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Kempston Controls has an enviable reputation amongst it peers for the provision of high-quality products from world leading brands at the best possible prices, all with expedited delivery.

Controlling the Process

To add yet more strings to our bow the newly created HVAC & Process Control Team brings decades of relevant industrial expertise to help provide you with technical product solutions for your next installation or retrofitting project.

Knowing What Works

With Kempston Controls extensive HVAC and control product offering this experienced team knows what works and backed with competitive pricing, exceptional stock levels and exemplary service they have the foundation to help serve you better.

Continually updated and trained by leading manufacturers in the latest design and product innovations, the Process Control Team can source top brand products along with the best value alternatives to suit your needs and pricing requirements.

Extensive HVAC Product Knowledge

The HVAC & Process Controls Team are here to help you choose the right product from a vast range of stocked items including:

  • Sensors
  • Metering
  • Valves and actuators
  • Level Detection devices
  • Pressure Sensors and Switches
  • Thermostats
  • Heating Controls
  • Flow Devices

Supplied from a breadth of leading manufacturers including – ABB, BURKERT, Danfoss, Danfoss Heating, Endress & Hauser, Gems, Honeywell, Honeywell FEMA, Schneider Process, SICK and Siemens.

Process control and HVAC

This dedicated team can provide Service and Facilities Management companies with commercial spares as well as Building Controls and BMS peripheral equipment to System Integrators and Mechanical Contractors.

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Meet the HVAC and Process Control Team!

Sandeep Sarpal

Sandeep became involved in the HVAC industry back in 2008, when he joined a leading manufacturer of gas valves, pressure switches, flow sensors, valve actuators, building controls and other control products. Rising rapidly through the ranks from Technical Sales to Sales Manager and Product Champion, he joined Kempston Controls in 2020 as a Commercial Manager of the Process Division.

Paul Earl

Paul’s career began a few decades ago with a 4-year Electronics Apprenticeship which then led to 20 years of service in various roles in the electronics and radio & satellite communications industry.  A change of pace led to Paul working as an electrician for a small local building company for a while and then on to Danfoss, joining their heating technical support team for a number of years. Paul has been with Kempton Controls since 2018 working within the technical team.

Luciano Piccini

With an Electrical Engineering BSc degree, Luciano has been engaged with the industrial sector his whole career in a variety of roles and functions: Account, Regional, National and Product, Project, Plant & Production Manager and Sales and Marketing Consultant roles. Providing technical and commercial support for a range of products including Process industries field instrumentation; Control (DCS/PLC), Scada, F&G, ESD, EMS systems; Analytical systems, VSDs, Power Houses (Engineered packaged solutions). At the beginning of his career Luciano was involved with electronic components, ERP systems and embedded electronic system design (HW+SW).

Comprehensive Support
All of this backed up with comprehensive technical support before during and after the installation process to help you easily integrate your chosen HVAC & Process Control hardware into your system and for any upgrades you might need! Call them today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, email them at or use the enquiry from to discuss your requirements.

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Safety Door Switches with Highly Visible Indicators – The Panasonic SG-P Series

Over the years within your typical industrial production installation staff and processing machines have traditionally worked separately.  Today, with the growth of smart factories and people and machines working in unison the equipment’s ability to recognise interaction with their human counterparts becomes ever more apparent.


process line

Switches and actuators that can disable safety guards and doors are still being used at production facilities, which has proven to be one of the contributing factors in causing serious workplace accidents. However, there was another problem. Machines could not be operated immediately when using switches with small indicators because it took time to check the open/closed status of the doors of the entire production installation.

safety door switches

To try and solve this problem the engineers at Panasonic developed the SG-P Series Safety Door Switches. These durable safety switches enable operators and engineers to view the open/closed state of safety gates, guards of an entire production installation at-a-glance. These clever safety switches incorporate a switch unit and a paired actuator. During operating the switches only detect their matching actuator, this prevents the intentional disabling of the safety interlock and increases the safety of workers during operation and servicing. Other advantages include reducing machine downtime and improving productivity and through-put.

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Prevention of the disabling of interlocks

During the maintenance of industrial production installations, intentionally disabling interlocks when opening equipment doors can be a major cause of accidents in the workplace, such as when another user operates the machine without noticing someone is still inside. The SG-P safety door switches prevent intentional disabling by utilising RFID that detects only the actuator that has been paired with the safety door switch.

safety door switches

Large and bright indicators show the open/closed state of the safety doors

These safety door switches are equipped with a bright and highly visible indicator, despite their small stature. Open safety doors and guards display a bright red light, other safety doors linked to the open doors are identified with green flashing lights to show that there is an unsafe status.

safety door switch, illuminated version



Traditional switches with a small indicator light are not easy to see when mounted on the inside of safety doors, making it hard for staff to identify which doors are open. Overcoming this problem, the Panasonic SG-P visible type features an actuator and switch that are both illuminated, while the switch body of the compact version illuminates on both sides, the actuator has no lighting. This highly visible status identification allows operators to ascertain the switch status and rapidly identify which doors are open, improving safety, reducing machine downtime and increasing through-put.



Panasonic SG-P Series Safety Door Switch Features

  • Power supply voltage: 24 V DC
  • Control output: PNP/NPN Transistor open collector 2 outputs
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Dimensions:
    Compact type: Switch W88×H15×D25 mm, Actuator W56×H15×D13 mm
    Visible type: Switch W88×H15×D25 mm, Actuator W52×H15×D32 mm
  • Applications – safety guards, maintenance access doors, sliding doors, access panels

safety door switches

Parent-child structure saves wiring, up to 30 units to be connected in series

Up to 29 sub switches (child devices), can be connected to one safety switch which functions as the parent allowing up to 30 units to be connected in unison. Only the parent device provides an output which eliminates the need for wiring of the linked child devices, saving installation time, equipment

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If you are looking for the ideal visible safety door switch solution look no further than the Panasonic SG-P series which you can purchase today from Kempston Controls. Speak to our expert sales and technical teams on +44 (0) 1933 411 411, click the Enquire Now button fill and out the form below or email to discuss your installations requirements.

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Baumer OM20 & OM30

Precise & Compact: The OM20 & OM30 Series of Performance Laser Distance Sensors from Baumer

Baumer’s new range of compact laser distance sensors is ideal to reliably handle precise measurement tasks in the tightest of spaces.

As industries change tactics and move towards more efficient and compact systems, it’s becoming imperative that there’s no compromise in sensor performance. That’s where the OM20 & OM30 families with IO-Link come in. Perfectly suited to continue to the trend, the OM20 & OM30 families offer exceptional measurement performance and compact designs making them ideal for a variety of applications.

Renowned for reliability and accuracy the OM20 & OM30 families offer surface-independent measurements with a repeat precision of up to 1 µm and an extremely high measurement speed of up to 5 kHz.

With the OM20 series, Baumer is offering the smallest laser distance sensor on the market and haven’t compromised on its features. For measurements on structured surfaces such as processed metal or wood, the OM30 series presents itself as a reliable solution thanks to its line beam shape and offers a range of up to 550 mm.

Equipped with a standardised IO-Link interface, both the OM20 & OM30 families are easily integrated and allow for simple parameterisation and control. What’s more, as well as standard process data such as the distance value or the signal quality, the OM20 & OM30 ranges also offer additional data such as the measurement rate and the illumination reserve – ideal for predictive maintenance.

OM30 from Baumer in use

OM20 & OM30 Series Overview:

OM20 from Baumer

Miniature sensors up to 120 mm

  • Measuring distances from 16 to 120 mm
  • Linearity deviation up to 0.08% MR
  • Measurement speed up to 5 kHz
  • Laser-point variations
  • Laser class 1
  • Easy integration via IO-Link or RS485

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Baumer OM30 Series

Miniature sensors up to 550 mm

  • Measuring distances from 50 to 550 mm
  • Linearity deviation up to 0.08% MR
  • Measurement speed up to 5 kHz
  • Laser-point variations & laser-line variations
  • Laser class 2
  • Easy integration via IO-Link or RS485

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Compact – precision in minimum space
Easy-to-use – intuitive parameterisation
OM20 & OM30 Series: Connected– an eye on process parameters

OM20 & OM30 Series Highlights:

Compact: Precision in Small Spaces

  • Automatic adjustment of exposure time for precise measurements
  • Line beam shape for reliable measurement on structured material

Intuitive parameterisation for easy use

  • Intuitive and simple sensor optimisation for the desired application
  • Visualise the measurement results for quick & live analysis and installation

Keep an eye on process parameters

  • Utilise the integrated IO-Link interface to access additional process data
  • Standardised IO-LINK Smart Sensor Profile (DMS) for quick integration

As a Baumer brand partner, Kempston Controls has access to the entire product portfolio and are well placed to support your application. Contact us today using any of these methods, you can call us on +44(0) 1933 411411, email our sales team at, or contact us here and let us help you get the most from your installation.

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Magnetic Rotary Encoders from Pepperl + Fuchs Designed for Demanding Conditions

Absolute Magnetic Rotary Shaft Encoders can be found in masses of industrial and commercial machinery applications that depend on the precise position monitoring of their moving elements. These Encoders record the current angular position of an axle or a shaft and convert that into a digital output. This valuable data is maintained when power is removed and made available immediately when power is reapplied, unchanged. Dependable, these encoders provide a feedback mechanism for the exact position, angle and speed, for the correct operation of expensive machinery, such as robotic systems, process packing machinery, CNC machines, bottling plant lines and much more.

Magnetic Rotary Encoders utilise a series of magnetic poles to monitor the position of the encoder shaft in unison with magnetic sensors, with the sensor reading the position of the magnetic poles. Due to the efficiency and dependability of recording magnetic effects, a Magnetic Rotary Encoder is ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions where other encoders may fail due to dust or debris accumulation. Magnetic Encoders are also capable of resisting vibration and shocks and are not affected by minor misalignment during their operation.

Designed to Last

The IO-Link enabled Absolute Magnetic Rotary Shaft Encoders from Pepperl + Fuchs offer a wide range of mechanical interfaces and settings. Designed to last, these encoders have multiple software configuration options readily available, meaning a single device can be used in a wide variety of applications, maximising flexibility and warehouse efficiency and ultimately saving money.

The Pepperl + Fuchs Single and Multi-turn Rotary Encoders with IO Link are high-precision encoders with ultra-reliable internal magnetic sampling for precise position monitoring results every time. Robustly designed they have been created to thrive in demanding industrial environments where other encoders fail to cope. The integrated IO Link interface makes it easy to adapt to different applications through parameterisation as well as providing process data transfer and condition monitoring, keeping you ahead of the game when it comes to ensuring production process downtime is reduced.

Snapshot view of some of the Range


ENA58TL-S*** -IO-Link, Solid Shaft Rotary Encoders

• Absolute Magnetic Rotary Encoders with solid shaft
• Linearity error ≤ ± 0.1 degrees
• Operating voltage 18-30 Vdc, No-load supply current max. 50 mA
• Power consumption 1.5W
• Time delay before availability <1 second, Minimum cycle time 1.5 ms
• Relative humidity 98% no moisture condensation
• Starting torque < 3 Ncm, Shaft load Axial 40N, Radial load 110N




ENA58TL-R***-IO-Link, Recessed Hollow Shaft Rotary Encoders

• Absolute Magnetic Rotary Encoders with recessed hollow shaft
• Linearity error ≤ ± 0.1 degrees
• Operating voltage 18-30 Vdc, No-load supply current max. 50 mA
• Power consumption 1.5W
• Time delay before availability <1 second, Minimum cycle time 1.5 ms
• Relative humidity 98% no moisture condensation
• Starting torque < 3 Ncm, Shaft load Axial 24N, Radial load 198N




Absolute Magnetic Rotary Shaft Encoder Features

• Solid shaft and recessed hollow shaft versions
• Simplified condition monitoring via critical detection warnings
• IO-Link Interface for process data, parameterisation and diagnosis
• Measuring range, direction of rotation and switching signals, programmable
• Flexible software configuration helps reduce costs and warehouse space
• Wear-free magnetic sampling
• High resolution and accuracy
• M12 connector, 5 pin, A coded
• Intelligent diagnostic functions increase system reliability
• Wide range of mechanical interfaces for easy integration
• Suitable for use in harsh industrial conditions due to IP65/67 rating
• Status LEDs
• Shock resistance to DIN EN 60068-2-27
• Vibration resistance to DIN EN 60068-2-6

Contact us to learn more

A range of comprehensive, downloadable software tools to facilitate easy installation and set-up of the Pepperl + Fuchs range of Absolute Magnetic Rotary Shaft Encoders are available here.

Pepperl + Fuchs are a globally renowned manufacturer of state-of-the-art production automation and control products and at Kempston Controls we have access to their entire product portfolio. Whatever your encoder needs, give us a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email us at to discuss your requirements. Alternatively you can contact us here.

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SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET – Solving a Furnace Control Issue

Despite the efficiency and ease-of-use of modern HMI, sometimes there will be situations where they are not going to be fit for purpose, such as within extremely dusty and hot manufacturing and processing environments. This was the problem encountered when a decision was made to install a control system for a Walking Beam Furnace by a local manufacturer.

Building the Solution

The system required easy mobility of the equipment allowing the operator to raise and lower the beam furnace, move it forward and backward, and open and close the door to the furnace. As the staff had to wear heavy protective clothing due to the excessive temperatures, including thick gloves, this made the use of HMI touch screens impossible. The Siemens SIRIUS ACT product range appeared to be the perfect solution.

SIRUIS ACT controlled walking furnace

The renowned SIRIUS ACT commanding and signalling devices in combination with PROFINET not only reduces installation costs, but also allows direct connection of the commanding and signalling devices to the machine control via PROFINET , providing a high level of flexibility and expandability.

Martin Brown, Product Manager for Siemens in Manchester, said: ‘Our SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET was the ideal solution in this circumstance. It is a robust and durable product that has the highest IP rating, and is ideal for a heavy manufacturing environment. It is also extremely easy to control, even when the operator is wearing gloves.

The application required that the pushbutton station be located a set distance from the programmable logic controller (PLC), and also avoid the need for civil works, such as placing cables underground. The pushbutton station in the existing application featured 14 buttons including a failsafe E-Stop. A couple of the devices had additional inputs and outputs and two of the digital inputs for limit switches on doors that, without the IO, would need to be wired back to the panel. A potentiometer was also used as a speed control for some of the pumps in the system.

A Range of Benefits

The benefits of SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET were obvious, there is just one cable, dramatically reducing the amount of cabling required compared to other solutions. That single cable runs from the PLC to the PROFINET gateway then the pushbuttons are wired from the gateway, simple, cost effective, and time saving.

This solution provided potential for up to 21 signalling devices as well as the pushbuttons and E-Stops that could be connected to Siemens’ Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal. The TIA Portal provides instant feed-back on cable faults with accurate diagnosis. The system also includes a multifunctional and modular Siemens ET200 failsafe central CPU, so, in the event of a connection loss, the failsafe will automatically trigger.

SIRIUS ACT set up in situ

Easy to Assemble

Significant savings on cost and set-up were reported thanks to the simplicity of the system and its installation. The assembly time of the controller took just 2.5 hours, including cutting holes for the pushbuttons and wiring using flat ribbon cable between devices, allowing their engineer to focus on other aspects of the installation.

The simplicity of the SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET system was clearly demonstrated by this project, for the same amount of pushbuttons, but using a different set up, the installation would have required a minimum of: a 35-core multi core cable, a screened cable for the potentiometer, terminals, cables, ferrules, wire numbers, additional digital 16-way IO, and an analogue card. The use of SIRIUES ACT products helped provide an overall installation cost saving of around 50% and with the added advantages of simpler servicing, maintenance and repair schedules, you can’t go wrong.

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SICK W4 Inox Miniature Photoelectric Sensors, Small, Tough & Powerful

Size does not guarantee strength or ability and this is certainly the case with the SICK W4 Inox range, SICK’s first miniature stainless steel photoelectric Inox sensor that has been designed for use in the most demanding hygienic installations, such as Sterilise-in-Place (SIP) & Clean-in-Place (CIP). Capable and dependable, this miniature photoelectric sensor combines stainless steel-shielded durability with in-built remote sensor intelligence, ideal for use in processing plant wet areas and packaging machines such as those found in the Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries.

With an impressive IP69K rating, the W4 Inox Sensor range brings the latest advances in on-board sensor processing power called ‘Smart Tasks’ to fully-hygienic production processing environments. Smart Tasks are intelligent logic functions which the sensors uses to autonomously control process tasks such as counting products, checking sealing caps and pack sizes, and switching actuators.

SICK’s UK Product Manager for Presence Detection, David Hannaby, had this to say about the W4 Inox range.

“The SICK W4 Inox offers all the long-life durability you would expect from a high-class SICK Inox sensor. With a housing made from extremely resistant stainless steel, the SICK W4 Inox is designed to be completely impervious to water ingress or aggressive cleaning media, even in the most challenging conditions.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a CIP or SIP processes, manual exterior cleaning such as in a filling line, or sterilizing pharmaceutical sterile boxes with hydrogen peroxide, the W4 can be relied on to keep on performing during a long life, as can the all-important connectors and accessories.
Part of the trend towards ‘edge computing’ capability, Smart Tasks remove processing time and load from PLCs or other higher-level controls.

The W4 Inox’s ability to operate defined tasks autonomously and remotely will therefore be particularly attractive in high-speed food processing plants, filling and packaging lines. It offers a chance to improve production efficiency and enable greater process responsiveness including more frequent product changeovers.”



Smarter Than Your Average Sensor

SICK W4 Inox sensor in sit

The W4 Inox’s built-in Smart Tasks initiates logic functions that process the sensors signals, linking them with additional binary switching signals from an external sensor if necessary. The Smart Task utilises this processing data to generate output process signals from the sensor.
For example, the SICK W4 Inox Smart Sensor can detect and measure objects and gaps between bottles on a filling line using the ‘object and gap monitor’ ability. As opposed to the PLC interpreting data, the W4 Inox alerts the control system only if there are deviations from predetermined values while controlling the process at hand.

The W4 Inox’s “counting and debouncing” Smart Task feature enables a quick completeness check, offering extra protection against errors caused by PLC cycling time. Immune to ambient light and with excellent background suppression the W4 can detect reflective, transparent, and jet-black objects with ease.

SICK W4 Inox sensor in situ

SICK W4 Inox Miniature Photoelectric Sensor Range Features

• Built-in ‘Smart-task’ internal signal process control
• Resistant to a large variety of disinfectants and cleaning agents
• Ideal for extreme washdown applications, CIP, SIP
• Highly visible laser-like light pinpoint LED
• Background suppression
• Teach-in button and cable adjustment options
• PNP, NPN switching output versions
• Flexible sensing settings, monitoring, diagnostics
• IO-link provides easy data access via PLC, easy to set up
• Available in a range of sensing distances up to 5 metres
• Detects reflective, transparent and black objects
• 316 L Stainless steel body
• Injection moulded unibody housing
• IP69K rated, water tight construction
• Range of connectivity options

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