Honeywell Thermal Solutions – Controlling the Heat

Honeywell has long been established as one of the worlds leading brands in the supply of a vast range of commercial and consumer products. From a humble microswitch to high-torque motors their innovative product solutions are known, trusted and utilised the world over in a huge range of industries and applications.

Amongst Honeywell’s ever-expanding portfolio of products resides several ranges and services that are all contained within the Honeywell Thermal Solutions banner, a comprehensive offering aimed at providing effective solutions for thermal transfer and supply connections.


Just what are Honeywell Thermal Solutions?

Honeywell Thermal Solutions is an extensive combination of Honeywell Brands that provides a versatile, innovative and comprehensive portfolio of thermal transfer and connected solution products for a wide breadth of applications. Gathering together more than 100 years of comprehensive unmatched thermal processing expertise, the ultimate goal of Honeywell Thermal Solutions is to ensure that safe, compliant and energy efficient thermal process control and management becomes the worldwide norm.

Some of the Honeywell Thermal Solution Brands:

Honeywell Kromschröder

Honeywell Kromschröder Pressure Switch and Actuator

A typical Honeywell Kromschröder pressure switch and  Honeywell Kromschröder actuator (cut-away)

Honeywell Kromschröder is responsible for the manufacture of a comprehensive range of gas combustion and control devices for the heating and process control markets. With an extensive product offering including filters and regulators, safety shut-off and control valves, to burner management systems. Kromschroder products provide effective process controls and solutions to guarantee safe and reliable combustion with progressive and energy efficient technology.

Two typical examples of the Honeywell Kromschroder range are shown above. The pressure switch monitors the positive and negative gas pressure for industrial gas and air appliances, meanwhile, the actuator offers precision controlled rotary movement between 0° and 90° to control gas and air flow rates.


Honeywell Eclipse

Honeywell Eclipse Spark Electrode

Typical Honeywell Eclipse product: Spark electrode for igniting the gas in combustion chambers.

Honeywell Eclipse offers a comprehensive range of burners, recuperators, spark electrodes, heat exchangers and fully engineered combustion systems designed specifically for use within industrial heating processes ensuring that they deliver safe, reliable, efficient and clean heat. This allows design engineers to create customised product solutions that can be configured to meet a customer’s precise industrial heating process requirements.


Honeywell Maxon

Honeywell Maxon Electromechanical valves.

Typical Honeywell Maxon Gas Electromechanical Valves

The Honeywell Maxon Brand continues to innovate and pioneer new technologies and combustion and emission control solutions for their ever-expanding customer base. Their extensive portfolio includes durable and reliable burner solutions and highly engineered combustion systems for industrial process heating applications.

The Honeywell Maxon range features:

  • Gas burners & oil burners
  • Flow control valves
  • Hazardous area shut off valves
  • Ultra-low NOx burners
  • and much more

Honeywell Combustion Safety (ICT)

Honeywell ICT thermal safety products

Honeywell Combustion Safety (ICT) product solutions for HVAC and burner and boiler control systems have been created to help streamline retrofitting, installation and end-user interaction while helping to improve process performance and overall efficiency. The impressive range of Honeywell ICT products includes programmers and primaries, flame sensors, burner controllers, pressure switches, valves, actuators and so much more.

Click here to see the Honey Combustion Safety ICT range


Kempston Controls, as a leading supplier partner for Honeywell stocks an extensive range of Honeywell Thermal Solution brand products designed to cater for whatever your particular thermal installation requires. Even if we don’t have the products you need, we can certainly source them for you. Please call us on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email us at and we’ll do everything we can to help you find the correct product to suit your thermal installation requirements.

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