Kempston Controls in the community: The Ferrers School

On the 1st of July we attended a careers fair at The Ferrers School in Higham. It was a fantastic opportunity to converse with their year 12 students, we spoke about their career aspirations and informed the students about our apprenticeship schemes and the many job opportunities we have to offer. We later returned to The Ferrers School on the 5th of July to meet their year 10 students and educate them on Industrial and Automation industry via a hands-on experience day. This gave the students a chance to wire up a contactor holding circuit. The year 10’s were also taught how to wire up ultrasonic, photoelectric, magnetic and inductive sensors, all of which were kindly donated to us by Sick UK.Kempston Controls at The Ferrers School

Attending the careers fair gave us great experience working alongside many local businesses and we were successful in gaining an insight into the year 12 students future prospects. Whether that be staying in education post sixth form or going straight into work we were able to discuss and advise on the opportunities that Kempston Controls have to offer. This sparked interest with many of the students and teachers at The Ferrers School and will help us to push and develop many new and existing job/apprenticeships opportunities that we at Kempston Controls have to offer.

After our successes at the careers fair our team were very excited to go back and put on the hands-on experience day with the year 10 students. Interacting with a vast range of products really helped the students to grasp and understand the differences between the four types of sensors that we brought along. We were very impressed with how quickly the students got involved with the many tasks and challenges set. One of the tasks was to wire up a contactor holding circuit, this was a great conversation starter with the students as we were able to demonstrate how a circuit breaker works and why they are used, this led to very insightful questions being asked which our technical team members were very happy to answer. Along with these products we also brought a vast amount of limit switches and microswitches. As we had such a wide range of products and items, we were able to demonstrate how engineering doesn’t always have to be considered as a typical industrial hands-on role.

Our team at Kempston Controls are constantly looking into new ways of interacting with the local community and our suppliers, if you would like to collaborate with us please feel free to get in touch!

Kempston Controls at The Ferrers School

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