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Kempston Controls is delighted to be able to offer a comprehensive range of Siemens HVAC products that encompass an extensive line-up of Field Installable Devices including Globe Valves, PICVs (Pressure Independent Combi Valves), Control Ball Valves, Magnetic Valves, Rotary Valves, Damper Actuators, Variable Speed Drives and Sensors. Easy to install and reliable, with long life and backwards compatibility these products have been used in millions of successful HVAC installations around the world.

Siemens HVAC round up

Globe Valves – perfect for adjusting flow rate, mixing and shutting off the fluid supply. These reliable, easy to install units can be used for a wide range of tasks in a host of HVAC applications.

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Energy-efficient PICVs (Pressure Independent Combi Valves)– the ideal device for regulating volumetric flow complete with differential pressure control for shielding pressure fluctuations. Records pressure measuring points for differential pressure measuring in one valve body.

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Electromotive Valves

Electrohydraulic Valves

Control Ball Valves –  2, 3 or 6 port valves, 100% air bubble-tight energy-efficient ball valves with minimum friction loss. These Control Ball Valves can be fitted with an internal or external thread and are excellent for strict media control with high precision.

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Magnetic Valves – with preinstalled magnetic actuator, threaded or flange fitment. Rapid opening and closing, these valves are ideal for HVAC applications that call for the control of water, antifreeze and water, heat transfer fluid, steam. High-precision and very efficient.

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Rotary Valves – the perfect solution for shut-off and mixing in energy generation and distribution applications such as multiple boilers, heating and cooling changeover, shut-off and variable temperature circuit control.

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Siemens HVAC actuators

Damper Actuators  OpenAir Series – a capable and wide range of easy to mount dampers, including Rotary and Linear, VAV controllers, Fire and Smoke Actuators and more, suitable for a huge variety of applications. All tailored to meet your requirements with a long service life and improved energy efficiency.

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Variable Speed Drives –  high-end drives offered in a range of outputs from 0.75 to 90 kW. The drives modular design simplifies the replacement of single components ultimately reducing expenditure. With numerous digital and analogue outputs, no requirement for main chokes, advanced communication protocols and reduced circuit feedback you can’t go wrong.

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Thermostats – this impressive portfolio ranges from simple mechanical and digital room thermostats for basic climate control to advanced KNX communicating thermostats for integrating into building climate automation systems. Cost-effective, power saving and with Smart options the best in climate control got better.

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RA Series

RD Series

HVAC Sensors – whatever the application, Siemens will have a sensor. Temperature, humidity, air quality for monitoring rooms, ducting, air velocity, pressure/flow rate sensors and advanced certified sensors for monitoring fluids and gases. For the perfect sensory solution in the office and in demanding industries, they have the answer.

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Temperature Sensors

Co2 Sensors

Siemens HVAC sensors

The Siemens HVAC product range also includes a comprehensive offering of Building Automation/Control and Standard System Controllers, so whatever your application demands from Damper Actuators and Globe Valves to Variable Speed Drives, Kempston Controls can help. The impressive portfolio of Siemens HVAC products can be individually tailored to your requirements, get in touch on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email us at to discuss your requirements.

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Kempston Controls is committed to finding you the ideal solution for your application. Call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, email us at, or alternatively contact us here, we will be happy to help.

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