Indoor Air Quality monitoring with the Lascar EL-WEM

For a considerable amount of our day just about everyone is spending a large amount of time indoors, either at home, shopping or working.  Without thinking about it we breath in the surrounding air for our bodies to extract the oxygen we need to survive and expel waste gases such as CO2, but do we give any consideration about the quality of the air we breathe whilst spending time indoors?

The Air Indoors

Air quality found in our homes or where we work can vary greatly depending on the materials used to construct, furnish, decorate, ventilate and clean these premises. Pollutants found within a typical indoor environment include radon, tobacco smoke, particulates and gases from burning candles, fuels, polishes and cleaning chemicals, seasonal allergens, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. Adding to that already extensive list are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which can found in construction materials and furniture, such as formaldehyde and flame retardants in upholstery.

Asthma attacks, irritated eyes, nose and throat, coughing and other health issues can be caused by interior air that has a high particulate count. Particulates of 10 µm (PM10) in diameter include dust, pollen and mould spores. Smaller air particulates (less than 2.5 µm/PM2.5) include smoke, smog, bacteria, fine dust and liquid droplets which can lodge deep into the lungs causing long-term illness.


The Air Quality Solution

The need for particulate sensing and control is increasing around the world due to regulatory and government requirements and VOC sensors can play an essential role in managing interior air quality.

Lascar, who are renowned for the design and manufacture of environmental data loggers, panel meters and many other quality devices have created an easy to use solution for determining if the air you are breathing, whether at work or at home, is hiding potentially harmful particulates.


 The EL-WEW Range

The EL-WEM range has been designed to continually monitor the Interior Air Quality (IAQ) of a room, displaying the air quality status via a coloured status ring, a quick glance tells you all you need.

WiFi enabled, the EL-WEW Sensors will automatically upload data to the EasyLog Cloud (Lascars, single user, free cloud enabled sensor monitoring solution), allowing your data measurements to be viewed, analysed and downloaded from any internet-enabled device.

The EL-WEM measures particulate matter (PM2.5), temperature, humidity, VOC’s and pressure, rating the IAQ on five levels from Excellent to Inadequate and if the IAQ level is of a low quality a sounder will activate and an email and SMS notifications alert can be sent to a list of selected contacts, informing them of the air quality situation.

This clever Air Quality Monitoring Sensor also features a configurable night mode, which mutes the sounder and turns the lights off at certain times. The EL-WEM range is simple to set up, with a single button press and using the EasyLog Cloud App.

EL-WEM Air Quality Monitor Features

  • Monitors Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Automatically uploads data to the EasyLog Cloud
  • Coloured status ring show IAQ level
  • Sounder and instant SMS and email notifications when IAQ is poor
  • Detects VOCs from paints, lacquers, paint strippers, cleaning products, furnishings, glues, adhesives and alcohol
  • Power supply included
  • Internal back-up battery if power interrupted


  • IAQ
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • VOC’s
  • Particulate Matter: PM1 (+ model only) PM2.5 and PM10
  • CO2 (+ model only)
  • Pressure


With the increasing need to monitor and control the quality of the air within a room, office or a specific enclosure you can depend on Kempston Controls to help you find the ideal product solution.

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HVAC – Sensor Solutions from Siemens

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) in simple terms, is the control of an interior environment, ensuring that the desired temperature is maintained and the air quality isn’t compromised.

HVAC is everywhere, from complex industrial installations, refrigeration plants, hospitals, hotels and apartment complexes to a simple modern home, anywhere where the maintenance of building conditions is required. The 3 major functions of HVAC are, as you may have guessed, interrelated and deal with the maintenance and upkeep of temperature, oxygen replenishment and reducing humidity, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, and other gases and particulates.

Siemens are well known for their impressive range of HVAC control products, including an impressive range of state of the art Temperature Sensors, CO2 Sensors and Thermostats. These devices have all been designed to make life easier for the installation engineer, making set-up, service and replacement a doddle and, of course, the end user and the environment they live in. Below we take a look at 3 of the most popular items in their range.

The QAA2030 Temperature Sensor

HVAC temperature sensorMaintaining a consistent temperature is important for many reasons, such as ensuring an environment is kept at a consistent temperature for employee comfort or a refrigeration installation maintains its sub-zero levels. Temperature maintenance is vital in numerous applications where increases or decreases in temperature may be damaging, such as server racks, food production, calibration industries and laboratories.

The QAA2030 Wall Mounted Room Temperature Sensor from Siemens is a capable contender when it comes to HVAC room temperature monitoring. Using a NTC 10K sensing element, this capable Temperature Sensor changes resistance as the ambient temperature of the room being monitored changes. The Sensor produces a signal which can be interpreted by a suitable control unit that will then initiate a series of operations to maintain the desired temperature. The QAA2030 Room Temperature Sensor has been designed to function with a multitude of controllers that are capable of handling analogue passive sensor signals.

Room Temperature Sensor Features
• NTC 10K Sensing Element
• Measurement range 0 – 50 °C, accuracy ±0.8 K
• Wall mounted
• Time constant 7 min
• IP30 rated housing to EN 60529
• Passive measurement output
• Dimensions 90x100x32 mm

View Siemens HVAC Temperature Sensors Range


The QPA1004 CO2 Sensor

HVAC CO" sensorCO2, being odourless and colourless is one of those gases that can be often overlooked, considered in the past by many scientists to be basically harmless until it reached high atmospheric concentrations. However, research went on to prove that that isn’t necessarily the case, exposure to CO2 concentrations above 1000ppm can have adverse effects on the unaware. Exposure to high CO2 concentrations can impair how you think, cause headaches, dizziness and a lack of focus and impaired cognitive function. High CO2 levels also raise the possibility that a poorly ventilated room may also have high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) present as well.

The QPA1004 CO2 Sensor from Siemens is essential when it comes to ensuring that an environment isn’t rich in high concentrations of CO2 thus reducing the risks associated with high levels of this invisible and odourless gas on personnel operating within. A maintenance free sensing element that is based on optical infrared absorption measurement (NDIR), which doesn’t require calibration, constantly monitors an enclosure triggering a system control response should CO2 level become too high. This clever sensor also helps to reduce energy consumption by helping to provide demand-controlled ventilation.

CO2 Sensor Features
• No calibration required
• Measuring range 0-2000ppm
• Optical infrared absorption measurement (NDIR)
• Wall mounted
• Operating voltage 24 Vac or 15-35 VDC
• IP30 rated housing to EN 60529

View the Range of CO2 Sensors


The RDG160T Room Thermostat

HVAC thermometer


Room thermostats are familiar to most people, utilised to help maintain a desirable temperature in homes and businesses around the world. The Thermostat interprets the temperature of a room and either turns a heating unit, such as a boiler within a central heating system on or off. Thermostats help reduce fuel consumption by facilitating on-demand heating, meaning that central heating systems and the components within are only used when required.

The Siemens RDG160T is a feature packed Room Thermostat with an easy to read backlit LCD, simple to use and capable, packed with modern features, this device is ideal for numerous applications in both the home and within business.


Room Thermostat Features
• Infrared remote control receiver
• Auto timer mode with 8 programmable timers
• Heating and cooling modes, comfort, economy and protection settings
• Minimum and maximum setpoint limitations
• Heating or manual heating/cooling changeover
• 3 multifunction inputs for keycard contact, external sensors etc.
• Rated voltage 24 V ac/dc
• 48 Hour reserve clock power during power failure
• Outputs for 1 speed, 3 speed or ECM fan

View the ranges
RD RangeRA Range

Whatever your HVAC requirements are Kempston Controls is the place to come too, as Siemens supplier partners we have access to their entire product portfolio. For all the answers give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email our sales team at and let us help you get the right components for your application.

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Air Quality – Making Every Indoor Particulate Count

We spend much of our day indoors, either at home, work or school and even more so in recent times due to a certain lock-down, but do we give any consideration about the quality of the air we breathe indoors?

It has been said that on an average road with normal traffic the air might be cleaner than that found in a home. Studies indicate that certain harmful air pollutants may be lurking indoors in higher concentrations than can be found in certain outdoor scenarios. Traditionally, consideration has almost always been directed towards external air pollution, particularly from large industrial installations and vehicle emissions. The threat from indoor air pollution has only become come to the fore in the past few decades.

Air Quality

The quality of the air we breathe at home or work can vary greatly depending on the materials used to construct the home or office, furnish, decorate, clean and ventilate them. To people with compromised immune systems such as those with asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases, poor air quality can prove very harmful.

Typical indoor air pollutants include radon, tobacco smoke, particulates and gases from burning fuels, candles and incense, polish, various chemicals and seasonal allergens, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) found in building materials like formaldehyde and flame retardants in upholstery and other such materials are a ready source of internal air pollution.

dangers in the home

Interior air that has a high particulate count can trigger asthma attacks, as well as lead to irritated eyes, nose and throat, coughing and many other health-related issues.  Atmospheric particulates of 10 µm in diameter include dust, pollen grains and mould spores which may lodge into the lungs and become a health issue. Smaller air particulates less than 2.5 µm (PM2.5) in diameter include smoke, smog, bacteria, fine dust and liquid droplets and these can lodge deeper into the lung tissues, causing longer-term illness. The European Environment Agency produces a yearly report concerning the effects of airborne pollution which can be found here.

Particulate Sensing and Control

The need for particulate sensing and control is steadily increasing around the world due to local regulatory and government requirements, especially in regards to its relation to health and well being.  Particulate sensors can, therefore, play a critical role in measuring and managing interior air quality and fortunately, there is an abundance of Indoor Air Particulate Monitoring Sensors available. These clever devices can help ascertain the quality of the air that you (and if own a business your employees) are exposed too by measuring and recording a wide variety of known particulates and operating ventilation systems if required.

Sensory Solutions

Kempston Controls, one of the UK leading suppliers of sensory products stocks a select range of interior air pollution monitoring and control devices from the world’s leading brands. Each of these devices is ideal for monitoring a room for dangerous particulates and where applicable controlling the ventilation of interior spaces and alerting the users to possible dangers present in the air.

Below is a product low down, a snap-shot of some of the products we stock that are ideal for Controlling and Monitoring Air Quality for the Office and Home.


Siemens Smart Infrastructure QPA2002D Air Quality Monitor and Controller – Co2 and VOC

air quality meter

Designed to sense and monitor and display the concentrations of Co2 and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and produce a demand signal to be interpreted by a ventilation system when Co2 and VOC parameters have been exceeded. Capable of detecting Co2 over a measuring range of 0-2000 ppm and VOC over Slow, Normal and Fast time constants and displaying the results on a high-contrast LCD. This capable Room Air Quality Sensor is ideal for home, office and small business room particulate management.

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Siemens Smart Infrastructure QPA2002 Air Quality Monitor and Controller – Co2 and VOC

air quality meter

With the same specification as the 2002D model minus the facility to display the measured levels of particulate pollutants, a cheaper alternative when room monitoring and control are needed but visual feedback isn’t required.

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Siemens Smart Infrastructure QPA2000 Air Quality Monitor and Controller – Co2

air quality meter

Co2 concentrations in the air can cause headaches, dizziness, confusion and at extreme concentrations a loss of consciousness. This capable Air Quality Sensor monitors Co2 levels in a room or enclosure over the range of 0 -2000 ppm, triggering a ventilation response when established Co2 levels have been exceeded.

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Honeywell HAQSPA-R, Real-Time Air Quality Monitor

air quality meter

The Honeywell HAQSPA-R Indoor Air Quality Detector is a multi-functional wireless indoor air quality monitoring device capable of monitoring and then generating a wide variety of information concerning particulate pollutants, all in real-time. Monitors HCHO, TVOC, Co2, PM2.5, Temperature, Humidity, IQ% (the level at which cognitive function may be impaired by the current air quality) and features an OLED touch screen display.

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