FlexAlert from Trumeter, the Perfect Universal Small-form Countdown Timer

The FlexAlert is a lightweight, small-form Countdown Timer range that can be used in a wide variety of applications where a countdown and reminder notification is required. This capable range of timers can be easily attached in the location required where they can be left to count down to the pre-set duration. When the allocated time-period has been reached the timer will produce an audible alert warning users that attention is required within a specific process or application, which will continue until it has been turned off. Typically, this alert will run for a minimum of 60 days until the timer has been reset so there can be no excuses!

Ideal for Service Intervals

The FlexAlert’s flexibility and versatility make it an ideal unit for domestic and industrial uses, suitable for a wide variety of applications that require interval notifications such as service intervals and equipment checks as well as reviews and component changes. Designed to be tamper resistant, the time interval is pre-set by design and requires the use of a screwdriver to access the battery reset function. Dependable, the FlexAlert range of small-form countdown timers ensures that those important activities are carried out on time, every time.

Compact and lightweight in design, only 40 mm in diameter and a tiny 60 grams in weight, this versatile range of countdown timers are small and discrete enough to be placed just about anywhere. Available with a wide range of standard options there is a countdown timing alert solution readily available straight out of the box.

FlexAlert Models Available:

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Easy to Install, Simple to use

Cable tie and hook and loop mounting fixtures help ease installation and the FlexAlert range is simple to use as well, just place one timer with a specified countdown interval in the location desired, pull the battery insulation tab free to start the timer and go. Suitable for use just about anywhere without making changes to an installation with their unobtrusive and sleek design



FlexAlert Countdown Timer Specifications

  • Timer Type – Alert Timer, audible beep, minimum 60 days until reset
  • Alert amplitude – >50 dB A
  • Manual Reset function
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Uses readily available CR2032 Battery (1000 days typical life)
  • Supplied with hook and loop adhesive pad and 200 mm cable tie
  • Protection rating – IP30
  • Dimensions 39.7 x 18.3 mm (16 mm deep without fixing pad)
  • Operating temperature -10 to + 60 ° C
  • Storage temperature -20 to + 70 ° C
  • Weight – 16 grams
  • White in colour
  • Design life – 10 years

Powered by the common CR2032 battery (with a typical life of 1000 days) that ensures you will never be searching for expensive hard-to-source batteries on a regular basis. Whatever you countdown timing application requirements the Trumeter FlexAlert range is here to help you achieve your goals. The FlexAlert can also be customised to meet your applications requirements with options including countdown timer duration and customer branding, speak to Kempston Controls for availability.

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