WRAS Approved Valves for the Water Industry from Burkert

What does WRAS approval mean?

In the busy water industry, WRAS approval is the simplest and most recognised way to comply with Water Supply Regulations. Approval is granted by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), which aims to prevent the contamination of public water supplies and encourage the efficient use of water. This approval demonstrates UK regulations compliance of water fittings that transfer water to and from the public mains supply.

It is a legal requirement in the UK that a water fitting should not cause waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the public water supply. Water fittings must also be of an appropriate quality standard. The requirements are part of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations or Scottish Byelaws and all water fittings that carry or receive water from the public mains supply must comply.

Why is WRAS approval required?

This type of approval demonstrates that the non-metallic materials or components used in the construction of a fitting, such as rubber sheet material, doesn’t itself contaminate the water.

What is WRAS material approval?

Manufacturers declaring equipment for WRAS approval must use WRAS approved fittings or WRAS approved materials and components. WRAS approval uses BS6920 material testing which verifies that the materials or components, such as a seal, does not cause water contamination.

Burkert Fluid Control System Valves with WRAS Approved Materials

Burkert, one of the leading manufacturers of fluid control systems, has designed and manufactured an exciting range of WRAS approved seals. These valves contain seals made from WRAS approved materials which are non-metallic and appropriate for water applications. The most common applications for WRAS products are water treatment sample boards, urinals and toilet flushing systems.

Below, we take a quick look at some of the Burkert diaphragm valves that are available to purchase directly from Kempston Controls.

Servo-assisted 2/2 Way Diaphragm Valves – Type 6281

Servo 2-2 way WRAS valve

The 6281 valve is a servo-assisted solenoid valve belong to the Burkert S.EV series. A minimum differential pressure is required for the function of the valve. Various diaphragm material combinations and methods of operation are available depending on the application.

The standard brass housing satisfies all European drinking water requirements. Dezincification-resistant brass is available for other markets, a stainless-steel version is available. The valve can be equipped with manual override for easy maintenance and commissioning.


  • Servo-assisted diaphragm with diameter of up to DN50
  • Vibration-proof, central screwed coil system
  • Damped design for quiet closing
  • Service-friendly manual override
  • Explosion-proof versions

Servo-assisted 2/2 Way Diaphragm Valves – Type 6213

Servo assisted WRAS valves

The diaphragm spring coupling of the Type 6213 valve, part of the of the S.EV series,  supports the opening process. The standard model is suitable for use in liquids and a minimum differential pressure is required for complete opening. A version which opens the valve without differential pressure is available for gas and vacuum applications.

Various diaphragm material combinations are available. Housings materials include brass, stainless steel. Dezincification-resistant brass is available for other markets.



  • Servo-assisted diaphragm valve with nominal diameter of up to DN40
  • Spring coupled diaphragm opens without differential pressure
  • Damped design for low noise
  • High flow rate with compact design
  • Energy-saving double coil technology with kick and drop variant

Servo-assisted 2/2 way Diaphragm Valve – Type 0290

WRAS Diaphragm Valve

The 0290 valve is a servo-assisted diaphragm valve forming part of the S.EV series. The valve opens without differential pressure and the opening process is made via the fix coupling of the diaphragm to the magnetic core. The integrated soft-kick function provides gentle opening. Various diaphragm materials are available depending on the application and stainless-steel body variants complete the offering.

The solenoid coils are moulded with a chemically resistant epoxy. A kick and drop electronics assembly is moulded into the coil of all DC variants to reduce electrical power consumption.


  • Servo-assisted diaphragm valve up to DN50
  • Fix-coupled diaphragm opens without differential pressure
  • Vibration-proof, block screwed coil system
  • Energy-saving power reduction for all DC variants

Plunger Valve 2/2 Way Direct-acting – Type 6013

WRAS plunger valve

Valve 6013 is a direct-acting plunger valve. The stopper and plunger guide tube are welded together to enhance pressure and leak resistance. Various seal material combinations are available . The coils are moulded with polyamide or with chemically resistant epoxy.

Pulse coils and Kick and Drop electronics are available for overexcitation for the reduction of electrical power consumption during operation. Optional manual actuation enables quick commissioning and easy maintenance.



  • Direct-acting and compact valve up to diameter of DN 6.0
  • Vibration-proof, bolted coil system
  • Increased leak-tightness with welded plunger guide tube
  • Explosion proof versions
  • Energy-saving impulse versions
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