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Kempston Controls becomes Midlands distributor for Bürkert valves

Electrical component distributor, Kempston Controls, has become Bürkert’s official distributor for the Midlands region. Based in Northamptonshire, Kempston Controls now supplies end-users across the region with Bürkert’s range of process valves and flow control components. The main sectors of coverage include food & beverage as well as hygienic applications.

The new agreement means that Kempston Controls will supply a range of Bürkert products including process and control valves as well as solenoid valves. The distributor will also stock Bürkert’s range of WRAS-approved material valves to demonstrate UK regulations compliance of water fittings that transfer water to and from the public mains supply. Kempston Controls will stock Bürkert products on-site and also provide 24/7 cover to support customers out-of-hours.

As a distributor, Kempston Controls will receive expert project support from Bürkert to optimize the design, implementation and commissioning of customers’ process control projects. This includes technology such as Bürkert’s FLOWave volumetric flow meter for high accuracy measurement of pharmaceutical-grade water and ultra-pure media applications.

Kempston Controls will also have access to food & beverage solutions such as the tank blanketing system that enables the automated control of pressure and atmosphere inside a tank. The solution is deployed in applications such as brewery buffer tanks to maintain the desired conditions and prevent bacterial growth.

Having been a reseller of Bürkert products for several years, the formalised distribution agreement will enable Kempston Controls to expand its presence in the process sector. Thomas Steele, Midlands Area Sales Manager at Bürkert explains: “The agreement increases the support Bürkert can provide to customers in the Midlands with greater speed and availability of valves and associated process control components. It also enables our system design engineers to be more involved in projects, particularly within the food & beverage sector and hygienic applications.”

“Significant growth for Kempston Controls is taking place within the process sector and we’re serving an increasing amount of customer projects. For our customers, Bürkert’s support means very high-quality valves with rapid availability,” says Kempston Controls’ Sandeep Sarpal, Commercial Manager of the company’s Process Division.

“Bürkert’s backing also means support for process system design and Kempston Controls can directly integrate with the company’s flow control engineers. Our future growth plan is to offer a complete solution from design through to field support, and this agreement is the start of that,” Sandeep adds.

The PP20H Pressure Sensor from Baumer, the ideal Hygienic Pressure Sensor Solution

There are many manufacturing and processing industries that demand high levels of hygiene, such as the food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Within the installations that operate in those sectors there will probably be a need to accurately measure and monitor the pressure of fluids and gasses, which is where the need for a dependable pressure sensor comes in. The pressure sensors will of course need to guarantee that they can withstand demanding cleaning schedules, won’t trap and harbour processing media traces and are as accurate, robust and dependable as possible. Baumer are renowned for their impressive pressure sensor portfolio and they have the ideal sensor solution for demanding applications.

pressure sensor environment

The PP20H Hygienic Pressure Sensor 

With its modular design, pressure ranges from –1 to 40 bar and a wide array of process connections the PP20H Hygienic Pressure Sensor series from Baumer is of a fully welded stainless steel construction and features a condensation-resistant silicon measuring cell.  This top-spec Pressure Sensor can be configured from a wide range of parameters to suit your process requirements including measuring range, accuracy, type of pressure, output signal, process connection and more. Available optionally with IOLink, (in parallel with  4 … 20 mA) they meet the high hygienic requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries and are CIP and SIP-capable.

PP20H Pressure Sensor

Processing Safety

Excellent temperature and long-term stability coupled with high accuracy guarantee the safe monitoring, operation and control of demanding hygienic processes in a humid environment, even with frequent temperature cycles.

  • Small form factor means greater flexibility
  • The pressure sensors cover a wide media temperature range from –20 °C to 125 °C without a bespoke cooling line. More compact, less space is required in the system.


Pressure Sensor Features and Benefits

  • Absolute pressure, relative pressure and vacuum measurement
  • All typical hygienic connections options available
  • Resistant to all common CIP cleaning media
  • Condensate-proof measuring cell
  • Optionally available with IO-Link (in parallel with  4 … 20 mA)
  • Space-saving design
  • Design and materials meet food and pharmaceutical standards
  • Versions compliant to 3-A sanitary standards, FDA and with EHEDG certification
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PP20H Pressure Sensor IOlink

IO-Link for Centralised Configuration

When an IO-Link option is utilised, this makes it possible to configure several pressure sensors simultaneously, simplifying switching point adjustment for different process stages and ultimately saving time and money. Data is the fundamental building block of process and product optimisation and using IO-Link ensures that valuable, additional data is accessible for analysis. Apart from the analogue 4 … 20 mA signal, further data such as cell pressure and pressure sensor temperature can be recorded. This process data can be used, for example, to determine the temperature of the medium being used. Further data that can help to identify the sensor can be loaded at any time using tags that can be configured individually.

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The Baumer PH20H Pressure Sensor range are the go-to-solution when it comes to reliable absolute and relative pressure and vacuum measurement in demanding hygienic environments. As Baumer supplier partners Kempston Controls has access to their entire product portfolio. Call our dedicated call centre on +44 (0) 1933 411 411 or email sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk, or, alternatively use the enquiry form below to discuss your hygienic pressure sensor requirements with us today.


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Top 5 Inductive Proximity Sensors

Inductive Proximity Sensors are an essential addition to countless process automation and control installations in all manner of industries. Designed to ensure that your process, whatever it may be, from a heavy industrial robotic welding installation to managing warehouse conveyor systems performs the best it can at all times. Whatever your flavour of Inductive Proximity Sensor, from the toughest to the economical Kempston Controls has just what you need. Here, we get up-close and personal with our Top 5 Inductive Proximity Sensors.

The perfect distance and end position inductive sensing partner

Standard non-flush inductive proximity sensor


Perfect for distance measurement and end position detection, with great shock resistance, this M18 non-flush, NPN switching output, IP67 rated, nickel-plated brass inductive proximity sensor is the perfect cylindrical detecting solution. With a sensing range of 12 mm, NO output function, DC 3 wiring, M12-4 pin connectivity it’s the ideal cost-effective industrial inductive proximity sensor solution, perfect for a whole host of applications where performance and cost are key.

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When you need chemical resistant and food safe inductive proximity sensors

Chemically resistant non-flush inductive proximity sensor

When you are working in the food and beverage industry you need to be resistant to a whole host of cleaning chemicals and regular washdowns. Plus, if you can communicate via the IO-Link protocol and feedback vital data to enhance production performance, that’s the icing on the cake! With a stainless steel M30 thread, PNP switching output, NO output function, 20 mm sensing range provided by the food-safe LCP plastic sensing face and IP68 and IP69K ratings. This non-flush inductive proximity sensor can withstand all the food and chemical abuse you can throw at it.

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Proximity detection in-between the Welders and Robots with Reduction Factor 1

Reduction factor 1 inductive proximity sensor

When you are spending your days detecting the proximity of mixed metal processing devices or manufactured parts in a harsh environment with lots of welding and associated spatter you need to be tough, durable and capable and have Reduction Factor 1 abilities. Designed to last, this ultra-tough flush sensing face inductive proximity sensor features a PTFE coated brass body with an M12 thread, PNP switching output, NO output function, M12 4 pin – DC-3 wire connection and a sensing range of 4 mm. Ideal for when you need to make the issue of sensing multiple metals in a vicious welding environment – no issue at all.

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Machine cooling lubrication with IO-Link? Durable proximity detection at its best

Machine coolant resistant sensor

Industrial machining can be demanding work, metal components and tools moving at incredible speeds ultimately leads to things getting a little hotter than most of us would care to touch. Making sure all components and tools are in place and ensuring your proximity sensors don’t fail due to the corrosive effects of machine cooling lubricants is this M12 non-flush PNP inductive proximity sensor. With an 8 mm sensing range, M12 4 pin – DC-3 wire connection, IP68 and IP69K protection and the ability to communicate effectively using IO-Link, when it’s machine cooling lubricants you need to deal with, this M12 inductive proximity sensor is a perfect choice.

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When rugged all-metal Inductive Proximity Sensors are the only solution


All metal proximity sensors

When the situation calls for a proximity sensor that has been built to take the knocks then this is the sensor of choice. With a cylindrical M12 closed housing made entirely of stainless steel, including the flush sensor face, this inductive proximity sensor can withstand shock, rapid temperature changes and resist harsh cleaning chemicals and machine cooling lubricants. With a PNP switching output, NO output function and the usual M12-4 pin, DC 3-wire, plus IO-Link communication a 6 mm sensing range and very long service life mean that this durable detector is the perfect choice for food and beverage use and all manner of heavy industry applications.

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Kempston Controls stocks a huge range of inductive proximity sensors from a wide selection of market-leading brands including Baumer, Turck Banner, Pepperl + Fuchs, Omron, SICK and many more available in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of industrial proximity sensing applications. If you need a different inductive proximity sensor than any one of our Top 5 – Contact us on +44(0) 1933 411411 or via email at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk to discuss your industrial process sensor requirements.

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