SLT Smart Light Tower from SICK – Industry 4.0 Signalling Made Easy

In automated industrial production processes, signal towers, light beacons and signalling lamps are utilised for a wide variety of applications and are located on individual machines or conveyor belts and workstations. Signalling towers provide a visual operational status or alert for machine users informing them that their attention is required, or an issue has occurred.

All of these different tasks can be solved with just one signal tower, the capable, robust and reliable SLT Smart Light Tower from SICK with its built-in industry 4.0 ready IO-Link interface.

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The SICK SLT Smart Light Tower Offers a Host of Benefits

  • Different operating modes – Signal light, Level meter or Animation
  • Industry 4.0 capable thanks to IO-Link
  • Parameter changes during operation
  • Bright LEDs in 21 different colours
  • 20 independently configurable colour segments
  • Only 18-30 Vdc operating voltage
  • Optional Buzzer module for acoustic alarms
  • Visualise physical variables such as temperature states or fill levels
  • The graphic user interface makes it exceptionally easy to configure
  • Maximum flexibility with just one signal tower
  • Quick device replacement if the lamp fails or is defective
  • Uniform wiring concept with unshielded standard cables
  • Dimensions – HxWxD – 306 x 60 x 60 mm

SLT Smart Light Tower – Hundreds of Applications

The SICK SLT Signal Tower can be used in a huge array of applications, such as those found in mechanical and plant engineering and in other areas such as logistics, facilities or building technology. This dependable signal tower makes it easy to monitor the statuses of machines, visualise cycle and clock times on conveyor belts, and provide information in the event of downtime or waiting time. Signal Towers alert machine operators that they need to replenish material supplies or to indicate the fill level of a processing vat.

SLT Smart Light Tower

The SLT Smart Signal Tower can be utilised in the field of mobile automation, such as in Automated Guided Vehicle systems (AGV), where the signal lamp transmits information for action. The differing colours and signal patterns are utilised to make the operational status of complex machines easy to see, even from a distance.

The SLT can be adapted to any application thanks to the built-in IO-Link, and this is all without the need for the time-consuming fitting of different coloured modules, reducing the variety and storage of the component parts.

Industry 4.0 Future Proof Communication

Thanks to IO-Link technology, the signal tower is easy to customise. Parameterisation of properties including continuous light, flashing, different colours, brightness or melodies can be performed at any time. The signal tower is connected to the control level via an IO-Link master, providing maximum flexibility without the need for mechanical conversion. IO-Link system advantages include standardised and reduced wiring, increased data availability, simple device replacement, and advanced diagnostic options.

SLT Smart Light Tower

SLT Smart Signal Tower Applications

  • Visualisation of fill levels and operational statuses of machines
  • Display of machine downtime
  • Monitoring and visualisation of temperatures in manufacturing processes
  • Representation of cycle times in work processes
  • Visualisation of the process steps of conveyor belts


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