The Measuring Instruments Directive – Ensuring Trust

The Measuring Instruments Directive is a European law that governs the requirements for the sale of measuring instruments utilised in many commercial and industrial applications within the EU

Inductive Proximity Sensors – the Smart Factory’s Friend

Industry applications are becoming more and more dependant on tracking, monitoring, measuring and communication and of course, that vital data is required instantly. That’s where Inductive Proximity Sensors come in…

trumeter Advanced Panel Meters – Helped BEST get Better

Do you need a panel mount display solution that features the visible advantages of an analogue display but with the added advantages of digital accuracy? Look no further…

Boost Confidence in Your Products Measured Length with the TITAN Multi-function Counters and Ratemeters

Designed to give you extra confidence in your products length, reduce costs such as overcuts and returns and help you streamline and automate your production process. The TITAN range of Multi-Function Counter, Rate and Batch Meters are a product you can count on.