Important Update: Omron E2A3 Product Phase Out

Due to the increasing demands and requirements on proximity sensors in industrial environments, Omron has analysed their existing range of Inductive’s and have decided to phase out their E2A3 product family at the end of December 2020. However, in doing so, Omron has improved its portfolio with the E2E NEXT range.

Here at Kempston Controls, we will continue to hold the existing range until all stock is sold while also offering the replacement models.

The new E2E NEXT series of proximity sensors.

One of the World’s leading authorities on the design and manufacture of industrial automation equipment have replaced the existing range with new E2E NEXT series. These new additions boast the World’s longest sensing distance1 with the addition of future-proof IO-Link communication features.

Learn more about the E2E NEXT series on our recent blog: E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors – When Proximity Matters

Top Features

  • Up to 4 times the sensing range of standard inductive sensors
  • Monitor all of the E2E sensors range with IO-Link
  • DC3 and DC2 wire versions
  • Space-saving design- smaller sensors have greater range than previous larger models
  • High-visibility 360 Degree LED indicator
  • Resists 2 years of exposure to machine cutting oil
  • Pre-wired and pre-wired connector models: IP67, IP67G and IP67K

View our range of Omron E2E Next Proximity Sensors
For more information about the discontinuation download the notice.

Omron E2A3 Replacement: E2E NEXT

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Download the Excel Spreadsheet here.

To ensure that compatibility issues concerning the new ranges are addressed, please call our Technical Help desk for essential product information and to advise the most suitable upgrade. Our friendly team is reachable via phone: 01933 411411 or through email:

Please bear in mind that Kempston Controls will only be able to supply the original superseded Omron products until stocks are exhausted, once this occurs, we will supply the latest alternative products in their place.

1 Based on December 2018 OMRON investigation of DC 3-wire models.

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