Ultrasonic Sensor Detection in Miniature – The U300 from Baumer

It’s an issue that any production and process engineer will face, the reliable and dependable detection of troublesome products. Products such as clear films, foils, paper, cardboard and printed circuit boards, all can prove to be a demanding task for your average sensor.

Baumer took steps take to make life a little easier for the engineers who struggle with application space, reliable detection, medium type and multi-layer detection problems that they face during design, commissioning and set-up. Renowned for dependable sensory products Baumer engineered a solution in the compact form of the U300 Miniature Ultrasonic Sensor Range.

The Baumer U300 Range of Miniature Ultrasonic Sensors offer the highest level of performance in the smallest of forms with a best-in-class blind zone of 15 mm at sensing distances of up to 500 mm. Packed with features and enhanced functions such as IO-Link, sonic cone adjustment, moving average and disruption filter.

ultrasonic sensor - U300 and clear film

High plant effectiveness and improved reliability thanks to the simple optimisation of the sensor to individual application requirements. The narrow sonic cone of these compact sensors is ideal for object detection even in the smallest of openings. The IO-Link interface helps facilitate quick and efficient system integration and commissioning, on-the-fly parameterisation and diagnostic data for improved predictive maintenance initiatives.


U300 Miniature Ultrasonic Sensor Features

  • Compact, space saving design – 12.9 x 23 x 32.2 mm
  • Best-in-class blind zone of 15 mm
  • Sensing distances up to 500 mm
  • Efficient integration into automation systems via IO-Link
  • On-the-fly-parameterisation via IO-Link, flexible production lines
  • Standard hole spacing, flexible integration
  • Additional diagnosis data ideal for predictive maintenance

ultrasonic sensor - U300 detecting PCBs

Easy PCB Detection

High performance, compact design and fast design-in, the U300 Ultrasonic Sensors are ideal for PCB detection. These sensors offer reliable detection of a varied range of surface structures, colours, and even transparent PCBs. Providing rapid response times, improved throughput the U300 Sensors have one of the shortest blind regions in the business.

Multiple Layer, No Problem!

Both in IO-Link mode and in switching mode, the sensor detects one, two or more layers of material. The U300 range can easily detect multiple layers of products such as foil, paper, cardboard, labels or even thin metal sheets. In addition to double sheet testing, typical applications are film tear detection, bonding surface detection, and label inspection.

Ultrasonic sensor the U300 and bulk materials

Limit Value Detection in Containers

The U300 makes detection of a wide variety of materials with different geometries easy, with a flexible sound beam adjustment for optimal application sensor settings.

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If you are looking for a reliable compact Ultrasonic Sensor that provides optimal performance in a miniature form then look no further than the Baumer U300 Range that is readily available from Kempston Controls. Call us today on +44 (0) 1933 411 411 or email sales at sales@kempstoncontrols.co.uk , or alternatively use the enquiry form below to discuss your sensing requirements.

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