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Intrinsically Safe Isolation Barriers limit the energy that is supplied to a circuit and protect hazardous areas from excess energy. By limiting energy to a safe level, intrinsically safe circuits prevent the ignition of potentially explosive atmospheres. This simplifies the maintenance and repair of Ex i circuits.

There are 2 types of classifications for intrinsically safe equipment, Ex ia is designed to be safe with 2 independent faults and can be used in Zone 0.  Ex ib has a lower level of integrity and cannot be used for Zone 0 and the circuit design contains fewer zener diodes which is suitable for use in Zones 1 or 2.

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a variety of Intrinsically Safe Isolation Barriers designed for a variety of requirements.


Isolated Barriers

Isolated Barriers

In addition to their explosion protection function, Isolation Barriers offer galvanic isolation to protect measurement and control circuits from signal distortion and dangerous surges. These interface modules also convert, standardise and split measurement and control signals.

Intrinsically Safe Isolation Barriers are the core of Pepperl+Fuchs product portfolio, with the widest selection of products for the protection of electrical signals located in hazardous areas. These intrinsic safety modules combine the energy limiting features of a zener barrier with galvanic isolation.

The K-System

Found in a wide range of applications these Intrinsic Safety Isolation Barriers are flexible DIN rail mounted modules. The K-System barriers connect easily with P+F Power Rail assemblies on the DIN rail, using the Power Rail reduces the wiring by energising the modules mounted on to the DIN rail.

The H-System

The H-System Intrinsically Safe Isolation Barriers are mounted on termination boards and are ideal for applications requiring tight Distribution Control System (DCS) or system integration.


Zener Barriers

Zener Isolation Barrier

Zener Isolated Barriers prevent the transmission of excessively high energy levels from the non-explosion hazardous area to the hazardous area. These interface modules are the perfect choice when galvanic isolation is not needed or provided.


Zener Barriers – Cost Saving and Easy Mounting Ex-Protection

Zener Barriers provide cost saving Ex-protection for various applications in process automation systems. The amount of energy transferred to the hazardous location is limited to a safe level incapable of igniting an explosive atmosphere.

Pepperl+ Fuchs Z-system Zener Barriers are directly mounted on a 35 mm DIN-Rail and with additional accessories grounding can be done directly on to the DIN mounting rail.

  • Fast mounting on DIN-rail
  • Grounding directly connected with DIN-rail
  • Separation of field-loop by removing the fuse

Z-system Zener Barriers are available with high-density with up to 2 channels and have a width of 12.5 mm. Variants with field replaceable fuses provide a convenient means of disconnecting or open-circuiting the instrument loop without interfering with the wiring, making commissioning and maintenance operations much easier.

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All of these Intrinsically Safe Barriers and more are available from Kempston Controls. As Pepperl+Fuchs supplier partners we have access to their entire product range! Give our dedicated sales team a call on +44 (0) 1933 411411 or email to discuss your intrinsically safe barrier needs.

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