Photovoltaic Solar Panel Connectors – Dependable PV Connectivity from elmex

With the drive for greener energy the utilisation of solar power is a popular choice, from the large-scale solar farms you can see dotted around the countryside to small scale solar panel installations fitted to the roof of a house. All these systems require a reliable and secure method of connector technology to ensure the power they create is safely transferred to where it should be.

Where reliability and compatibility matters elmex Photovoltaic (PV) Connectors are a dependable solution, offering a large array of designs to suit a wide variety of applications. Here, we take a quick look at just a small selection of some of the solar panel connectivity solutions manufactured by elmex and available to purchase from Kempston Controls today.

Photovoltaic Connectors

Photovoltaic Straight Connectors

The elmex PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Straight Connectors, with NEC interlock, have been designed for applications in PV power generation systems, featuring a male plug and female socket design and are constructed from a UV resistant flame retardant thermoplastic. These solar panel connectors incorporate a flexible water-tight sealing (providing IP68 protection) and come in male and female connector versions to minimise the chance of incorrect connections.

These hardwearing PV straight connectors are certified for PV solar cables 2.5, 4.0, 6.0 mm² diameter. The cables used should be TUV certified as per standard 2Pfg 1169/EN 50618 to ensure a proper connection.

Photovoltaic Connectors

Photovoltaic Panel Mount Connectors

These PV Solar Panel Connectors, with NEC interlock, are suitable for panel mounting connection in PV power generation applications. Robust, these photovoltaic connectors are constructed from UV resistant flame retardant thermoplastic.

Designed for use in photovoltaic equipment including DC Distribution Blocks, Inverters , String Combiner Boxes , etc. These solar connectors feature a hexagonal nut for fixing and tightening them on to a panel.

A silicon rubber o- ring fits between the panel connector and the wall of the photovoltaic enclosure ensuring protection against the ingress of water & dust. Versatile, these PV panel connectors are compatible with some other brands of PV straight connectors.

Photovoltaic Connectors

Photovoltaic Branch Connectors

PV Solar Branch Connectors have been designed for parallel connection with straight photovoltaic male or female connectors and feature NEC interlocks.

Branch connectors, as the name suggests, have 3 branches, 2 for inputs either male or female and 1 for either male or female output. Constructed from UV resistant flame retardant thermoplastic for applications in PV power generation systems.

When mated, they can be disconnected with an elmex open end spanner. PV branch connectors are compatible with leading international brands of a similar construction.

Photovoltaic Connector Features

  • Rated Voltage 1500V DC
  • Rated Current 25A (2.5 mm²), 30A (4.0 mm², 6.0 mm²)
  • RMS Test Voltage 8kV (1500V)
  • Impulse withstand Voltage 16 kV
  • Degree of Protection IP 67 / IP 68
  • Contact Material – Copper with Tin Plating
  • Ambient Temperature -40° C to +85° C
  • Max. Operating Temp. +110° C
  • Pollution Degree 3
  • Contact Resistance < 0.5 mΩ
  • Insertion Force ≤ 50 N
  • Withdrawal Force ≥ 50 N
  • Locking System Snap-In

Photovoltaic Connectors

Photovoltaic Straight Inline Fuse Connectors

elmex PV Solar Straight Inline Fuse Connectors (EMPV4IFC, EMPV4IFCM and EMPV4IFC) are used in photovoltaic string protection applications. These connectors provide the option of either using a straight male or female connector at one end and a cable at the other or using straight connectors at both ends for string protection with a fuse.

Straight inline fuse connectors have a plug and socket design suitable for 2.5, 4.0, 6.0 mm² size cables and are made from UV resistant flame retardant thermoplastic. Ideal for use in PV power generation systems, they use a gPV(cylindrical) fuse of ø 10 x 38 mm.

Photovoltaic Connectors

Photovoltaic Branch Inline Fuse  Connectors – 1000V

The elmex PV Solar Branch Inline Fuse Connectors (EBWFPVM and EBWFPVF) are utilised for photovoltaic string protection. Branch inline fuse connectors have 3 branches, 2 for inputs either male or female and 1 for output either male or female, with NEC interlocks.

These connectors have a plug and socket design and are constructed using UV & flame retardant thermoplastic and are used in PV power generation system.  PV branch inline fuse connectors are suitable for use with a gPV (Cylindrical) fuse of ø 10 X 38 mm.

Straight and Branch Inline Fuse PV Connector Features

  • Rated Voltage 1000V DC
  • Rated Current 15 A (30 A Branch Connector)
  • RMS Test Voltage 6 kV (1000 V)
  • Impulse withstand Voltage 12 kV (Straight Connector)
  • Degree of Protection IP 68
  • Contact Material Copper Alloy with Tin Plating
  • Ambient Temperature  -45° C to +85° C (-40° C to +85° C Branch Connector)
  • Max. Operating Temp. +110° C
  • Pollution Degree 3
  • Insertion Force <_50 N
  • Withdrawal Force >_50 N
  • Locking System Snap-In

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A New Partnership is Formed – Kempston Controls, Elkay and Elmex

Elkay -energy saving switches and controls, Elmex and Kempston Controls are delighted to announce a new joint-partnership. Kempston Controls will be supplying Elkay and Elmex’s broad range of high-quality industrial and commercial products across their extensive distribution and wholesale networks in the UK, Republic of Ireland and the UAE.

Paul Onyett, General Manager of Elkay and Elmex said ‘We are sure that this is a great first step for the future and this is an exciting opportunity between our two companies, and we look forward to growing together in the market.’

Elkay produce a wide range of products including Mechanical and Electronic Time Delay Switches for indoor use and a comprehensive range of IP66 rated models for exterior applications, along with Presence and Absence Detectors and Microwave Motion Sensors. Elkay are renowned for their comprehensive product offer, designed to cater for a multitude of industrial and commercial installations.

View the Elkay Range

Elmex have gathered a reputation for manufacturing an enormous range of ultra-reliable termination solutions and will be supplying a fully certified range of DIN Rail Terminal Blocks and associated accessories. Elmex also design and manufacture a comprehensive range of robust Solar Power Connectors (PV), Harnesses and Fuses, ideal for new build or retrofit photovoltaic installations.

View the Elmex Range

Nigel Hall, Procurement and Operations Director from the Kempston Group stated ‘We are very much looking forward to working alongside Elkay and Elmex and very excited about their new product ranges. Our aim is to build a strong partnership with longevity, introduction and the promotion of new lines and holding great stock levels, all encompassed around all three companies high service standard.’

Kempston Controls is one of the UK’s leading distributors of Industrial Process Automation and Control and HVAC products, offering a vast range of in-stock items ready for next day delivery. They have the unchecked ability to get you the products you need fast and at the best possible price.

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DBL Power Distribution Blocks

DBL Power Distribution Blocks – compact space-saving versatility from Entrelec

Entrelec DBL Power Distribution Blocks offer a compact space saving and modular design with 3 configuration options. The clever design is easy to install via either DIN rail or panel mounting and provides greater flexibility in the field with 3 configurations in 1 product, a single pole splitter, a multi-pole splitter and finally, a grouping option. This concept reduces assembly time by up to 80% when compared to traditional systems, and to simplify panel mounting, installation information is engraved on the foot of each distribution block.

Combined Distribution

When used as a single-pole splitter, this facility simply splits the mains power input into several individual outputs. The multi-pole splitter is facilitated by an interlocking function making it easy to combine the distribution blocks, and the grouping configuration allows the grouping of several inputs into 1 output. Flexible in use, these power distribution blocks include a two-direction opening – reversible cover that helps facilitate easy identification and wiring, with all the technical data and specifications easily visible on its surface.

DBL boxes are ideal for distributing power in numerous industrial and commercial applications, with certain models (DBL250-F and DBL500-F) having the facility to be used with flat conductor systems. The modular, touch proof and rugged design, with an IP20 rating, eliminates the need for bus bars, isolators, fasteners and protection screens.

Wide Range of Applications

Typical applications include – distributing power in industrial and commercial electrical panels, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), power distribution units, combining photovoltaic (PV) strings in one output, PV combiner boxes and central inverters in solar power plants and more.

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DBL Distribution Blocks Range Features and Benefits

  • 7 to 14 position versions
  • 1 kVAC / 1.5 kVDC rated voltage
  • Current ranges from 80 A up to 550 A
  • Panel or DIN rail mount
  • Three possible configurations
  • Single-pole splitter configuration
  • Split of power main input into several outputs
  • Multi-pole splitter configuration
  • Grouping configuration – groups several inputs into one output
  • Flexible cover facilitates identification and wiring
  • 1500 VDC adapted to most recent solar inverters
  • Reversible, two-direction opening, snap-on
  • Eliminates the need for bus bars, isolators, fasteners, and protection screens
  • Accepts aluminium and copper conductors
  • Interlocking function and ready-to-use marking kit included with each block
  • Reduced wiring, inventory and assembly time & costs


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PRC Series Circular Connectors – A New Angle on Connectivity

When it comes to industrial connectors, the PRC Series of circular connectors from Phoenix Contact has been designed to enable robust, reliable and stable cable-to-cable connections that demand precision real estate management in a multitude of installations from industrial and outdoor to commercial buildings. Incorporating weatherproof materials in their construction and with an impressive IP69K rating, the PRC series of connectors are capable of high current transmission even in the most demanding environmental conditions.

PRC series circular connectors

The PRC series has grown recently, expanding the possibilities of this series of robust Phoenix Contact inverted circular connectors even further. These additional connector models come in a selectable angled format – the field connectors can be set at 45 & 90 degrees and device connectors set at 0, 45, and 90 degrees. Thanks to their clever modular design they can be installed with various contact inserts for 5 and 3-way socket or pin contacts depending on the desired application. The PRC series circular connectors can also be colour coded, which can help speed up the accuracy and speed of connections in the field.

These inverted circular connectors with contact inserts, available in 3 or 5 contact versions, have been designed for currents up to 35 A and voltages up to 690 V AC. Hard-wearing and versatile, these circular connectors are up to 75% more compact than rival industrial connectors that are in the marketplace. Their smaller dimension adds yet another string to the bow of the diligent engineer who is looking for a compact and robust circular connector solution for their next installation or retrofitting project.

PRC Connector Advantages

  • 75% smaller in size than industrial connectors with the same rating
  • Locking mechanism can be unlocked manually or using a tool
  • Suitable for applications in atmospheres containing salt with excellent UV resistance
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use – waterproof materials

PRC series circular connectors

PRC Series Circular Connector Features:

  • Conductor cross sections: 1.5 mm² to 6 mm²
  • 3 or 5 connector contact options
  • Single and three-phase power distribution
  • Rated voltage: 690 V AC
  • Rated current: 35 A
  • IP69K protection rating
  • Colour coding options


Angular PRC Series Circular Connector Features:

  • Available with 3/5 position connector inserts with pins or sockets
  • Field connectors can be set at 45° and 90° angles
  • Device connectors can be set at 0°, 45°, and 90° angles
  • Modular system

See what Phoenix Contact says about the PRC Series Connectors

Kempston Controls, as a supplier partner for Phoenix Contact, is the place to come to for all of your circular connector requirements, we can supply you with any PRC series circular connector you need for your next installation. Please give our dedicated sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 to discuss your circular connector requirements.


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