Safety Handle Revolutionised with the new Pizzato P-KUBE Krome

A revolutionary new product from Pizzato, the P-KUBE Krome series combines the functionality and characteristics of your typical enclosure safety handle, but with an ergonomic rounded grip, illuminated control button and unique customisable LED notification functionality. The multitude of signalling illumination options available (on the illuminated White P-KUBE Krome version) gives the end user the added security of the safety guards status or any other processing condition.

The P-KUBE Krome handle can also be supplied with an internal control device mounted within the grip itself and a control button on the handle. An innovative solution for machine manufacturers, allowing them to eliminate costly additional control boxes and illumination products by simply including them all in one robust and durable design solution without compromising on quality and reliability. This P-KUBE Krome control device option has a Normally Open contact as standard, but different contact types are available if desired.

Satin Chrome and illuminated versions

The P-KUBE Krome handles front-stripe is available in two finishes: Satin Chrome and an illuminated white version where the grip also features a series of ultra-bright LEDs which are visible in all lighting conditions. The illuminated grip means that the machine manufacturer has the facility to utilise various colours and lighting sequences to determine the machines current process condition.

Hard-wearing and Aesthetic

The internal fixing plate is made of tough 5 mm thick steel to increase the service life of the P-KUBE Krome handle and ensure it has a long service life. To prevent tampering the fixing screw holes feature interlocking protection caps that can be fitted once the Krome has been fully installed. With a pleasing ergonomic design, concealed mounting screws and with hidden wiring (should you chose the LED illuminated and control button option) you will have a truly aesthetic and hard-wearing installation.


Versatility with Built-in Control

Designed to be used without any adaptation to existing sliding or hinged doors, the P-KUBE Krome handle can be fitted on either the left or the right-hand side and is fully compatible with the Pizzato NS and NG series of intelligent RFID technology safety switches. You can, for example, build a safety control device into the handle to initiate a request to open the guard and stop the process, as sometimes, depending on the machine, there may be still mechanisms still in motion such as Robots, saw blades and pulleys thus giving you that added extra element of safety above and beyond a standard handle option.

P-KUBE Krome Features at a Glance:

  • Handle available in Satin Chrome or illuminated white finish
  • Illuminated control button built into handle (optional)
  • Tamper-proof design
  • Anti-bypass coding thanks to RFID
  • Compatible with NS and NG series locking switches
  • Green, yellow, red, blue, white, purple and pale blue colours in one handle
  • Self-contained design, no need for extra illumination or control buttons

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NG and NS Series Intelligent safety switches

What are the NS and NG Intelligent Switches with RFID technology?

Both the NS and NG series of intelligent safety switches integrate seamlessly with the P-KUBE Krome safety handle. Both share many unique safety features including RFID actuation. This provides each actuator with individual coding making it impossible to tamper with a device by using another actuator of the same series, with millions of different coding combinations they are classified as high-level coded actuators according to EN ISO 14119. Features include two safety inputs and two safety outputs, six LEDs for immediate process situation diagnosis and many other similar functions. The NG series has the facility for integrated control devices such as emergency stop buttons, indicator lights etc. meaning a further reduction in additional housings.

NG and NS Features:

  • Actuation with contact using RFID
  • SIL 3 and PL e with a series connection of up to 32 devices
  • Digitally coded actuator
  • 6 signalling LEDs
  • Actuator holding force 9750N (NG), 2100N (NS)
  • IP protection IP67 and IP69K
  • Versions with key release and emergency release buttons


View the NS Range

View the NG Range


If you are searching for a dedicated, unique and ultimately safer locking solution for your machine build needs then look no further than the P-KUBE Krome range of smart handles and the NS/NG series RFID switch actuators which are all available off the shelf from Kempston Controls. We also stock over 15,000 more Pizzato products for all of your automation and control solutions. Please call our dedicated sales team for further details on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email

Kempston Controls is committed to finding you the ideal solution for your application. Call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, email us at, or alternatively contact us here, we will be happy to help.

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