Boost Confidence in Your Products Measured Length with the TITAN Multi-function Counters and Ratemeters

If you are involved in an industry that produces products that are sold in units based upon their length, then somewhere within your production process there will be a device that monitors that length.

However, just how accurate and efficient is your current counter solution?

  • Can it accurately measure the line speed, the total length of the processes and overall batch figures?
  • Does your measurement method have the ability to control the process it is monitoring, slow it down or stop it?
  • Does your counter equipment have a colour intuitive touchscreen HMI?
  • Can it send vital production process data to your mobile phone, PC or tablet?
  • What about creating product label data and sending that to a dedicated printer?

If your current process is in need of updating or you are looking for ways to improve production throughput, reduce wasted time and material and bring your production processes into the 21st century, then the TITAN range of Multi-Function Counters, Batch and Ratemeters might be just what you are looking for.


The TITANS of Modern Industry

The TITAN range of multi-function counters, available only from Kempston Controls, has been designed to be easy to use and simple to install. Available in 7-inch and 4.3-inch colour touchscreen variants, with optional notification beacon versions and a small-form-factor miniature version. All of the TITAN range come fully configured within a durable IP66 rated housing with an internal 24Vdc power supply, just add a roller and encoder and you are ready to go.

The TITAN high-contrast HMI can be set-up to only display the essential onscreen features and information that you need. You can change your settings and targets easily and even use the intuitive interface for process control via the 4 built-in relays, for example: alerting an operator when a process is ending or to activate a conveyor slow-down to stop a process.

Designed to give you extra confidence in your products length, reduce escalating costs such as overcuts and returns due to miss-measurements along with helping you to streamline and automate your production process. The TITAN range of Multi-Function Counter, Rate and Batch Meters are a product you can count on time and again.

Add the optional ethernet communication board (TFA-1078) and you can connect to your local network and view real-time production process data anywhere in the world on your mobile device via the iOS or Android App (or your Windows PC).

Another valuable option is the RS 232 (TFA-1077) board that provides the TITAN range with the ability to connect an adhesive label or ticket printer to provide your customers and yourself with important product information, such as length, batch and the date the product was produced. When the ticket and label printer options are selected as part of a system there is the option to have your company logo built added to the top printed media.

TITAN Multi-function Counters Features:

  • High-contrast Colour LCD with 25mm high digits (7-inch) 20mm (4.3-inch)
  • Easy to read current count and daily/accumulated totals
  • High accuracy can read resolutions as low as 0.25mm at up to 6mps
  • 5 control inputs and 4 relay outputs with relay status indication
  • Screen changes from green to red when targets are met
  • 30kHz High-speed counter
  • Automatic power saving mode
  • Metric and imperial toggle
  • Fully enclosed and ready to install, IP66 Rated ABS enclosure
  • Pin protected processes to prevent unauthorised access
  • Works with HTL encoders down to a measuring resolution of 0.2mm*
  • Perfect for length measuring applications between 10-99999m
  • Network connectivity with optional Ethernet board
  • Printer communication via optional RS232 board
  • Ready to go, just add a roller and encoder
  • CE Marked and complies with low-voltage and EMC directives


System Considerations

Your typical production installation consists of a motor connected via a motor inverter with the capability of multiple speed presets. The TITAN range incorporates two normally open (NO) and two normally closed (NC) relay outputs that can be utilised to trigger a slow-down when you are close to your products desired length and completely stop the motor when the production target is met. You could also loop these outputs through a foot-switch for use by the operator or to trigger external alarms and alerts etc.

Complete packages are available featuring our innovative dual wheeled encoder all fully wired and configured ready for wall mounting. If you require a bespoke installation the TITAN range of Multi-function Counters is fully customisable, please call or email and let us know what you require.

Phone +44 (0)1933 411411 or email


The TITAN Multi-function Counter Range


TFA70RN TITAN 7-inch Touchscreen Multi-function Counter, Batch and Ratemeter

An impressive multi-function counter, ratemeter and batch counter with a high-contrast 7” touchscreen. Highly accurate and with the functionality to semi-automate or automate your production process.

  • Fully assembled and IP66 Rated
  • Large display area with 4 operational fields: Current, Target, Speed, Batch
  • 25mm high digits
  • Works with HTL Encoders, down to 0.2mm resolution*
  • Measures between 10-99999m

Click here to learn more


TFA70RBC TITAN 7-inch Touchscreen Multi-function Counter, Batch and Ratemeter with Beacon

All the same features as the TFA70RN model but with an additional notification beacon assembly for all-round visibility.

Click here to learn more


TFA43RN TITAN 4.3 Inch Touchscreen Multi-function Counter with Optional Batch and Ratemeter

A very capable Multi-function Counter with optional ratemeter and batch capability, just as durable and easy to mount and IP66 rated with but with a smaller high-contrast 4.3-inch screen with restricted display options.

  • Fully assembled and IP66 Rated
  • Compact display area with 3 operational fields: Current, target, speed or batch
  • 20mm high digits
  • Works with HTL Encoders, down to 0.2mm resolution*

Measures between 10-99999m

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TFA43RBC TITAN 4.3 Inch Touchscreen Multi-function Counter with Optional Batch and Ratemeter with Beacon

All the same features as the TFA43RN model but with an additional notification beacon assembly for all-round visibility.

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TFA43MS TITAN Miniature System 4.3-Inch Touchscreen Counter and Ratemeter

All the same features as the TFA43RN TITAN Counter but in miniature! For those installations that are not very rich in available real estate, the TFA43MS TITAN Miniature is the answer!

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*encoders are not supplied please call if you require a bespoke system

Phone +44 (0)1933 411411 or email


It’s all about Communication

TFA-1078 TITAN Ethernet Communication Module

The TFA-1078 is an Ethernet communications hub designed to interface with all of the TITAN Multi-function Counter Meters and provide local network connectivity.

Using the TFA-1078’s ethernet port, you can connect your TITAN Counter to the network and using the iOS and Android App or the Windows PC software, view its status, you can also jump into a real-time view from anywhere in the world with internet access.

To interface with the TITAN Range remotely you will need the following Apps or software:

iOS – Click here

Android – Click here

*Windows PC software is supplied as a download link with this purchase.

Click here to learn more


TFA-1077 TITAN RS232 Communication Module

The TFA-1077 is an RS232 communications module designed to interface with all of the TITAN Multi-functional Counter meters and provide pairing ability for the Zebra adhesive label printer (TFA-1079) and Epson ticket printer (TFA-1080) machines. You can quickly and easily create product data labels packed with essential data such as length, job numbers and so forth.

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Wait…there’s more to come…

In part two of this series, we will take a look at the standalone HMI interface panels and the wide range of accessories that are available for the TITAN range of Multi-functional Counter, Batch and Ratemeters.


Kempston Controls is committed to finding you the ideal solution for your application. Call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, email us at, or alternatively contact us here, we will be happy to help.

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