor technology. To that end, their existing range of L27 & L28 Photoelectric Safety Switches will be phased out towards the end of next year (2021) and superseded by the New Smart L25 & L26 Single-Beam Photoelectric Safety Switches.

Ordering deadlines for the soon-to-be discontinued L27 & L28 ranges:
• Last order date: 30.09.2021
• Last for delivery: 20.12.2021

L25-L26 Photoelectric Safety Sensors

The New Smart L25 & L26 Photoelectric Safety Switches

The L25 and L26 product ranges represent a new generation of Single-beam Photoelectric Safety Switches for Type 2 applications, packed with features they offer considerable benefits including:

• Quick and precise alignment of the sender and the receiver thanks to the PinPoint LED
• Increased productivity: Smart Sensor diagnostic functions always available via IO-link
• Cost efficiency: IP66, IP67 and IP69K guarantee a long service life.
• The ultra robust VISTAL housing withstands extreme environmental influences with ease
• Flexibility: The large scanning range of up to 20 metres enables more application possibilities
• High availability: IR light and red light variants prevent interference and a superimposition of sensor signals

Kempston Controls is the place to come for all your SICK Single-beam Photoelectric Safety Switch requirements, give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss the correct replacement for your existing L27 and L28 Sensors.

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The Photoelectric Diffuse Laser Sensor that Sees Everything!

The detection of transparent, highly reflective, shiny and dark objects has always been an issue for infrared and vision-based process control sensor. The sensors would suffer instability during detection and fail to detect properly, which isn’t what you what in an industrial processing and automation installation. To address this problem, the ever-innovative development engineers at SensoPart put on their thinking caps.

photoelectric diffuse laser sensor on bright metal

The Sensing Solution

The FT 55-RLHM Photoelectric Diffuse Laser Sensor with background suppression (BGS) was created to effectively and reliably detect target product surfaces of any kind and identify even the smallest objects with ease. This unique sensor features an operating mode known as ‘Detect all’ and it can cope with any type of targets including:

  • Shiny and reflective target objects
  • Transparent products
  • Black products on a black background

The FT 55-RLHM range can respond to all deviations from a given reference, including changes in an objects distance, differing surface finishes or even a deflected laser light beam, the most efficient sensor in this category.  In this mode, this impressive and versatile sensor has no blind zone and target objects can be detected from zero mm. Ideal for countless challenging detection applications such as automotive, metal processing, machine construction and packaging technology.

Small targets? No problem…

Small targets can be reliably and easily identified within the sensors defined detection range including objects at acute angles. This capable Diffuse Laser Photoelectric Sensor not only utilises the distance value but can also cleverly integrates the energy emitted from the target object itself during the detection process. This sensor can be used to check stack height such as identifying multiple product layers like stacks of cardboard packaging by detecting the presence of too many or too few layers.

photoelectric diffuse laser sensor in action

Detecting black on black products and welded nuts


Impressive Features

  • Detection of the smallest objects even at long distances (up to 1 m – model dependant)
  • Extremely stable presence detection even in challenging applications
  • No blind zone in ‘Detect all’ mode
  • Special mode for stacking height measurement
  • Easy to operate thanks to LCD display and feedback function
  • Two independent switching outputs
  • Configurable switching outputs -switch-on/switch-off delays and more
  • Fast set-up thanks to continuous distance indicator in display
  • Laser class 1 – for optimum security
  • IO-Link – a future-proof interface that meets the demands of Industry 4.0
  • Robust metal housing – sensor durability even in challenging processes

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This comprehensive range of functions combined with a high-quality metal housing and non-hazardous laser class 1, makes the  FT 55-RLHM range ideal for diverse industrial automation applications, whether in machine construction or in the automotive, plastic, pharmaceutical or packaging industry.

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Kempston Controls are the people to talk to if you are looking for a SensoPart Photoelectric Sensor Solution. With access to SensoPart’s entire product portfolio we can get you the products you need, when you need them and at the best possible price. Give our hard-working sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss your Photoelectric Sensor requirements.


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Important Update: Omron E2A3 Product Phase Out

Due to the increasing demands and requirements on proximity sensors in industrial environments, Omron has analysed their existing range of Inductive’s and have decided to phase out their E2A3 product family at the end of December 2020. However, in doing so, Omron has improved its portfolio with the E2E NEXT range.

Here at Kempston Controls, we will continue to hold the existing range until all stock is sold while also offering the replacement models.

The new E2E NEXT series of proximity sensors.

One of the World’s leading authorities on the design and manufacture of industrial automation equipment have replaced the existing range with new E2E NEXT series. These new additions boast the World’s longest sensing distance1 with the addition of future-proof IO-Link communication features.

Learn more about the E2E NEXT series on our recent blog: E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors – When Proximity Matters

Top Features

  • Up to 4 times the sensing range of standard inductive sensors
  • Monitor all of the E2E sensors range with IO-Link
  • DC3 and DC2 wire versions
  • Space-saving design- smaller sensors have greater range than previous larger models
  • High-visibility 360 Degree LED indicator
  • Resists 2 years of exposure to machine cutting oil
  • Pre-wired and pre-wired connector models: IP67, IP67G and IP67K

View our range of Omron E2E Next Proximity Sensors
For more information about the discontinuation download the notice.

Omron E2A3 Replacement: E2E NEXT

Product Search

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As you begin to type products will display.

E2A3 OC Code Product Discontinuation Recommended Replacement E2E Next OC Code


Download the Excel Spreadsheet here.

To ensure that compatibility issues concerning the new ranges are addressed, please call our Technical Help desk for essential product information and to advise the most suitable upgrade. Our friendly team is reachable via phone: 01933 411411 or through email: technical@kempstoncontrols.co.uk.

Please bear in mind that Kempston Controls will only be able to supply the original superseded Omron products until stocks are exhausted, once this occurs, we will supply the latest alternative products in their place.

1 Based on December 2018 OMRON investigation of DC 3-wire models.

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Into the Blue with SensoParts’ BlueLight Photoelectric Sensors

The detection of transparent, reflective and dark objects has always been an issue for your average infrared and vision-based process control sensor. To help alleviate this problem the clever people at SensoPart developed a solution.

BlueLight Photoelectric Sensors!

Transparent, glossy, curved, sloping and deep black products have always been difficult to detect, especially if you have budgetary constraints. Sensors would suffer instability during detection and fail to detect properly leading to their eventual upgrade with a far more expensive product, OK if you can afford it!

bluelight photoelectric sensors

Into the Blue

Blue light process control sensors offer much greater process stability than the usual red-light proximity sensors in challenging applications and are very cost-efficient. Difficult product detection scenarios can include a combination of several critical factors, such as black objects with a high gloss curved sloping surface and a wide detection angle, but even when faced with situations like this, the Sensopart Bluelight sensor range succeeds.

Why so Blue?

Increased detection efficiency is achieved with a higher intensity of blue light and the interaction of different light colours with the surface of the target object. The blue light emitted by these sensors is short-wave and doesn’t penetrate as deeply as a red-light sensor would, meaning that more light is reflected, a decisive feature when detecting poorly reflective and transparent objects.

Bluelight Photoelectric Sensor Features:

  • Reliable detection of highly transparent or strongly light-absorbing objects
  • Reliable detection at angles up to 90° (model dependent)
  • World’s first blue light sensor with background suppression in subminiature format
  • Absolute background suppression using SensoPart BGS technology critical background situations are no longer an issue


Model Variants

F10 Subminiature BlueLight Photoelectric Fixed Focus Sensor with Background Suppression

F10 Subminiature BlueLight Photoelectric Fixed Focus Sensor with Background Suppression

The ideal subminiature sensor, with precise fixed background suppression and a maximum scanning distance of 50 mm and an easy mount clamp. Dependable operation without a reflector even when faced with difficult surfaces and has a tamper-proof anti-misalignment design.

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F25 Miniature BlueLight Photoelectric Fixed Focus Sensor with Background Suppression

F25 Miniature BlueLight Photoelectric Fixed Focus Sensor with Background Suppression

Miniature in size but with a maximum scanning distance of 80 mm, with precise fixed ground suppression, fixed focus and an easy mount clamp. Features reliable switching behaviour when detecting light-absorbing and transparent objects.

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F50 BlueLight Photoelectric Sensor with Background Suppression

F50 BlueLight Photoelectric Sensor with Background Suppression

A versatile photoelectric diffuse sensor with a large adjustable scanning distance of between 40 to 300 mm, that is easy to set using the indicator scale and features adjustable background suppression. Impressive performance on reflective and glossy backgrounds and connectivity is via a rotatable M12 plug with 4-pins.


F55 BlueLight Photoelectric Diffuse Sensor with Background Suppression

F55 BlueLight Photoelectric Diffuse Sensor with Background Suppression

A power photoelectric diffuse sensor with very large adjustable scanning distance of between 3 to 1200 mm and adjustable background suppression. Exceptional performance on reflective and glossy backgrounds with reliable detection on angles up to 90 degrees. Connectivity is via an M12 plug with 4-pins.

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BlueLight Sensor Applications

Packaging industry

  • Detection of transparent film/containers/labels/blister packs

Plastics industry

  • Presence and positioning of dark plastic parts
  • Medical technology/Pharmaceuticals/Laboratory automation
  • Presence of transparent test tubes/syringes/pipette tips
  • Positioning of transparent or deep black racks and microtiter plates

Automotive industry

  • Detection of metal parts and black plastic components
  • Solar industry
  • Presence and positioning of wafers
  • Food and Beverage industry
  • Presence of bottles or dark plastic lids

bluelight photoelectric sensors

(Blue)Lighting the Way

SensoPart’s BlueLight Photoelectric sensors are successfully being used in thousands of applications involving light-absorbing objects. Examples include detecting carbon fibre components in the automotive industry, or black, round plastic caps and metallic reflective components on a conveyor. The sensor achieves high process stability with transparent objects thanks to its instantaneous response at the respective maximum scanning range and the low hysteresis between the switch on/off point.

Photoelectric sensors like that SensoPart’s BlueLight range are certainly causing a stir in industrial automation and control world as a cost-efficient solution for replacing standard retro-reflective photoelectric sensors in challenging applications. Contact Kempston Controls today on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email us at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss your BlueLight Sensor requirements.

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