The Clever(Level) Alternative to the Vibrating Fork

Industries that produce food for human consumption will, at some point in one or more of their numerous process applications, have a need to utilise level sensing devices of some description. These essential devices will carefully monitor the levels of various ingredient tanks and transfer systems and, of course, meet the stringent approvals and standards.

These devices must be robust, resistant to chemicals and regular washdowns and have very little in the way of irregular features thus preventing ingredients from becoming trapped and causing health concerns. What is also needed from your sensory solution is the prevention of dead and stagnant zones, such as those found in traditional Tri-Clamp installations where the processed product can become trapped due to the choice of level detecting device that is being used and where and how it is installed within the process.

The green area shown in the traditional Tri-Clamp installation represents a zone where the processed product may become trapped.


Baumer, one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of sensory technology, has developed a level sensor that is capable of functioning in all media types and can cater for all level sensory applications and also prevent stagnant zones where processed food may become trapped.


The CleverLevel Sensor

Whether your process includes products that are powders, liquids, are paste-like, foamy or sticky and viscous in nature the CleverLevel is the only single maintenance-free sensor type available that can cater for all product detection types.


Separate Layer Detection – Differentiation between the individual medium states such as foam and liquid and mask or detect them as necessary.

Viscous Media – Sticky products can adhere to the sensor causing false readings with other sensors. Not a problem with the CleverLevel!

Bulk Goods – Works with all media and won’t suffer any deposition or jamming issues, reducing process down-times, unlike traditional vibrating fork sensors.

Process Control – Capable of detecting dry running pumps which can lead to metering issues or damage to the system, adaptable to any installation.


The Clean and Sweep

The Cleverlevel is suitable for media types include foamy liquids, sticky and bulk goods.

The CleverLevel utilises a frequency sweep technology which is the process of using the medium and the sensor circuitry to create a capacitor with the medium determining the capacity value. A resonant circuit occurs together with a coil in the sensor electronics, and depending on the measured resonance frequency and established thresholds a switching signal can be triggered.

Processing – the Benefits

Stabilised processing – easy differentiation between separating layers (foams, liquid, oil). No incorrect processing messages due to adhesion, turbulence, suspended solid matter. No excessive process shut-downs.

Easy Installation and retrofitting – Installation flexibility and optimal positioning thanks to the short immersion length and compact design. A wide and varied selection of process connections and adaptors available.

One sensor for all media – reducing overall inventory – maintenance free and simple to clean and easy to operate with bright status LED.

IO-Link interface – effortless communication and automated process monitoring and control with Industry 4.0 and the IIoT.


Whatever your level detecting needs the CleverLevel from Baumer is certainly a step above your standard industrial level sensing solutions, offering a huge range of benefits that are hard to ignore, from safer, cleaner and more capable level detection methodology compared to traditional Tri-Clamp installation sensors, to reducing your dependency on a multitude of different sensor types.  Available in a range of lengths and in an assortment of fittings types, they are also compatible with Baumer’s existing range of Hygenic Adaptors,  including Tri-clamp, threaded and weld-in sleeves etc. to suit your new or existing retrofit installation.

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Kempston Controls, as an official distributor for Baumer products, are the people to speak to about your CleverLevel Sensor requirements, call us on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or emails us at and we will everything we can to help you find the correct Baumer CleverLevel product to suit your process requirements.

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