Omron E5_R Series Temperature Controllers Phase Out

Omron, one of the world’s leading producers of automation products,  has advised Kempston Controls that they will be discontinuing their E5_R series of Temperature Controllers by the end of March 2021. The deadline for last orders concerning this range is Wednesday the 31st of March 2021 and the last intended shipment date is the end of June 2021. Product support for these discontinued products will cease the end of March 2024.

Omron temperature controllers phase out

It may seem like a world away, but the stock of these very popular temperature controllers will vanish sooner than you think, please make sure that any intended purchases of this particular model series are made sooner rather than later.

As part of the intended discontinuation the E5_C and the EJ1 series of digital temperature controllers, outlined below, will replace the eventually obsolete E5_R series models.

See below for a comprehensive listing of discontinued models and their suitable alternatives, further details are listed on the attached pdf.

Product Discontinuation Recommended Replacement    
Thermac R Digital Controller Digital Temperature Controller
E5AR series (1 input type) E5AC series
E5ER series (1 input type) E5EC series
E5AR series (2 input type) E5EC series (2 units)
E5ER series (2 input type) E5EC series (2 units)
E5AR series (4 input type) E5EC series (4 units)
E5AR-500 series Call for information
E5ER-500 series Call for information
Thermac R Programmable Digital Controller Programmable Temperature Controller
E5AR-T series (1 input type) E5AC-T series
E5ER-T series (1 input type) E5EC-T series
E5AR-T series (2 input type) E5EC-T series (2 units)
E5ER-T series (2 input type) E5EC-T series (2 units)
E5AR-T series (4 input type) E5EC-T series (1 unit) + E5EC series (3 units)
Digital Controller (DeviceNet type) Modular Temperature Controller
E5AR-DRT series (DeviceNet) EJ1N-HFUB-DRT
E5ER-DRT series (DeviceNet) EJ1N series


Should you prefer to purchase the E5_C or EJ1 range of controllers now, they are readily available from Kempston Controls, and if we don’t stock the particular Omron temperature controller you require we can certainly source it for you. Please call our sales or technical teams to discuss your Omron digital temperature controller requirements on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email us at

Read the Full Discontinuation Notice Here


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