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Avro Vulcan & Kempston Controls Take To The Sky

At the start of the year, Kempston Controls partnered with Eaton to provide the Vulcan to the Sky Trust with a donation of rare fuses which are essential to keep Vulcan XH558 airworthy. The Bussmann 059-0125 and 011-9127 fuses are used in the flying control motor circuits and are susceptible to fatigue due to the cycling of the motors driving the hydraulic pumps that drive the flying control surfaces.

Turn it up! Nuvo players from Legrand

Following our previous post, we’re taking a closer look at the Nuvo Player Portfolio from Legrand.

Conveniently available in both wired and wireless configurations, the portfolio makes it easy to build a solution suitable for home or commercial environments. Each device allows access to both networked music libraries and the near-infinite variety of Internet Radio. So, whether it’s a new system or modernising an existing installation the Nuvo range can support any product.