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The monitoring of the pressure of liquids and gaseous media is an essential component of many industrial processes, from monitoring machine cuttings fluids to the pressure of liquid within a beverage processing operation, pressure sensors will be there, ensuring the pressure is maintained and kept within process parameters.

The clever people at SICK are world-renowned for their knowledge and experience in the design, development and manufacture of sensory technology products, and they take pressure sensing very seriously. The PBS Hygienic and the PBT range of pressure sensors will provide you with everything you need, whether you are involved in the food and beverage industry or deal with industrial machinery daily you need a capable, reliable sensory solution for monitoring all your fluid and gaseous media pressures.


SICK PBS Universal Hygienic Pressure Switch

pbs hygenic sensor

Designed for use in the food and beverage sectors, the PBS Hygienic Pressure Switch from SICK is a step above the competition. With easy-to-clean high-quality gap-free, stainless-steel wetted parts with no dead spaces, and IO-Link ability, the PBS range makes pressure monitoring a cinch. The durable impact and waterproof polycarbonate and ABS rotatable-head contains the control buttons and LED for easy monitoring and set-up. The housing can be positioned in two ways allowing you to orientate the sensor to match your specific installation requirements.

With a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel membrane that is fully seam welded to the process connection ensures long operational life and that there are no gaps or edges that may cause an issue with accurate pressure monitoring. Designed to withstand the toughest cleaning demands the PBS range of hygienic pressure sensors can easily resist all CIP and SIP processes.

pbs hygenic sensor

The PBS range of pressure switches is available with up to two switching outputs, analogue output and of course IO-Link compatibility. All of this is contained in a single robust device providing you with the ultimate in system availability, enabling fast and reliable parameter setting when changing over devices.

These world-class pressure sensors are easy and intuitive to configure using the three large push-buttons and the large LED display. The PBS Hygienic range has been created to cover all possible processing situations and is available in a huge selection of process connection and measuring range variants, perfect for any pressure monitoring application.

Features & Benefits

  • Electronic pressure switch with display for monitoring pressure in liquids and gaseous media
  • Individually programmable switching outputs and analogue output
  • Easy setup, operation, pressure viewing due to three large push-buttons and wide-angle LED display
  • Optimal display readability and cable routing thanks to the rotatable housing
  • Precise sensor technology with hygienic hermetically sealed fully welded stainless-steel membrane
  • Integrated process connections manufactured from high-quality stainless steel
  • Unit of pressure value displayed can be switched
  • Wetted parts made from stainless-steel 304
  • Saves space and money – no adapters required due to the range of standard process connections
  • IP65 and IP67 rated with an excellent over-pressure safety

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SICK PBT Universal Pressure Transmitter

pressure sensors PBT type

When you don’t require the specifications of the PBS Hygienic Pressure sensors the PBT universal electronic pressure switch is ideal for general purpose pressure measurement within industrial applications of liquid and gaseous media. Typical application examples include machine tools, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pumps and compressor monitoring amongst many.

Economical, durable and reliable the SICK PBT range is the perfect pressure measuring partner supporting a wide range of liquid and gaseous media monitoring applications. With their precise and rugged measurement technology, compact dimensions and simple installation process ensures that the PBT range of pressure transmitters are talented all-rounders. Available in two accuracy classes with non-linearities of 0.5% and 0.25% of span (BFSL, according to IEC 61298-2), respectively.

The PBT pressure transmitter range comes in a wide variety of process connections and rating ranges, gauge, absolute, compound and with no moving parts they are fatigue proof and there is no mechanical wear making them virtually maintenance-free.

Features & Benefits

  • Pressure measurement ranges from 0 – 1 bar up to 0 – 600 bar
  • Gauge, absolute, and compound measurement ranges
  • A large variety of available process connections
  • No moving parts: No mechanical wear, fatigue-proof, maintenance-free
  • Circularly welded, hermetically sealed stainless-steel membrane
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Output signal 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5 V or 0 to 10 V
  • Electrical connection M12x1, L-connector according to DIN 175301-803 A or flying leads
  • Reduced installation space due to compact dimensions
  • Simple and cost-saving installation
  • Rated temperature 0 to +80 degrees C
  • IP65 and IP67 rated with excellent over-pressure safety

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Whatever your fluid or gaseous media pressure sensing needs, Kempston Controls, as a supplier partner for SICK has the perfect product solution for your specific application. Whether we have the item in stock or not we have access to the entire range of SICK’s sensory products. Call our experienced sales and technical teams on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email today to discuss your pressure sensing requirements.


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